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Our retro meeting room with 1980s arcade machine

Purely because I wanted to make our meeting room seem more funky and interesting (and not in the slightest bit because it was suggested I get the arcade machine out of the house) I recently moved my Michael Jackson Moonwalker arcade machine into the meeting room at Engage Web. It adds a touch of retro chic to the meeting room, and offers everyone at work the chance to test their skills on some old classic arcade games.

Currently we’re playing Track and Field, one of the ultimate button mashing games of the period, and it has resulted in Tom breaking Usain Bolt’s world record for the hundred metres, in under 9.5 seconds. Fastest finger first or what!

Snow affects emails from

I emailed a complaint to on December 11th, and am still yet to receive even a reply to the email. This is quite incredible seeing as they ‘aim’ to respond to emails within 24 hours. Needless to say I emailed them again with the following:

I still haven’t received a reply to my email from DECEMBER 11th, that’s over TEN DAYS to reply to an email. I realise the snow plays havoc with deliveries, but tell me just how does it affect your response times to emails?

I need to return the Michael Jackson doll because it arrived damaged, again. You can see it here:

I am also still awaiting three orders. I would send you the order ID numbers but sadly your order history page conveniently doesn’t show them!

I take it from your ‘wait 21 days‘ policy I have no chance of actually getting any of these items before Christmas, and your ‘can’t be arsed to even reply to emails‘ policy means I’ll never hear from you on this matter either.

Before you click delete on this email, as that appears to be how you actually deal with complaints, try Googling ‘ complaints’ – you’ll see every step of this issue being reported online, on page 1 of Google. The next post is up to you.

After having sent that I received an auto email from, one that they have presumably sent to everyone who is concerned that a) they haven’t received items they’ve ordered for Christmas and b) can’t even be bothered to reply to emails.

Some of’s excuses can be read below:

We would like to update you on the delivery of your recent order with You are probably aware that the adverse weather conditions are causing issues throughout the transport network in the UK and this has resulted in delays for our delivery partners. However, making sure your order arrives in time for Christmas is our top priority and we are working tirelessly with them to try and make this happen.

Understandably, many of you are contacting our Customer Service department to get an update on the status of your order. As a result, we are seeing an unprecedented level of activity and while our team is working long and hard to address all your calls and emails, we are seeing an impact on our normal level of service.

If your order was despatched without a tracking number please be aware that the item has been shipped and is likely to be with you before Christmas.

We appreciate that this is an important delivery for you and we will continue to work closely with our delivery partners over the coming days to do our utmost to make sure your delivery arrives before Christmas.

So, they’ve acknowledged that they’re not even replying to emails, en masse, and they’ve stated that orders are ‘likely to be with you before Christmas’… I don’t personally believe this is very professional, or reassuring.

Looks like you can’t rely on for Christmas shopping in the slightest. replacement item also arrives damaged

Last month I ordered two Michael Jackson dolls from and they both arrived packaged in nothing more than plastic bags, naturally damaged. I complained to, obviously, and was told by the complaints team that I needed to wait in for the damaged items to be picked up, and that they couldn’t guarantee that the items would be resent packaged properly.

Billie Jean doll from PlayThe Thriller doll arrived well packaged, in a box, with protection, delivered by our friends at HDNL. Nice job. The Billie Jean doll however arrived packaged in a plastic bag, delivered by Royal Mail, and crushed – again.

I have now sent the following email to complaining about the state of the replacement item. This dance will continue until they get it right, or until I get tired of complaining… I think we know which one will happen first.

I have just returned from the Post Office after collecting this item, where once again I find that it has been packaged in a plastic bag. This is the second time you have attempted to send this item to me, and the second time that it has arrived damaged.

I initially ordered this and a Thriller doll, both arrived damaged in November. I complained to you, you told me to phone your expensive 0845 number, which I did. The woman on the phone said she couldn’t ensure that the replacements would be sent out packaged correctly, which astounded me. I then waited in for HDNL to collect them, taking a day off to do so.

The Thriller doll arrived in perfect condition, packaged in a large cardboard box (the original box used by Character Options to deliver the dolls to you in the first place) – you know, the sort of box ‘designed’ to ensure these figures arrive undamaged.

The Billie Jean doll however was once again dispatched in a plastic bag, despite there being room for two dolls in the aforementioned cardboard box. The doll has arrived, once again, damaged.

This is not good enough. I want the item I paid for in a condition fit for sale.

I now expect you’ll send me another template auto response requesting that I call your premium rate 0845 number and arrange another pick-up, costing me another day of work

This will not be good enough either. I expect to be compensated for this shoddy service, for my repeated phone calls and for my time waiting in for someone to collect a parcel, twice, that you should have delivered correctly the first time.

I await your automated email with baited breath. Complaints

A while back I posted about two Michael Jackson dolls that arrived from in the sort of condition you’d expect to find if they were involved in an earthquake. I telephoned after receiving little joy from their online help due to some idiot just sending stock responses and not actually reading the emails.

I had only slightly more success from the telephone helpline though as the woman on the other end claimed that had no control over how items were packaged. She didn’t seem to understand that a plastic bag was insufficient protection for two collectible figures and couldn’t guarantee that any replacements wouldn’t be sent out in much the same way.

Anyway, have a watch and see what you think.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

I’ve yet to receive a replacement, though HDNL did turn up and collect the battered items as expected last week. It’s three weeks since my initial order, and more than two weeks since I notified of the damaged delivery. I wonder how long this will take.

Michael Jackson dolls damaged in transit

Well this is a turn up for the books – I have a complaint about the delivery of some items and it doesn’t involve Home Delivery Network… will wonders never cease? This delivery was in fact down to Royal Mail, but alas they’re not actually to blame either. No, the fault lies with and the amateurish way in which they’ve packaged two ‘collectible’ (as it says on their website) Michael Jackson dolls.

