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Cop on the Edge souvenir postcards

While in HMV a few weeks ago, browsing around the Blu-Ray section, I was torn between Kick Ass and Scott Pilgrim. With my love of Edgar Wright’s films I opted for Scott Pilgrim, as I hadn’t seen it, and was, in some small part, swayed by the inclusion of exclusive postcards for Scott and each of the evil exes. This small, inexpensive, addition seemed like a good idea, and I remember Metrodome doing a similar thing a few years ago with their Transformers DVDs when they included postcards of the cover illustrations.

This started me thinking. Even the tenth anniversary of the cult-classic (because that’s what the news reporter from HTV Wales called it) Cop on the Edge has been and gone, there’s always the twentieth, twenty-fifth and so on. Collectible postcards of the characters or artwork seems like a good idea… well, an idea nonetheless.

So how much can postcard printing cost? The DVD authoring was done by Eddie Keaton, so that’s all taken care off. The cover design is also done in-house (yeah, I know, it shows) so there’s really no other expense. Even the website itself is over 10 years old, so has something of a web presence already.

All that’s left is the cost of any crap that we want to throw in with it (I say crap in the most loving sense because, postcards aside, the film ain’t gonna be save by freebies).

All that remains is what to include on the postcards, and how many? Naturally there’s the iconic (or derivative, you decide) cover art itself (below). Then there’s the original flyer that was made to promote the screening, way back in September of 1998… Christ I feel old. How about character art? We still have all of the original stills somewhere… I think.

The possibilities are endless (if you consider less than ten endless).

Anyway, I’ll leave you with the trailer and the 10th Anniversary DVD cover – while I go and investigate the costs for postcard printing.

Cop on the Edge IX DVD cover tenth anniversary edition

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Cop on the Edge leaflets and real cops

A while back my portable external hard drive decided to die on me, costing me a wealth of photographs and files that I specifically backed up on said hard drive. Then, a short while after that, my desktop PC contracted a virus (possibly due to some download I may have had going) and it too gave up on life and now cannot be rebooted.

As annoying as this may be to anyone, for me it was especially annoying as I’d saved several of the raw files from the promotional work we did for ‘Cop on the Edge’ onto the two devices. I suspected, with a degree of certainty, that these files were lost forever.

However, a recent attempt to clear up (albeit a half assed attempt in truth) turned up some recordable CDs containing data files that I’d made some time in the last millennium. Could these files contain the documents and files that I wanted? Would these CDs actually have the layered PSDs of the original artwork we’d used for leaflets and posters to promote the film around Newport and Cardiff?

Why yes, they certainly did. On the CDs were the original VCD and VHS covers (this was before DVD) and the files for the posters, leaflets and flyers we’d created.


Upon seeing the leaflet once again I remembered how I’d been almost arrested by the police for ‘fly posting’ in Newport as I’d plastered leaflets for the film around the town using a readymade wallpaper paste. Did you know that posting leaflets on walls was illegal? Well, it was for a film about a cop so I guess I scored points for irony.

I’ll have to remember that for next time; while leaflet printing can be done cheaply, actually posting the leaflets around a town requires permission… dang.

Home theatre projector

I was watching the first round of the Carling Cup last night and the unthinkable happened, my TV started to go on the fritz (I say my TV, it’s not, my TV has been borrowed by someone else and this TV belongs to another person again) very confusing I know, but the fact remains that I’m down a working TV.

Now, I usually buy a new TV just before every World Cup, which would put my TV buying ritual into action some time next May. However, this may have to be brought forward somewhat.

Cop on the EdgeI have been thinking though; do I really need a TV, when a data projector might be better? We used a data projector when we screened our film Cop on the Edge in the cinema in Newport way back in 1998, and despite the technician at the college claiming that he didn’t have any projector lamps powerful enough to project the film onto the forty foot screen, it still worked and looked great.

With this in mind, and coupled with the fact that projectors are much cheaper now, could I not make do with a data projector rather than a TV?

I’m not sure my front room is big enough, but that’s never bothered me before (I have an arcade machine in there) and I’d need a pull down screen, but what a way to watch movies and sport.

I shall have to take a look at the latest Sony and Toshiba projectors, see what they’re able to do and how they compare with an LCD Sony TV.

Jake Cop is back 10 years on

It’s fancy dress season and what better costume to wear than one you’ve made yourself? More accurately, one you’ve made famous (to a certain extent) yourself.

10 years ago 70’s reject Jake Cop patrolled the streets of L.A. looking for his arch nemesis Sanchez, this week he’ll be staggering the streets of Stockport looking for the bar. With only 24 hours to find the bar, Jake’s under a tough deadline, or it’s his piece and shield.

Jake Cop

Expect photos from the night and drunken tales if they can be recalled to appear here this weekend. For a complete history of Jake Cop visit the official website

Microsoft’s Live video search previews the videos

As shown by the SEO Ninjas yesterday Microsoft’s new Live Video search isn’t half bad. In fact anything that enables you to watch more than one video clip of me on a single page is genius in my book.

Check out the link and see how many times you can spot me among the clips. If you roll over them, you can watch them direct. It’s like a dream come true isn’t it?