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BT have possibly the worst customer service in the UK. Naturally Mr Daz would be involved somewhere, the complaints to BT defy belief.

BT debit me £68.50

I’ve just checked my bank statement and sure enough BT have debited £68.50 from my account for 1 month’s broadband. That’s SIXTY EIGHT POUNDS FIFTY for Internet!

I don’t have a phone, so don’t make any phone calls. My broadband is £21.99, my line rental is £11. They have stolen the rest, despite promising to reduce my direct debits from £39.50 to £33. The thieving money grabbing bastards. I am cancelling the direct debit and will insist that BT refund me, and bill me only for what I use monthly

Absolute scum.

BT promise to reduce my direct debit

I wasn’t going to add this podcast because the lady from BT was quite helpful, however everything she told me she’d do she hasn’t – so here it is. When you listen to this take note that she promises that BT will reduce my direct debit from £39.50 to £33, I will get a call back within 24 hours about my complaint and I will get a letter detailing my Direct Debit reduction.

Did any of this happen? Well I did get a letter, but instead if saying how my Direct Debit was being reduced, it instead told me they were increasing it to £68!

Fuck me!

Did I get a call back from BT about my complaint? Did I bollocks. I’ve also been unable to raise them again via email, as a previous blog showed when they asked for feedback about how well they’ve dealt with my complaint – when they haven’t even dealt with it at all. It’s good to talk.

BT ask MrDaz for feedback

Digital Research just sent me an email on behalf of BT asking for feedback about the way BT dealt with my last complaint. As a recap, BT charged me £39.50 TWICE for one broadband account when I should have been charged around £32 once.

They have since sent me a bill saying they would increase me payment to £68, despite telling me over the phone that they would reduce it.

Here’s the email:

Dear BT customer,

BT is keen to improve the experience it provides to its customers. You recently contacted BT and should have received a response back from BT by email.

BT is interested in your opinion on the way that they handled your email.
Please click on the following link below to provide your feedback.
(if the address is not clickable or it has wrapped onto two lines, please Copy and Paste the full link into the Location or Address bar of your web browser)

Please answer each question based on the response you received back from your initial email. The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Many thanks,
eDigital research – on behalf of BT eCustomer Service

Naturally I filled it in with great detail, and even linked here for some choice blogs. You see, the funny thing is BT haven’t responded to my email. Surely, before asking for feedback on how well you’ve dealt with a complaint you should actually DEAL with the complaint?


BT are fucking shit

After much titing around I phoned a new number for BT, only to be told… well, you listen to this shit. I can barely type anymore.

BT Employee cuts me off

This guy is a serious cock. He can’t be arsed with doing his job, is fucking lazy and then pretends he can’t hear me half way through and cuts me off.

Good job no one was recording him then eh?

Naturally I phoned straight back.

BT exposed

This has to be my angriest podcast to date. I phoned BT when I saw my bank statement and found I’d been charged twice for broadband, plus they’de charged me 40 quid for each account, when it should be just 21.99.

Be warned, I’m on hold for 15 minutes here and getting extremely annoyed.

The punchline is of course, even though Emily promissed to phone me back at the end, guess what? She didn’t!

BT Baboonery

Right, this is taking the piss. I phoned BT last night (podcast to follow) and was on hold for 20 minutes. When I finally got through I spoke to someone who couldn’t speak English, and said I had a ‘party couch’.

A what now?

Several times she said ‘party couch’ before I finally managed to discover she meant a ‘broadband account’.

Fuck me.

Naturally she had to transfer me, because she couldn’t help – or understand me. They I spoke to someone in the UK. She said I had been charged twice because someone hadn’t cancelled my account. No shit.

I now have to wait 5 days for a refund.

She took my number to call me back and explain why I was paying 40 quid when my unlimited broadband is just 21 pound.

Guess what? She didn’t phone me back.

I’ll be cancelling my direct debit and complaining to BT today. Fucking morons.

BT charge me TWICE!

I just checked my bank account, and was surprised (actually, surprised is not strictly true) that BT have charged me TWICE for my broadband this month. 40 frickin’ quid, twice!!!

The podcast where the rude BT guy setup my moving the broadband from Wales to Manchester is available from the podcast section on this site, so have a listen if you haven’t already.

I now have to phone the idiots again today and get the one amount paid back. Why are they so stupid? Why do I keep getting this shit happen to me?