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BT have possibly the worst customer service in the UK. Naturally Mr Daz would be involved somewhere, the complaints to BT defy belief.

BT stagger me for incompetence again

If you remember my blogs about trying to get broadband with BT, and their constant poor customer service where they cut me off, transferred me the wrong department and failed at every level to do what they’re supposed to; you’ll be delighted to hear I phoned them again last night.

This time, I recorded it…

Have they improved? Well, if truth be told, they’ve got worse. Not only did they transfer me to the wrong department again, not only did I get cut off again, this time they ripped me off as well!

I attempted naively to transfer my phone and broadband to a new address, only this new address needs connecting. Seems that new builds have all had BT installed by default when they were built, but have not been connected; so to connect it BT are going to charge me for the installation… even though it has already been done!

124.99 pounds for something that has already been done by them when the house was built; just for the privilege of being one of their customers, it’s a bloody disgrace.

The arrogant sod on the phone suggested BT were being kind because they could charge customers the full mount, which was thousands. I did point out that customers wouldn’t actually pay that, but what the hell. He seemed to think it was fine.

What made matters worse was that I seem to currently be paying over 60 pounds for broadband and my phone, when I don’t actually use the phone line. He reduced my monthly bill, but not the level it should be, and refused to say whether I was in credit or not. I clearly am, because the only call I’ve made in the last 4 weeks was to BT, and that was a free phone number. Why can’t they just charge me for what I use, not for what they think is enough to cover my expenditures with a little extra thrown in for them?

I asked if I’ll get interest back from them when they calculate how much credit I have. Obviously not; this is how BT make their fucking profits. They hold onto your money for you so you can’t use it. Thieving bastards.

Anyway, the whole podcast will be online shortly – including my frustration at being cut off AGAIN by the useless bastards.

Why does this always happen to me?

BT drop the ball again

You might remember my previous attempt to order the new broadband wireless home hub from BT. Well, I’ve just had an email from them pleading ignorance, which surprises me as they phoned me up later that night to process my order.

See what you make of this:

Dear Mr Jamieson,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you and for any inconvenience this may have caused.

I will be happy to deal with your enquiry upon receipt of your account details. Unfortunately as you have not provided me with your BT Account number I am unable to access your account to make your requests at this time.

If you should have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us again via e-mail.

Thank you for contacting BT.

Yours sincerely,

Samantha Murray
BT Customer Services

I found this most frustrating, and instantly replied with the following:

I received a phone call just hours after sending this email, where I was told my order would be reinstated. I was told if there were any problems I’d receive a call back. I have not had one.

Why is it so difficult to order broadband from BT? I would have thought it simple, especially as I already am a BT customer with broadband.

This is rediculous, I am still paying the GBP 26.99 per month instead of the GBP 21.99 I was promissed when I made the order in the begining of January.

If this is the level of customer service I can expect I’ll cancel my current broadband and go to Sky.

I am absolutely stunned by the level of disinterest displayed by BT in the face of a long term customer wishing to upgrade their Internet account.

For what it is worth, my BT number is ***********. You can attempt to contact me if you wish, but as BT has spectacularly failed me with outstanding dedication I won’t hold my breath for the WIFI broadband I ordered some weeks ago.


I really don’t understand what the problem is. I want to order broadband with the WIFI home hub, why can’t they just do it?

BT’s lack of customer service

I’ve just wasted 45 minutes of my life on those morons at BT. Why do I bother, seriously?

I ordered BT Broadband with the Wireless home hub back on January 8th, but it took several phone calls to do as they couldn’t find my current account settings.

I just checked my order status on line and it says I received my pack on January 16th. News to me, there ain’t shit here. So I phoned the number in my confirmation email, which is: 08000852819.

That number just played an automated message telling me to phone another number, nice.

The other number I phoned played an automated message telling me the line was closed. By now I was getting pissed off.

I then phoned the number on their website: 0800 800 150 and after going through countless menu options I held on to the ringing phone for some 15 minutes with no answer.

I hung up, and tried again. The menu options this time were really pissing me off, and despite the recorded message saying they were very busy and I should request a callback, I pressed the button to wait in the queue and went straight through.

The woman was sullen, and promptly hung up on me while she was attempting to find my details.

Now I was fucking enraged, and my fifth and final call beckoned. Oh joy, those fucking menu options again.

This time I got through again straight away, despite the skive inducing ‘ring back’ option suggesting otherwise. The woman this time told me my order had been cancelled on the system. Then why does the website tell me I’d received it?

She was confused, especially when I read out the confirmation email with the price. She said their switchboard was playing up as she tried to contact an engineer about my order, as she was cut off from him.

Further hold music went by, before the inevitable happened, and I was fucking cut off again.

Fuck it, I’m cancelling the Direct Debit and using Sky. BT are useless, their customer service is a joke and the technology is shite.