Insurance fraud shouldn’t be this easy

As regular readers of this online rantathon will know, my BMW Z3 was stolen some months ago from the Hillcroft Garage in Langstone, and Direct Line insurers foolishly paid out my estranged wife over 6k despite the car having been recovered.

My efforts to notify Direct Line of the vehicle’s recovery fell on deaf ears, as my ex had instructed them not to speak to me for the purposes of defrauding them, so every phone call to them was met with a staunch “sorry, we can’t speak to you” rebuttal.

A quick update before I recount today’s frustrating events: The car is safe with me, my ex has attempted (through an illiterate solicitor) to get me to pay the money she defrauded, Royal Sun Alliance (the garage’s insurer) have my documents and Direct Line still refuse to speak to me.

So, over to today…

I need to get my car documents back from Royal Sun Alliance, and to get the outstanding problems fixed with the car so I telephoned Churchgate Insurance Broker’s Don Robinson today at 2:00pm to try and find out why they have done nothing since I last contacted them on November 17th. He insisted he’d try and find the contact details for Royal Sun Alliance and call me back before he goes home for the day at 4:00pm. Guess what? He didn’t bother. There’s a surprise.

I then phoned Direct Line’s customer support, and got instantly cut off. After my experiences with the morons at BT last night, this did not go down well.

I tried again instantly, and eventually got through to someone called Nick in their Bristol office. After explaining the situation to Nick, he attempted to find out who was dealing with this farce. He tracked it down to their Leeds branch, but when he tried to call them they said they could not speak to me. That’s nice isn’t it? They’ve been defrauded and I’ve had a car stolen, yet they can’t speak to me. How else do they imagine they’ll get this fucking situation sorted???

Nick dealt with my frustration very well and gave me the number for their head office in Croydon, Surrey, which I’ll share with you now. It’s 020 8686 3313, and a chap named Ray Harper, who handles complaints. I told Ray everything that had happened, and he said they’d look into and get back to me.

Less that an hour later, a woman named Chloe O`Driscol phoned and said that the case was being looked into, and even though she couldn’t give me any details (because they can’t still can’t speak about the policy, due to the ex putting the bar on them talking to me) they’d get back to me tomorrow with a status update.

I truly hope they do, because I just can’t understand how I can have a car stolen, Direct Line can be defrauded, my ex can walk away with over 6k and Direct Line can persist in refusing to speak to me even though we’ve both been the victim of wilful crime.

It’s now 3:58pm, and I just phoned Don Robinson back as he’d assured me he’d call me before he left for home at 4:00pm. Guess what readers? The dopey lying fucker has gone home.

Further updates to follow as and when I get them.

BT’s lack of customer service

I’ve just wasted 45 minutes of my life on those morons at BT. Why do I bother, seriously?

I ordered BT Broadband with the Wireless home hub back on January 8th, but it took several phone calls to do as they couldn’t find my current account settings.

I just checked my order status on line and it says I received my pack on January 16th. News to me, there ain’t shit here. So I phoned the number in my confirmation email, which is: 08000852819.

That number just played an automated message telling me to phone another number, nice.

The other number I phoned played an automated message telling me the line was closed. By now I was getting pissed off.

I then phoned the number on their website: 0800 800 150 and after going through countless menu options I held on to the ringing phone for some 15 minutes with no answer.

I hung up, and tried again. The menu options this time were really pissing me off, and despite the recorded message saying they were very busy and I should request a callback, I pressed the button to wait in the queue and went straight through.

The woman was sullen, and promptly hung up on me while she was attempting to find my details.

Now I was fucking enraged, and my fifth and final call beckoned. Oh joy, those fucking menu options again.

This time I got through again straight away, despite the skive inducing ‘ring back’ option suggesting otherwise. The woman this time told me my order had been cancelled on the system. Then why does the website tell me I’d received it?

She was confused, especially when I read out the confirmation email with the price. She said their switchboard was playing up as she tried to contact an engineer about my order, as she was cut off from him.

Further hold music went by, before the inevitable happened, and I was fucking cut off again.

Fuck it, I’m cancelling the Direct Debit and using Sky. BT are useless, their customer service is a joke and the technology is shite.

Transformers news to your homepage

UK and Europe’s biggest Transformers website (or as Devid Beckham might say, “The biggest European website in the World”) now has the option of subscribing to its news via RSS.

This means you can get all important Transformers news direct to the RSS reader of your choice, so you’ll never need to miss out on news such as the Optimus Prime iPod speakers or the UK gun law outlawing imports of Megatron.

Go there now, and subscribe to more news than meets the eye.

Is that you Gwen?

I was out in Cardiff last night, in the City Bar, when I spotted a girl that looked just like Gwen from Torchwood.


Obviously, it was her. Her real name is Eve Myles, and she was out in one of my locals. Wicked.

I didn’t want to approach her though, that’s so uncool. I did get a smile from her though, my night was made.

George’s Google Bomb Defused

Google has just altered its search algorithym to negate the effects of ‘Google Bombing’ on certain phrases, most notable the term ‘Miserable Failure‘ that famously brought up George W Bush’s profile on the White House website as the #1 result.

Google say in their webmaster blog that they’ve only handled a handful of Google Bombs in their ‘automated’ system. Thankfully, my Google Bomb for Darren Joslin remains intact, so I won’t worry about Google’s actions causing me problems anytime soon.