I’m the victim here

I’m still waiting for Sarah from Direct Line to get back to me, as I’ve left several messages with the claims department. It’s funny; every time I ring up they ask me what the postcode is and the address of the policyholder as a security measure, which of course I don’t know. That’s the point! That’s how they got into this mess in the first place.

I’m trying to tell them that my estranged wife knew that the garage’s insurance company, Royal Sun Alliance, were dealing with the claim when she pushed to get money from Direct Line. This is the bit I don’t understand though, as both myself and Direct Line knew the garage were responsible for the loss of the car, and I was merely informing Direct Line of the theft – yet they still paid out on the car.

Why on earth did Direct Line pay out?

Surely they should have made a few checks first? Didn’t they think it odd that they were forbidden by the policyholder from speaking to legal owner of the car?

You see:

  • They had no crime number that I know of so couldn’t contact the police to get any information pertaining to the crime.
  • They had no contact with the legal owner of the car, me, so couldn’t find out if the car had been recovered or if the other party’s insurer had paid out.
  • They had no contact with the other party’s insurer to find out if they had paid out, when obviously they would have, as they were responsible. We all knew this at the beginning.

So why did they pay out???

They foolishly paid out over six thousand pounds on a policy to someone who was NOT the legal owner of the car, when the other party’s insurer were clearly responsible, and had no way of knowing any developments because they refused to speak to me – then they ask me for the car back when they realise they’ve been conned???

Fuck right off!!!

I’m sorry, but I’m the victim of crime. Direct Line has been the victim of fraud it seems, I’m not becoming a victim again because of their stupidity.

Also, for Direct Line, stop leaving messages on my home phone for Hayley to contact you ‘as a matter of urgency’. SHE DOES NOT LIVE HERE ANYMORE!!! Are you really surprised you can’t get hold of her???

Indicators, not requesters

This is an odd rant, because I’m complaining about people who are being courteous and polite. You see, every day when I drive to work, I change lanes on the Motorway at opportune moments as certain lanes move faster in certain positions.

When I do this, I indicate. Notice the word there, ‘indicate’. Then the car in the lane I’m pulling into flashes me in. Now, while I appreciate the kind gesture, I’m not requesting his permission to enter his lane, I’m not asking for his approval, I’m signalling that I’m changing lanes.

That’s an ‘indication’ that I’m changing lanes, not a request. They’re not called requesters, they’re called indicators. I indicate then I move. Simple as that.

What really pisses me off is when people slap on their indicators then sit there waiting for someone to let them out, that’s called a begging signal and would be a penalty point on your driving test. You don’t indicate until you’re ready to move, and you don’t ask the permission of the person you’re cutting up to do it.

So when you see me indicate to enter your lane ahead of you, don’t think I’m asking for your approval, I’m merely giving you advance notice that I’m changing lanes. You don’t need to do anything, just get out of my way.

Do you know MrDaz.com?

I had a phone call from Direct Line Insurance today, the same lady I spoke to when I reported my car stolen back in July. Do you know what? The first thing she said to me was ‘do I know a MrDaz.com website?’…

Why yes, I do!

Seems that Royal Sun Alliance have been on here, and notified Direct Line that my stolen car had been recovered. Hello people from RSA if anyone’s reading!

She mentioned to me that Direct Line had paid out on the car, and that they wanted to take the car from me. Now hold on, it’s my car and I haven’t been paid at all. You see, my estranged wife collected on the car. I don’t know where she is, and had no way of contacting her.

I reported the car stolen back in July, to Direct Line. They said that given the circumstances of the theft, it was probably the garage’s fault and their insurance should cover it. They also said that they could pursue the garage’s insurance company (RSA) to ensure that they acted quickly. They said they needed some documents, including some from the wife as she was on the policy. I notified the wife of the theft, and told her that Direct Line had requested some info from her.

Now, when I called Direct Line the next day I was told to stop where I am, as they cannot speak to me. Seems the wife had instructed them not to talk to me at all, and to deal only with her.

This was annoying, as you can imagine. I tried to contact the wife about it, and managed to speak to her once where she told me that she was claiming the money. I explained that the garage’s insurance was coving the theft, but she wasn’t interested in that.

