CSA Deny they’ve had my complaint letter

Yesterday I posted how Paul Gratton from the child support agency said they had no record of my sending a complaint letter to them. This was despite my having the letter from them confirming the receipt of my complaint letter in my hand while talking to him.

Needless to say they never phoned me back today, and I’ve still had no resolution or contact from them since they promised they’d resolve the issue.

As a result, and as I do keep my promises, here’s the podcast of my phone call with them.


CSA lie about receiving my complaint letter

I’m astonished, truly astonished. I telephoned the CSA today to find out why they hadn’t contacted me to discuss my complaint letter, as their letter stated, and why it had been over 15 days since the date of their letter and they hadn’t resolved it, or contacted me to arrange an extension, again as their letter stated.

Guess what they said?

That’s right, they’ve no record of ever receiving a complaint letter from me! Despite not only receiving it, they’ve actually replied to confirm receipt of it, they say they haven’t got any record of me sending them a complaint.

Is it any wonder this is considered the most incompetent, corrupt government organisation ever created?

I’ve now been told by Paul Gratton from the child support agency’s Birkenhead office that he’s passing my telephone complaint onto someone, who he refused to identify, and requesting that she (he did say SHE) calls me back tomorrow. He did not confirm that she would call me back however, as I doubt she will.

So, if I’ve been told that I cannot speak to the CSA over the phone, and they lie about receiving my letters despite replying to me confirming receipt of them, how am I supposed to contact them?

Perhaps I should try a fucking carrier pigeon, or maybe conduct a séance? Whatever I try, the lying bastards will no doubt refuse to accept that they’ve heard from me.

This is why I record everything and keep copies of everything. They can lie all they want, but I have the proof of their lies and incompetence both in writing, and as MP3 files.

Chav website wins award according to www.justsearching.co.uk

According to news posted on www.justsearching.co.uk, the Chav website SavvyChavvy has won an award for the way it helps communities stay in touch.

According to them, Chavvy comes from the old Romany word, meaning Youth. The website isn’t for chavs though, it’s for gypsies, or travellers.

I always thought chav was from the phrase ‘Chelmsford Average’, meaning scum. You learn something new everyday.

The article also talks about an award for a virtual nightclub in second life, for disabled people. I’m not even going to comment on that one!

CSA still fail to reply to me

After my complaint letter to the CSA, I received a reply stating they’d resolve my complaint with 15 working days, or contact me to arrange an extension.

That letter was dated July 8th by the CSA, today is 15 working days and guess what? That’s right, nothing. In fact the letter from them did say they’d contact me within a few days, but naturally have failed to do so.

Here’s their full letter, see what you make of it:

8th July 2008

Dear Mr Jamieson

Thank you for your letter received on 7th July 2008

I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with the level of service you have received from the Agency.

Our Complaint Review Team will investigate the issues you have raised and will contact you again in the next few days to update you on the progress.

We aim to resolve your complaint within 15 working days. If we are unable to resolve your complaint fully within this timescale, we will contact you to negotiate an extension to this resolution period.

Yours sincerely

Complaints Administration Officer.

And no, I’ve not heard a word since. In fact, I’ll give them a call now and see what they say; if they’ll speak to me this time.

Check-mate or punch in the face? It’s Chess Boxing

You’d swear this was made up, but according to the Times Online (so it must be true) the ancient sport of Chess Boxing comes from Germany, where Bavarians spend their time castling, sacrificing and punching each other in the face.

The game combines chess, with boxing. Obviously. It consists of 11 rounds, 6 of which are 12 minute chess playing rounds, and 5 rounds of boxing. You can win the match by check-mating your opponent, or knocking him spark out!

They even have their own website, will wonders never cease?

The funny thing is, I once performed a sliding tackle against my nephew in a game of chess to stop him taking my Queen. So I’ve been playing full contact chess for years. I’m ahead of the game alright 😉

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Don Murphy is STILL a TWAT

It’s over 2 years now since the short Wookie known as Don Murphy announced on his forum to his army of ‘stooges’ that my website, Transformers The Movie, was breaking copyright rules, stealing images and would be shut down by Paramount within weeks.

No matter how much I insisted that no, not only would we not be shut down, but Paramount had actually helped us with the site, he wouldn’t listen, and used name calling and bullyboy tactics to try to drum up support among the morons who hung on every word he uttered.

Still, 2 years on, our site is still there and Don has done nothing. No wonder Tarantino smacked him in the face.

I even bumped the first thread a year ago for the 1 year anniversary of Don’s threats, but sadly he locked the thread so we can’t bump it anymore. It’s still there though, so feel free to go have a look at one of Hollywood’s more childish film producers have a hissy fit that he isn’t getting his way.

Look out for the toys being flung from his pram though 😉


He then followed up that original post with two more threatening threads, designed to strike fear into the hearts of every UK transformers fan. What a gimp.



Just Search

StuckOn - SEO company based in Cheshire

I usually put up posts when companies I work for launch new designs for their websites, but for some reason completely forgot to add this when Just Search updated their site. I must have been concentrating too hard on work and completely overlooked it.

Anyhow, if you haven’t seen the new design for Just Search, which is all white and stylish, then have a look at the site here: www.justsearching.co.uk.

The best bit too, it was designed in-house!

This the is second redesign since I’ve been at Just Search, and it’s by far the best looking the site’s ever been. I may be slightly biased too, but I think it’s the best looking website for an SEO company in the UK.


CSA to reply to me in 15 days

I’ve had a reply from the CSA about my letter here, and they said they’d get back to me within 15 working days, which going from the date of the letter means they’ll respond to me by 28th July.

Let’s see if they do, and more to the point when they do, will they actually see sense and admit their myriad of mistakes?

We’ll see shall we.