Sean Done – what a nasty little scrote

Social media really does bring out the odious little scrotes. I remember a time when arguing on the internet meant you needed to know a little about how the internet worked, and you needed a forum account. These days any dribbling idiot can sign up to Facebook, join a group and start infesting the world with their moronic repartee.

One such idiot is Sean Done, from Ellesmere Port. Today Sean took it upon himself to begin insulting a lady on Facebook because she posted about a printer not checking their work before finishing a job. What this had to do with Sean Done is beyond me; perhaps he was offended at the thought of people being able to spell? Perhaps he was offended at the word ‘job’? Who knows.

Anyhow, Sean waded into the conversation with such intelligent swagger he made Frasier seem lead-footed in his responses. Sean opened up with:

Think you’ve got to much time on your hands, get a life you freak.

Let’s ignore the fact he can’t distinguish a ‘to’ from a ‘too’ for a moment, and ask ourselves why is he even getting involved? We’ve no time to ask that, however, as Sean backed up his argument with the almost literary classic:


Well played sir. You truly are a swordsman of the word. A further playground-esque “You are you biker slut” prompted a “go get em Sean” from his pal Calum Evans. Calum clearly recognises his intellectual superior when he sees him, and bows to his prowess.


After I congratulated Sean on his Wildean mastery of the burn, he threw down some paedophilia remarks towards me, because why not? Luckily, someone screen grabbed them too.


Now, we don’t want Sean getting distracted by me do we? As much fun as that would be, we want him focused. Not to worry, as Sean decided to turn his rapier wit back onto the original poster, commenting:

End of the day your just a cum bucket who sits on Facebook all day moaning about people and things rather than getting on with your life or doing something about it


Sean wasn’t finished there, either. He had more Shakespearean putdowns to dispense.



Why Sean, your parents must be so proud of you. Any employer, too, would be lucky to have you. Hopefully nobody Googles you before hiring you, or this could be very unfortunate. Just in case anyone is unclear about which Sean Done, from Ellesmere Port, this is all about – here is his Facebook Profile.


As you can see, he looks a bright one. He’ll probably read this (or have someone read it out to him) and think he’s won by getting to someone enough for them to write this. Of course, one… two… maybe three years down the line, when he’s matured as much as he’s ever likely to and this is first page of Google for a search on his name, he’ll realise just where he went wrong.

Hi Sean… and no, I won’t remove this to help you get a job.

Darren Jamieson

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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