BT promise to reduce my direct debit

I wasn’t going to add this podcast because the lady from BT was quite helpful, however everything she told me she’d do she hasn’t – so here it is. When you listen to this take note that she promises that BT will reduce my direct debit from £39.50 to £33, I will get a call back within 24 hours about my complaint and I will get a letter detailing my Direct Debit reduction.

Did any of this happen? Well I did get a letter, but instead if saying how my Direct Debit was being reduced, it instead told me they were increasing it to £68!

Fuck me!

Did I get a call back from BT about my complaint? Did I bollocks. I’ve also been unable to raise them again via email, as a previous blog showed when they asked for feedback about how well they’ve dealt with my complaint – when they haven’t even dealt with it at all. It’s good to talk.

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