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Halloween 2007

This Halloween I went to Leeds for a right royal drinkathon, and this time I went as Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I think the costume worked great with my expensive Thriller jacket, and thanks to Marijan’s make-up expertise the haunted Zombie style face paint worked a treat.

Of course I was a little too scary to actually talk to anyone as most people ran a mile from me. At least that’s the excuse I’m giving.

Another student Halloween party

It may be November 2nd, but as it’s Friday I’ll be off to a Halloween party in Leeds university tonight, just as I did last year. Thought I doubt tonight’s party will go the same way, last year’s was particularly good ;).

I’ll be taking my new Nokia N95 camera phone with me to give it a thorough field test so there should be some great photos on here some time over the weekend. I’ll also let you know how the N95 holds up as I saw a comparison with the iPhone on the Gadget Show this week that saw the N95 kick the iPhone’s ass.

As regular readers will know, this year I’m dressing as Michael Jackson from the Thriller video.

Michael Jackson Thriller costume for Halloween

If you remember last Halloween I bought two costumes, not sure if they’d both arrive in time. I bought a Michael Jackson Thriller jacket on eBay and a Jedi Knight Star Wars costume from Cloth Ears.

I decided to wear the Jedi costume, as it was marginally more expensive, and that proved to be a wise choice (as the photos in last year’s Halloween blogs show).

Well this year it’s the turn of Jacko and the Thriller costume. Now, I only have the Thriller leather jacket as I didn’t buy the full costume pictured here, so I’ll need to find some red trousers from somewhere, and a mullet wig… who do I know who has a mullet? Hmm…

Any road, it’ll be a good night and I will no doubt end up drunkenly busting some Thriller dance moves at some point, so expect the photos to make it here eventually.