CSA worker steals money from parents

This story, just posted on CSAhell.com, made me physically sick. A CSA case worker named Clair Jones has just been jailed for ONLY 12 weeks after she systematically stole money from parents (PWCs and NRPs) to fund her own lifestyle. This hideous woman stole almost £7,000 in a period between 2009 and 2011 to pay off loan sharks – and complained that she had bills to pay, her child benefit had been stopped and she’d had car trouble.

What is worse is that this disgusting woman was only caught after the CSA investigated why a father hadn’t received a £400 refund he was due, only to find she’d paid it into her own account. The defending solicitor is even going to appeal the disgraceful 12 week sentence, and claimed she intended to ‘pay it back’.


What utter crap. This stain on society had no intention of paying anything back at all. The magistrate who sent her down for this pitiful sentence even said the thefts only stopped when she was caught. I hope she never works again, though I imagine she’ll go straight back into employment at the CSA as she seems a typical employee from what I’ve seen – she could even be employee of the month for this.

You can read the full story here.

Fire Safety Notice for the Social Network User

Are you an avid social network user, more interested in Tweeting than actually ‘talking’ to people? If you are, you’re probably uninterested in typical safety notices, the boring ones, telling you about what to do if someone has an accident or if there’s a fire. If this does sound like you (or your staff) then you’ll want this Fire Notice for Social Network enthusiasts.

You can download a print quality version of the notice at StuckOn.

Fire Safety Notice for the Social Network User


CSA Calculator WordPress Plugin

If you remember a while ago I posted about a CSA Calculator over at CSAhell.com. The calculator attempts to make sense of the way the CSA works out how much money it wants NRPs to pay. Well, when I say it attempts to make sense – it calculates the total based on their calculations, and it does it correctly, but whether that actually makes sense or not is another matter.

Anyhow – if you run your own website in WordPress there is now a CSAhell.com CSA Calculator WordPress Plugin you can use. You can download the WP Plugin from here and install it on your WordPress website, and offer your website’s visitors the calculator so they too can see just how much the CSA is trying to screw them over.

Isn’t that nice?

CSA Payment Calculator

SWALEC and the disappearing invoice

Forgive me Internet for it’s been a while since my last complaint. I recently moved house for work reasons and found the house in which I am now living had a pre-pay meter for gas and electric (the last tenant was a bill dodging scally by all accounts). Naturally I had no intention of being one of those ‘top-up-Tommies’ who scuttles down to Londis every week to put £10 on his ‘leccy card, so insisted the letting agent had the meters removed. They agreed, only I had to do it myself and present them with an invoice for reimbursement. Not a problem I thought, I’m a landlord myself so sounds reasonable.

Anyhow, I telephoned SWALEC, who controlled the electric, and asked about getting the chavmaster 2000 meter removed and a normal one put in. They said it was no problem, and could be done within a few days. Excellent, we’re onto a winner. I then asked about the invoice for the landlord. ‘No problem’ the girl said, we’ll get one sent out to you.

All seemed fine, dandy, ship-shape, Bristol fashion and every other naff phrase meant to express satisfaction with the circumstances. The meter was replaced, job done.

Several days went past. These days turned into a week, and no invoice. I telephoned SWALEC again, this time getting through to a Scottish call-centre rather than the Cardiff one to which I previously spoken (not sure if this relevant, just setting the scene) and a rather blunt chap told me they don’t do invoices.

Errrm… what now? I explained the situation, that I’d been told one would be sent out and why I needed it. He wasn’t having any of it; they don’t do ‘invoices’ or ‘bills’.

Despite my protestation that I had already been informed (before I signed up, funny that) that an invoice would be sent and that I needed one for the letting agent he just kept repeating ‘we don’t do them’. I then asked that I, as a landlord also, would need the bill or invoice in order to submit it for my self-assessment if it were my house, as my landlord will no doubt also need to do and, yep, he repeated again ‘we don’t do those’.

How are SWALEC allowed to take money for a service and not provide a receipt or payment or invoice when requested?

Finally a manager agreed to send me a letter detailing what I have paid for and what I paid, although it won’t include VAT as she can’t work that out so, if my landlord is VAT registered, they can’t claim that back.

You can get a bloody receipt at a car bot sale, never mind from one of the largest energy providers in the UK.

Worse yet, when I tweeted about the debacle as it was happening I received a reply from @SWALEC almost immediately. Seems if you have a problem you need to go public, rather than phone up to complain. Phone calls can be ignored. Anything you’re told can be denied. Twitter is the way forward.