Another list of spammy web directories


A quick rant, as I’m tired and bored.

A big part of doing what I do these days is removing links to clients’ websites and, while it’s not too difficult, it is bloody annoying – especially when you uncover a client who has had SEO before from someone else and their link profile is a web (if you pardon the pun) of spam and rubbish.

All of the following domains are on the same IP address,, and they’re all the same dodgy-arse crap directories. Whoever owns these damn sites (Ashwani Kumar, I checked) could you please wipe these stains off the Internet so I don’t have to waste my damn time disavowing links from these, and thousands of others besides?

If your website is listed on one of these garbage directories, you might want to add it to your disavow list now.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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3 thoughts on “Another list of spammy web directories”

  1. “Remove these stains from the Internet” – that one made me chuckle, but it’s true, they’re frustrating as hell.

    Even funnier when they TRY to charge for removal.

  2. We have seen a lot of these directories and have a big list of all the URLS.

    My issue with these is that im almost certain that these guys are throwing up old databases onto domains to continue the cycle of taking money of people.

    They have only come on our rader in the last few months but all of a sudden there are 1000’s, any website that was once part of them would have cleaned these up years ago, it seems they are only re appearing in the last 6 months

  3. That’s probably true Gaz – where they once charged people for links, they’re now charging them for removal and – as someone on a panel at SAScon stated – they’re happy to pay to be removed, almost as though these guys are doing them a favour.

    To be honest I wouldn’t worry about the newer domains cropping up – Google’s not stupid and should, if not already then soon, be able to identify domains created for the purpose of selling link removals (my how far we’ve come) so these toxic links shouldn’t have any real detriment to websites.

    It is annoying though – and makes you want to stab the guy in the eye with a chewed up pen.

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