The dolls, one with the Thriller outfit and one with the Billie Jean outfit, have just been released as a more affordable alternative to the £250 Sideshow Collectibles figures. Even so, they’re still £30 each (so £60 on two dolls is a sizable chunk).

You would expect something branded as a collectible, and coming in a presentation box, would be dispatched in a carefully packaged box, filled with either bubble wrap or polystyrene chips – however you would be wrong. Instead decided that these dolls would be perfectly fine sent through the post wrapped in nothing more than a plastic postage bag. No protection, no padding, nothing.

I missed the delivery on Monday so collected them from the Post Office today, only to find they were somewhat worse for ware. The Thriller doll in particular had been crushed on the bottom section, and isn’t exactly in the condition I would describe as collectible. The Billie Jean was slightly better, but both have damage to the tops of the boxes as well.

Now I have complained to and I’m awaiting their response – so I’ll update with their comments here. I am hoping however that they’ll admit some sort of mistake in the way they’ve posted these as you cannot expect to sell collectible figures and post them in plastic bags. You wouldn’t accept that from an eBay seller, never mind a retail website with almost a decade’s worth of experience in selling online.

Domainers trying to profit from Michael Jackson’s death

Michael-Jackson-June-23-2009Now I realise that many people will be trying to make money on the back of Michael Jackson’s death, it’s one of the sad aspects of human nature. Someone in the public eye dies, someone else tries to make money from it. I don’t have a problem with that, what I do have a problem with though are idiots who haven’t the faintest idea what they’re doing.

Just after Michael Jackson died last month, many domain names were registered by prospective domainers hoping to profit from it. Again this is OK by me, it’s a little sick, but OK. However, the types of domains registered and the sort of money these idiots believe they’ll get for them is ridiculous.

For example, domains such as and were registered by people trying to make a quick profit. They’re rubbish!

Worse yet are the prices asked for these crap domains on eBay. If you search eBay for domains, you’ll see dozens of them for sale, with this one being the worst of all. In case you’re reading this blog many months after the auction ended and eBay have removed it, here are the details.

Username ‘bennyboy_cult_art’, from Stoke on Trent, is trying to get £900,000 for three Michael Jackson domains… that’s not a misprint, £900,000! £300,000 EACH.

What are these domains that cost over a quarter of a million pounds each?

You have got to be kidding me? These are absolute shite. The guy must be some sort of retard. Just read the description this imbecile wrote for these domains:

These domain names have been thouroughly reasearched keyword wise and As you presumably know, Michael wrote a lot more songs than he released. This is to secure his childrens’ financial future. All this stuff will be appearing on the market during the next few months/years.

This is your chance to participate on it!

This AMAZING investment gives you a fantastic opportunity to create a Michael Jackson focused website whether it be a forum, one dedicated to memorabilia, a fansite or a tribute to THE king of pop. His talent had no boundaries and he will be immortalized forever as a true legend.

Use the Buy It Now option or feel free to make a sensible offer.

Serious buyers only please. Please be aware it is for the 3 domain names only and creating the website etc is the sole responsibility of the buyer. I will transfer the ownership of the domain names to you after payment has been received/cleared. There are no transfer fees, however you may need a Fasthost account (you can create one for free).

The line “feel free to make a sensible offer” had me in stitches. I wonder if he’d accept half a mil for the three?

What an absolute gimp.

Many of the other domains on eBay are as bad, or worse, and have similar prices. These people are living in a world of their own. I actually own a Michael Jackson domain, but I bought mine over a year ago. It’s (which is considerably better than any of the rubbish domains on eBay right now) and I have no intention of selling it, unless of course Michael’s record label wanted it as they’re using for their official merchandise site.

Domaining requires skill, experience and timing, the idiots who are playing at domaining on eBay right now haven’t a clue.

Jabula South African restaurant

This weekend I finally went to the South African restaurant in Ellesemere Port, called Jabula. I’ve tried to go here several times in the last few months but as they’re always booked up on a Saturday night, unless you book at least seven days in advance you won’t get a table, or you’ll have to make do with one very late in the evening.

So, once again I didn’t bother booking and instead went on Sunday morning for a breakfast cheesecake. I know you’re not really supposed to have cheesecake for breakfast, but we only went there for coffee and were offered something from the desert display. They had at least three different cheesecakes and I can never turn one down.

I opted for the summer fruits while my girlfriend had the baked toffee, and I have to say these were probably the best presented cheesecakes I’ve ever seen. They came with ice-cream, cream and fresh fruit.



It probably wasn’t the best tasting cheesecake ever, that honour goes to an Italian restaurant in Ealing (where I should have been going tomorrow morning after the Michael Jackson concert tonight).

The cheesecake at Jabula was certainly enough to make me want to go back and try some of the African food, such as the crocodile stir fry, which hopefully I can do soon.

In case you were wondering, yes this idea was John Chow’s and yes I did keep the receipt 😉

Michael Jackson concerts delayed

I just received a very scary text from my nephew stating how the first few dates of Michael Jackson’s concert this summer have been postponed until March 2010. This was most alarming as I have VIP tickets for the opening night on July 8th!

Luckily he wasn’t quite right. The dates on the 1oth, 12th and 14th of July have been moved to 2010, but the opening concert on July 8th has been rescheduled to July 13th, which is still the first night.

The details of the date changes are as follows:

8 July – moved to 13 July, 2009
10 July – moved to 1 March, 2010
12 July – moved to 3 March, 2010
14 July – moved to 6 March, 2010

Good job I hadn’t booked any travel arrangements or accommodation yet either!