Tariq Zaman arrested over money laundering allegations

Former boss of Leeds student lettings company Providence Properties, Tariq Zaman, was arrested recently and held by police, suspected of committing acts of money laundering and fraud.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, the former boss of the student accommodation company, the one that was investigated by BBC Watchdog, was arrested. The YEP also states that Tariq Zaman, whose brother Bashirt Zaman runs student letting agency My Homez, was stripped of rental licenses meaning that he can no longer rent properties to students, or to anyone for that matter.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police stated:

A 41-year-old Leeds man was arrested on February 2 on suspicion of money laundering and fraud by false representation and is currently on police bail pending further enquiries.

The former premises of Providence Properties, in Leeds, are now occupied by The Student Property Shop. The Student Property Shop itself has been investigated by Trading Standards over allegations of fraud and keeping students’ money.

McAfee virus scan is really annoying

As I work online, I obviously us a computer throughout the day (and often all night and weekends too, but that’s another matter). I also have this hate-hate relationship with Microsoft and Windows, as I find it the most infuriating think in my life. I don’t understand why Windows just has to keep annoying me with its constant nagging about stuff I really don’t care about.

I get daily messages telling me that some program I’m not using has stopped working, and shutting down merely prompts to offer feedback to Microsoft (which I have done in my own colourful way) only for the same damn error to keep happening.

I don’t care about the program, sod off!

McAfee is another thorn in my side. Only today I was writing an article when, in mid flow, the focus was taking off word while I was writing a sentence, only for this message box to force itself onto my screen.

McAfee Virus Scan

I couldn’t give a rat’s arse what it’s about to do, don’t interrupt me when I’m working, only to give me the options of ‘piss me off now’ or ‘piss me off later’.

Where’s the ‘sod off and never bother me again’ button?

Windows is full of this crap and it’s extremely infuriating.