Delivery Man Throws Monitor Over Fence

For once we have a story of a delivery man throwing a parcel over a fence, and it’s NOT Home Delivery Network. This time it’s FedEx, and the delivery drive in question lobs a Panasonic monitor over a fence right in front of the CCTV. Smart chap.

The video was added to YouTube on the 19th by the intended recipient of the monitor, and in two days it has attracted almost 2.5 million views and has gone viral. FedEx must be so proud of their driver. They couldn’t have paid for this type of publicity. Watch the video and marvel at the ineptitude and the ‘just couldn’t give a f*ck’ attitude of the driver.

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Flintshire Freeze sponsorship

Several years ago I was involved with the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey team when I built their website (designed by the very talented JP of Still Brilliant). When I built the website for the Devils I attended games every week, and even presented a man of the match award to net minder Phil Osaer in a Devils’ 4-3 win.

This weekend I presented another man of the match award at an ice hockey game, this time at the Flintshire Freeze in North Wales. The Freeze had just beaten the Fife Flyers 15-6 at the Deeside Ice Rink, and I was there in my capacity as Technical Director at StuckOn, as StuckOn is a sponsor of the Flintshire Freeze.

During the game we received our sponsor’s shirt, which sports our logo on the arm, and then following the game I presented the man of the match award for both teams.

When I arrived at the rink however I didn’t realise I’d be doing the man of the match, and I was asked if we had a banner with our company branding (for the photograph) which, sadly, I didn’t. This set me thinking that perhaps we should have had some sort of branding for the photo, such as a banner or perhaps T-shirts (like the MrDaz one I had printed a few years ago) or maybe personalised polo shirts with our logo on them. This would have looked great in the pictures but, unfortunately, you’re stuck with my grinning mug (incidentally wearing the exact same coat that I wore when I did the Cardiff Devils presentation – I need to go shopping).

Still, the game was great, the Freeze annihilated the Flyers and there was a great fight in the third period (all you want from an ice hockey game really).

Beer glasses: the bachelor’s glassware

As someone who has had to buy items for a new home, on more than one occasion, it’s always amazed me that the many ‘home starter’ kits you get in Argos and Sainsbury’s etc seem to contain glassware. Glassware isn’t something I have ever been short of, and have more beer glasses in my home than most pubs – as I’m sure most guys my age do.

While it is true my glass collection doesn’t necessarily match, with different branded beer glasses all sat next to each other in various cupboards and cabinets, I never have the problem of drinking a beverage out of the wrong glass – something that I have to put up with in many pubs and bars. For example, I find there’s nothing worse than drinking Peroni in a regular beer glass. If you’re paying £3-£5 for a Peroni (as it can cost in some bars) then you’ll want the entire drinking experiencing that the money affords. In my house this isn’t an issue. Equally, when you’re drinking a Guinness (as I do regularly) you’ll want a Guinness glass to complete the experience. Some pubs have the audacity to serve Guinness in a non branded glass or, worse, in a Carlsberg glass (or some such inferior lager glass).

This annoys me, as a great many things do, so I’ve made sure this doesn’t happen in my house. Whatever the lager or beer, I have a glass available. Where did I get these beer glasses? The same place every guy gets his glassware, and it wasn’t from Sainsbury’s or Argos.

If, by some chance, I have a beer for which I don’t have a glass I can cover it by using one of my Beer Festive beer glasses, which were obtained legally at the Stockport Beer Festival… happy times.

Security leak at the CSA, or intelligence leak at the source?

One of the many websites that I administer is the very popular (or unpopular, depending on your stance) advice website The website features daily stories from parents, both mothers and fathers, who are tearing their hair out due to the incompetencies, errors and bullying tactics at the hands of the Child Support Agency.

One post the site had recently was particularly funny because the woman who posted it came back a few days later, after receiving advice and comments to her post, wondering how her story had wound up on the website in the first place. This woman’s story (which I won’t link to) was sent in to the website by the aforementioned woman using the contact form on the website, yet she was dumbfounded as to how we received her information and were able to post it.

Had there been some sort of security leak at the CSA itself, you may ask? This wouldn’t have been uncommon, seeing as their data is hardly secure anyway. They once posted a woman’s bank details to me by mistake, after printing them out and leaving them on the printer for some idiot to pick up and shove in a letter bound for my address. They have also famously lost data, and had staff sacked for accessing adult websites and material online using supposedly secure computers; their information security is basically a mess, something which I personally told their head of security, Bernard Devaney, when I last spoke to him in reference to the CSA staff member who tried to coerce fathers into killing themselves via Facebook. He agreed, although couldn’t go into detail.

However, this time the error wasn’t the agency’s, not that they couldn’t do without recruiting a few more people to information security jobs anyway. No, this error was the fault of the woman who rather stupidly pasted her entire story into the website thinking she was contacting the CSA and, even when she returned to the website to retrieve her feedback didn’t remember being there in the first place.

No wonder her life’s in a mess.