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CSA force me to quit my job

Sadly it’s finally come down to my having to resign from my job as a direct result of the CSA. It’s not something I wanted to do, but as they’re taking 40% of my salary, refuse to speak to me over the phone and haven’t sent my employer an updated payment schedule in almost 2 years, I can’t continue.

The last message I received from the idiots stated how they had sent a payment schedule to Just Search in July 2008, however they hadn’t sent one. I didn’t receive one and Just Search didn’t receive one.

The CSA lied.

I then heard that my DEO (deduction of earnings order) can’t be changed by my employer until the CSA send them an updated payment schedule, which they’re not planning on doing until July this year. This is despite my having already overpaid according to my records, and my employer’s records. Now, as the CSA lied about sending one in 2008, am I to trust they’ll send one in 2009?

Not likely. Even if they do actually send a new payment schedule this July, with the correct reduced payments, I would then have to APPEAL to get my money back!!!

Again, this isn’t going to happen.

As the CSA refuse to provide my employer with the correct payment schedule, haven’t done so for nearly 2 years and refuse to speak to me I’m left with no option but to quit. I can’t afford to work anymore.

I’m not the first to have to do this and I won’t be the last. I really don’t understand how the CSA can legally demand money direct from your employer based on a calculation that they refuse to update, and claim they did in 2008, when they blatantly didn’t. They have lied to me, they have lied to Just Search and they have been stealing money from me. No one can do anything about them, they are not governed by any policing body and they’re answerable to no one.

It’s a shame, but that’s the child support agency for you. Of course the real losers in all of this are my children, as they won’t receive any money from now on. The CSA have made sure of that. That is of course assuming they’ve received any of it in the first place?

Here is the letter I sent to the CSA informing them of this. Perhaps someone has a comment on this?

Birkenhead Child Support Agency
Great Western House
Woodside Ferry Approach
CH41 6DA

REF: Resignation from employment
National Insurance Number: **********

Dear Sirs

I write to notify you that due to your failure to act accordingly, and your failure to supply my employer, Just Search, with a payment schedule since July 2007 (almost TWO years ago) I have had no option but to resign from my job.

May 7th 2009 will be the last day of my employment as it just isn’t financially viable for me to continue working when the CSA are taking 40% of my salary and refuse to update my payment schedule to account for my overpayment.

Congratulations to you sirs, you have forced another hard working father who just wants to earn a living, pay his way and see his kids, to quit his job. I do hope the government rewards you accordingly for adding to the country’s unemployment figures.

I will be unemployed until further notice, but won’t be going out of my way to find a job. Nor will I be claiming benefit, as I don’t believe in sponging off other people who do work.

I complete a self assessment tax return for my affiliate earnings, but made a loss last year due to increased costs and reduced revenues. I might break even this year, so there is still nothing you can claim from me as I will not be earning.

This will be my last letter to you as I do not wish to correspond with you via letter in future. Any future correspondence must be made via phone call. You have my number, but here it is again just in case: ***** *** ***.


Darren Jamieson

Just Search comment on reputation management

Reputation management is one of the hottest topics in SEO right now, as with the immediacy of the Internet it’s easy to fall foul of an angry blogger or find your reputation questioned on review websites. With that in mind I commented for Just Search on Net Imperative on how to manage your brand reputation online.

The article only scratched the surface of what is a mine field of information (I don’t use the phrase ‘mine field’ lightly either, one wrong step and your efforts in reputation management can explode in your face).

Still, the basics are touched upon for someone to get an understanding of what reputation management is all about.

I may do a more in-depth piece on the Just Search blog at some point, as it’s definitely something worth exploring further.

How to become an authority website in Google

Ever wondered how to become an authority website in Google? No? Ah, I was kinda counting on you actually wondering that. Oh well, I’ll tell you anyway. I did an Interview for .Net magazine a while ago on the subject, and the whole article has just been published in full on Net Imperative.

