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Digital Research just sent me an email on behalf of BT asking for feedback about the way BT dealt with my last complaint. As a recap, BT charged me £39.50 TWICE for one broadband account when I should have been charged around £32 once.

They have since sent me a bill saying they would increase me payment to £68, despite telling me over the phone that they would reduce it.

Here’s the email:

Dear BT customer,

BT is keen to improve the experience it provides to its customers. You recently contacted BT and should have received a response back from BT by email.

BT is interested in your opinion on the way that they handled your email.
Please click on the following link below to provide your feedback.
(if the address is not clickable or it has wrapped onto two lines, please Copy and Paste the full link into the Location or Address bar of your web browser)

Please answer each question based on the response you received back from your initial email. The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Many thanks,
eDigital research – on behalf of BT eCustomer Service

Naturally I filled it in with great detail, and even linked here for some choice blogs. You see, the funny thing is BT haven’t responded to my email. Surely, before asking for feedback on how well you’ve dealt with a complaint you should actually DEAL with the complaint?


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