Then in August the car was recovered. By this time the wife had changed her mobile number, and I had no way of contacting her. As you remember, Direct Line told me they could not speak to me on the matter, so what could I do?

You’d think that perhaps the police would have notified the insurance company that the car was recovered? However, Direct Line never even knew the crime number as the police took 10 days to asign one (which I believe is a fast speed for the police) by which time I had been banned from speaking to Direct Line, so I couldn’t tell them the crime number at all.

The car was fixed by the garage, paid for by RSA and returned to me safely. Then I find out that Direct Line paid my wife over 6K for the car, as she sent a letter via her solicitor to mine notifying me of this fact.

So, my car is stolen, then the wife collects the insurance money, then the insurance company say they want the car! Not bloody likely. I’m sorry, but the wife knew that the garage’s insurance was dealing with it, and removed me from the policy deliberately so I couldn’t speak to Direct Line. She obviously saw the chance to grab a wedge of cash, and took it.

I’m the victim here, multiple times over. I hope Direct Line get their money back, and I offer my help in any way possible


I’ve just spoken to perhaps the most useless customer service woman I’ve ever had the displeasure of talking to.

I have a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, which is great for music and as a camera, but useless for the Internet. I enquired about a PDA phone so I could get Internet access and administer my server from anywhere, as it needs constant attention and massaging.

Now, after speaking to someone who obviously couldn’t be bothered to answer my questions I was transferred to the upgrade department, where I was told they couldn’t help and shouldn’t have been transferred to them at all. Lovely. They transferred me to an Indian woman who’s fractured English made conversation difficult, but not as difficult as her constant putting me on hold to ask her supervisor.

We were having a 3-way conversation, with me being put on hold by her 4 times. The phone I wanted was on the website was £227, yet she quoted me £480, which she then corrected herself to £420. What the hell is going on?

When I asked about Internet access within the packages I was told they don’t have that, yet it is an Internet phone? I honestly don’t understand the point of having customer service operatives who barely speak the language, don’t know the products, or the prices and have to pass on every question to someone else.

Needless to say she couldn’t help me, so it looks like I’ll be leaving Vodafone.

Another one bites the dust

Seems that knob who prank called me is called Jezpick, and lives in Notts. He even bragged on the forum of some Shitroen Saxo website about making the call.

The police have been informed about his whereabouts, and the website where he admits to making the illegal call. I’ve also given the contact details of the website owner to the police who will be calling him directly:

Administrative Contact:
Robinson, Mark ****@m-robinson.co.uk
35 Long Lane
Warrington, Cheshire WA2 8PU
07776 233 823

Finally, and perhaps most nastily of all, I contacted Fasthosts about the website. They are the hosting company, and I know from personal experience that they won’t like this sort of thing going on from a website they host one little bit.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that site down shortly, shame – but then I am the ruler of the Internet. No shit!

Shitroen Saxos

I’ve just received a threatening phone call from a chav! How cool is that???

This little scroat phoned several times with his number witheld, and hung straight up each time I answered. He had the balls to speak to me just the once, where he threatened to ‘come round my house and kick my head in’.

Bless him.

He even owned up again to driving a Saxo, what a knob. This tosser has been emailing all day and posting on the website www.yourcarisshit.com about Saxos. Does he know I can trace the IP? Does he know that threatening phone calls are illegal? Does he know that the mobile company can also trace the call?

Who cares, this was the best laugh I’ve had all day.

Something old, something new?

So my car has a reconditioned engine fitted, and having seen it I can see it’s a filthy one. I was a little disappointed as my engine was much cleaner than this thing they’ve strapped into my car.

But wait, the plot thickens. You see, I just phoned BMW in Newport to get a quote for a new lock set and an ariel, and they happened to mention how they supplied a brand new engine for my car to the Hillcroft garage.

Now hang on, did I just say ‘brand new’ engine? I did, oh yes. Something is most assuredly wrong here. You don’t think that maybe the Hillcroft acquired a new engine from BMW, paid for by their insurance company, only to fit a reconditioned engine and keep the new one to sell on at a profit do you?

Surely not… let’s see if BMW can identify the engine in my car as the one they supplied. I hope for the Hillcroft’s sake they can.