Direct Line duck and weave

August 1st is approaching fast and with it Direct Line’s deadline to fix the situation. I chased them today, again at great expense to myself as these phone calls over the last 12 months have proved costly, and they gave me some more bullshit.

Seems they’ve decided their decision is the same, and they are not admitting they are liable for the mistake and therefore will not offer me any compensation for the cost to myself as a result of their fuck up.

This will now be taken further as I believe they have acted illegally.

I’m happy in a way because it means I have more blog material for some time to come.


I’m back, and I’m pissed off. This last week I’ve been in Germany and France, but before I went there I drove home from Manchester to South Wales, a journey of 190 miles.

Should have taken me about 3 and a half hours, yet for some reason it took me 14 hours!

That’s right, because the whole of the Midlands were flooded the M50 and the M5 were shut. Not delayed, or slow moving, shut.

Plus the roads surrounding the area were all shut. This meant that at around 8:00pm Friday night I came to an abrupt halt, and stayed there all frickin’ night until the next morning, when I got home at 8:00am.

Were there signs to say it was shut? No, the road signals were fucking useless. Yes, I’ve resorted to hardcore swearing now.

Floods 1 Floods 2

If it weren’t for local BBC Hereford and Worcester I wouldn’t know what the hell was going on. Big shout to them, they were excellent.

The whole of the M5 was stood still, as people switched off their engines, their lights and went to bloody sleep. I couldn’t believe it. Only in the UK.

Then, when I eventually did get home at 8:00am I had a shower and a shave then got straight back in the car and drove to Germany, where I arrived at 2:00am Sunday morning.

No sleep for 2 nights, that’s hardcore… and I seriously wish I hadn’t bothered.

Police Donut Cams

I just heard on the radio that police are to have donut cams strapped to their heads when they visit claims of domestic violence.

That’s sure to work.

They mentioned one report where a woman claimed her ex-husband broke into her house and stole her keys, so the plods showed up with cameras strapped to their heads to investigate. The theory is with cameras collating evidence there’s a higher chance of conviction.

Now, my ex broke into my house a few months back and stole my keys, and no police showed up with donut cams strapped to their heads. In fact, they didn’t even show up at all as they couldn’t be arsed.

I think this camera on the head idea isn’t really going to work, they have to leave the station canteen before any evidence can be collected… and that just ain’t gonna happen.