The article starts off with the intro:

Natural SEO isn’t just about editing tags on your website, inserting some well chosen keyphrases and building up links. The most successful websites on the Internet, the ones Google consider authorities in their fields, all have similar things in common. Many of them don’t even use conventional SEO practises, yet they rank above seemingly better optimised websites for relevant searches.

Then it proceeds to tell you just how to do it, in five simple steps. Have a read and see what you think; it works too 😉

Just Search

StuckOn - SEO company based in Cheshire

I usually put up posts when companies I work for launch new designs for their websites, but for some reason completely forgot to add this when Just Search updated their site. I must have been concentrating too hard on work and completely overlooked it.

Anyhow, if you haven’t seen the new design for Just Search, which is all white and stylish, then have a look at the site here:

The best bit too, it was designed in-house!

This the is second redesign since I’ve been at Just Search, and it’s by far the best looking the site’s ever been. I may be slightly biased too, but I think it’s the best looking website for an SEO company in the UK.


I’m in this month’s issue of dot Net magazine

dot NetFar be it for me to boast, but I’m in this month’s issue of .Net Magazine with an interview about how to make your website an authority site within Google. It’s quite a good read, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. The golden rule is content, content and more content.

It’s one of the reasons that this website ranks for so many different phrases and gets traffic for the most unlikely of search terms. If you write about it, they will come (simply building it is no longer effective enough).

Anyway, you can see the magazine on the .Net website here.

Here’s a shot of the extract, but to read it properly you’ll need to buy the magazine 😉

dot Net

You can read more tips like this at Just Search’s website, which features a daily blog about SEO and Internet Marketing.

James Welch interview at SES on Webmaster Radio

Lucky puppy James Welch headed over to New York on St Patrick’s day week for the Search Engine Strategies conference. As well as giving a talk as one of the registered speakers he was interviewed on every SEO’s favourite radio station, Webmaster Radio.

You can listen to the interview here, though he is introduced as James Walsh for for some reason.

American’s eh? Considering he was also called ‘dude’ during the interview, James Walsh isn’t bad for someone from Stoke.

Interview with Revolution Magazine

Following on from the piece in Precision Marketing, I also did this quick interview with Revolution Magazine about the trends of search and the importance of content.

Though Google denies it, for instance, there is a widespread suspicion that investing in paid search will improve a company’s organic ranking. Easier to prove is the notion that frequent content updates represent one of the most powerful ways to promote a site.

Fresh and new
“It has become apparent lately that Google is favouring new sites a lot, and sites with new content,” says Darren Jamieson, content editor at Manchester-based Just Search. “If you have got a site that does car leasing, and someone is looking for something on the new Audi R8, a site that hasn’t been updated for three months won’t come up, even if it has a page on the R8.”

Google itself, while cagey about its methods, is happy to confirm this much. “We always say, build things for the people you want visiting your site, and that is what we try to reflect with our ranking,” says Google spokesman Anthony House. “It is not about trying to trick your way into the highest results.”

Indeed, Google’s advice for improving a company’s organic ranking all relates to the kind of housekeeping that makes a website visitable in the first place.

You can see the excerpt from the magazine here.

Brainstorm at SES New York

Just Search and parent company Getupdated are attending SES New York this month, March 17th – 20th, to offer business owners the benefit of their combined experience. Rather than talk about SEO (because let’s face it, at a Search Engine Strategies conference everyone will be talking about SEO) Getupdated are running a BrainStorming Booth where business owners can talk to James Welch, the head of Research and Development at Just Search, Paul Yates, the founder of Just Search and Mattias Kaneteg, CEO of Getupdated to benefit from their experience on anything related to their website.

The BrainStorming Booth will be completely free and anyone with an interest in improving their online presence can enter and pick the brains of James, Paul and Mattias.

SES New York

So if you’re attending SES New York this month pop into the booth and get some free advice on how your website can improve its ranking and what more you can be doing to get that extra step ahead.

SES New York isn’t just about SEO…