Just Search comment on reputation management

Reputation management is one of the hottest topics in SEO right now, as with the immediacy of the Internet it’s easy to fall foul of an angry blogger or find your reputation questioned on review websites. With that in mind I commented for Just Search on Net Imperative on how to manage your brand reputation online.

The article only scratched the surface of what is a mine field of information (I don’t use the phrase ‘mine field’ lightly either, one wrong step and your efforts in reputation management can explode in your face).

Still, the basics are touched upon for someone to get an understanding of what reputation management is all about.

I may do a more in-depth piece on the Just Search blog at some point, as it’s definitely something worth exploring further.

Cram it in your cram hole Lafleur

I was looking for some novelty t-shirts this week, something other than the standard Transformers t-shirt or the Mr T or Knight Rider t-shirt. I was looking for something along the same lines as my tattoo (which I may discuss later), something that was impossible for people to recognise unless they were fans of the particular series/film.

The idea came from a guy in work who has a Karate Kid t-shirt. Not the usual Daniel-san Karate Kid t-shirt I’ll have you know, oh no. This is the badge of Cobra Kai, the enemy of Mr Miyagi in the film’s series. Only true fans of the films would know this.

Luckily I found this novelty t-shirt website that offers shirts with such niche classics as the Karate Kid t-shirts, some Chuck Norris facts t-shirts and some of the brilliant Dodgeball t-shirts, like the title of this post from Ben Stiller’s character Wight Goodman ‘Cram in your cram hole Lafleur’ and the ‘Average Joes’ gym t-shirt.

These types of shirts are much cooler because most people won’t know what they mean.

I’m getting an ‘Average Joes’ by the way, although the Global Gym t-shirts were mighty tempting.

I’m gonna get my tools from the van!

This weekend just gone was a special time for me because I got to say the immortal words “I’m gonna get my tools from the van” in general conversation. It might not seem like much of a milestone in life, but for those of us who don’t have ‘tools’, a ‘van’ or a reason to get tools from the aforementioned van, the chances of saying this immortal line from the A-Team are very slim.

What led to this momentous occasion? Well, I moved into my new house on the 9th March, and this last weekend travelled back to Wales in a rented van, from County Car & Van Rental, to pick up my huge collection of tat, which included my Michael Jackson Moonwalker Arcade Machine.

I did the 400 mile round trip in one day, arriving back in Manchester late Saturday night after the rugby had finished. Then on Sunday I wanted to put my bed up, which required me to get tools. Where were the tools I had discovered I owned only the day before? In the van of course.

This allowed me to say “I’m gonna get my tools from the van”.

A proud moment indeed.

My Moonwalker machine fits in nicely into my new house by the way, very classy.

Jade Goody is dead

It’s finally happened, the woman billed by some as the Princess Diana for the new millennium, Jade Goody, has died. She battled long and hard against Cancer and has been hailed by everyone from the Prime Minister down to the average reader of Heat Magazine as a gem, a star, a heroine of our time.

A spokesperson for Heat even said that Jade talked about numerous important issues in our time, such as when she spoke out about racism.

What the hell? Jade didn’t speak out against racism, she was an outspoken racist.

Yes she died of Cancer, it was horrible and something no one should have to go through, but many people do. Many far more caring, dignified and brilliant people than Jade Goody have suffered the tragedy of Cancer. So why does Jade Goody deserve all of the plaudits, where others more deserving get none?

As for being the Princess Diana for the new millennium; I don’t remember Lady Di ever calling an Asian woman ‘Poppadom’, nor did she sell her wedding photos to Heat.

The world is not a poorer place for the loss of Jade Goody, not by a long stretch.

Home Delivery Network Driver issues me with death threat

Regular readers of this site will know that the UK delivery firm known as Home Delivery Network have been the subject of a great many posts, with their atrocious attitude towards customers, their appalling delivery record, their racist drivers and hundreds of dissatisfied customers all coming forward on this site.

It’s come to a head now as a delivery driver with Home Delivery Network has issued me with a death threat. I’m honoured, I truly am. Have a read of this imbecile’s comments:

From: [home delivery network driver] lewis2279@hotmail.com
im not gonna write a lot on here because personally i cant be bothered just wanted to say i think u win this years award for the biggest wanker on the internet. hope ur next hdnl driver gives u a fuckin twatin and u end in in hospital and then fingers crossed maybe die?? now theres hoping xxx

The construction of the email tells you we’re dealing with a man of great intellect, probably why he’s a delivery driver. Putting his own email address in wasn’t smart either, but again, probably why he’s a delivery driver.

Should I be scared? Somehow I doubt it. Firstly, HDNL never show up when they say they will, and secondly, the odds of this idiot finding my house, even with my address written in front of him and a sat nav to guide him, are slim to none.

Nice to know the sort of people that Home Delivery Network employ though isn’t it? Do you want them representing your company and delivering your products?

Thought not.

I have Michael Jackson Thriller Hospitality tickets for opening night!

Following on from my rant about people buying Michael Jackson tickets just to sell them on again and make money, I have to admit I was actually concerned that I might not be able to get any for this tour.

Luckily, through a mixture of luck, fate and contacts I have managed to secure some Michael Jackson tickets, and how!

I initially used my nephew’s access code to buy tickets as he had to go to school and couldn’t complete an order in time on the Wednesday morning last week. The tickets were for the 22nd July and were quite far out. I was told binoculars might be needed.

Still, tickets are tickets and I was happy.

Then I heard that my sister had managed to buy tickets, though for some reason had pressed the wrong button on the website and had ended up with VIP tickets. She’s bought the Michael Jackson Thriller Hospitality Package, for the opening night on July 8th.

Now I don’t mind saying that these are expensive tickets, but nonetheless, I’m having ‘em. The chance to go to the opening night, with a pre-show party, after-show party and a close up view of the stage is something I’m not going to pass up.

Package includes:
Champagne on arrival
Pre-show party in private facility
DJ and entertainment
Red carpet VIP check in and fast track entry
Goody bag
Souvenir tour laminate
After show party
Parking/Thames Clipper ticket

Furthermore, as it’s the opening night I can report on the concert right here, so if you’d like to know what Michael Jackson’s show is really like, you can read it here first.

Is anyone else going to see him?

How to tell when a website selling concert tickets is a scam

I was watching Watchdog again last night (I really should stop that) and I saw a report on scam websites that were selling, or pretending to sell, tickets for concerts and festivals (including Michael Jackson tickets for his O2 concerts).

This sort of thing is really dodgy, causes a great deal of hurt for people who buy the tickets, and sadly even easier to guard against.

For example, one website outed on Watchdog was this website claiming to sell Cliff Richard tickets.

cliff richard

As you can see the website looks genuine, it has a gallery and offers tickets for dates on Cliff’s tour. However, the website is a scam. How can you tell?

Well firstly there is no contact phone number or address on the website. If there are no contact details, NEVER buy anything from the website.

Secondly, any website hosted in the USA or UK is likely to genuine. There aren’t many hosts in the UK, and they’re all traceable, so if you know a site is hosted in the UK you can be fairly certain it’s genuine. When a website is hosted in Eastern Europe or Russia though, you should be more guarded.

This website is hosted in Slovakia, as the Netcraft toolbar will tell you. If you don’t have the Netcraft toolbar, download it now.

The toolbar shows a flag from the country where the website is hosted, as you can see from the graphic below.


The toolbar also tells you a website’s age, and this site is just 3 months old – another telltale sign that this site is a con.

Just be careful where you enter your credit card details, any site selling tickets for concerts will have a UK address, a phone number and will most likely be hosted in the UK or USA.