Meet Mr Daz, spare some change for a failed comic.

That’s the harsh put-down that sparked this persona off, thanks to JP and Gavin for that one, as I’ve ran with it!

Before Mr Daz became the ruler of the Internet (self proclaimed by the way) his dreams lay in film. Not the watching kind, but the making there of. The interest in film led to the inevitable job-dodging destination upon leaving school that is a degree course. On said course, Mr Daz co wrote, directed and starred in a feature film called ‘Cop on the Edge IX: Prelude to Justice’. This proved a real education as it involved working with no funds yet still managing to complete the 18-month project, even acquiring the use of a police Helicopter in the process. This film was screened in Cinemas around Wales and was successfully marketed with advertising in local newspapers and magazines and TV spots on BBC and HTV Wales news.

The film was described as a cult classic by the HTV Wales reporter Huw Weekes, but then he was paraphrased a little. Part of the promotion for the film involved a CD-ROM and Website, which was Mr Daz’ first involvement in New Media.

After graduation, Coten Films was set up producing corporate videos, freelance video work and design, but with an overall goal of producing the feature film Days End. Despite finding known actors interested in the project, and with two trips to Cannes under their belts, Coten Films were unable to secure finance for what was, and still is an action packed script.

Producing print and web design work for both film projects led Mr Daz to freelance design work with The Web Design Company and Media ICT on a series of retail sites.

With the experience he picked up in those few years he became the designer for GAME in Bracknell. At GAME Mr Daz designed for a wide variety of media, including Digital Television, Online Gaming, in-store POS, Newspaper Advertisements and of course the GAME retail site, one of the most high profile retail sites in the UK.

Due to his extensive geek knowledge in subjects like Transformers, Mr Daz also worked with distribution companies Maverick Entertainment and Metrodome as a production consultant on their Transformers DVD releases.

It was in August 2000 that Mr Daz launched the website TheTransformers.Net, and in the years that followed that website cemented itself as one of the major resources for Japanese plastic toy info. Over the years many more sites followed in the fields of DVD, Film, Television and Viral. This built in a substantial network of websites, all run from home with no budget.

This network grew so large, that free hosting turned to paid hosting, turned to dedicated server, turned to more than one server. TheTransformers.Net itself using more bandwidth per day than many retail websites. The success of the websites is all due to SEO and community, something that Mr Daz evolved over the years. It’s now simply a matter of Mr Daz launching a website for it to be successful, as the network ensures such.

It’s just a matter of how much time he can spare on the projects he juggles, and constantly referring to himself in the third person doesn’t help.

So if you have a problem, and no one else can help, and if you can prize him away from his websites, maybe you could hire…

Mr Daz!

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