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A-Team movie trailer

This is the official 2010 trailer for the A-Team movie, and I just wet myself when I saw it. As a big A-Team fan I’ll be seeing this film, and hope to wangle my way into the UK premier, but until then I’ll have to make do with this trailer… and what a trailer.

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I’m gonna get my tools from the van!

This weekend just gone was a special time for me because I got to say the immortal words “I’m gonna get my tools from the van” in general conversation. It might not seem like much of a milestone in life, but for those of us who don’t have ‘tools’, a ‘van’ or a reason to get tools from the aforementioned van, the chances of saying this immortal line from the A-Team are very slim.

What led to this momentous occasion? Well, I moved into my new house on the 9th March, and this last weekend travelled back to Wales in a rented van, from County Car & Van Rental, to pick up my huge collection of tat, which included my Michael Jackson Moonwalker Arcade Machine.

I did the 400 mile round trip in one day, arriving back in Manchester late Saturday night after the rugby had finished. Then on Sunday I wanted to put my bed up, which required me to get tools. Where were the tools I had discovered I owned only the day before? In the van of course.

This allowed me to say “I’m gonna get my tools from the van”.

A proud moment indeed.

My Moonwalker machine fits in nicely into my new house by the way, very classy.

Mr Daz on TV again

Last week I was watching channel five late at night when I came across the show ‘Eighties Greatest TV Moments’. I remembered actually filming an interview for the show, but had never seen it, so I watched the whole thing. As the countdown went into the last few I thought my clip wasn’t going to be on, but I was shocked to see I was, and at #2!

I didn’t record it as I didn’t even know it was on. Luckily someone else did, and I found it on YouTube. Have a look at this video, I’m about 5 minutes 30 seconds in.

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The A-Team and me

I’ve done a few TV shows for channel 5 about the A-Team, and I was even on TV on Christmas Day this year. The two shows focused on specific episodes of the A-Team, the first being the episode ‘Cowboy George’ where drugged up camp pop star Boy George appeared, and played to a bar of red necks.

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The second show featured the infamous ‘cabbage firing bazooka’ which is always the weapon of choice when taking on machine gun toting bad-guys.

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When a plan comes together

I didn’t mention this 2 weeks ago but I met the A-Team in Manchester. Well, when I say the A-Team, I mean Faceman and Murdock, or Dirk and Dwight as they’re otherwise known.

Mr T wasn’t there as he obviously wasn’t getting on no plane. Actually, T doesn’t have a fear of flying according to Dwight and Dirk, he just doesn’t come to these conventions. The boys were great, and they gave a talk about the show, and even did some impressions of George Peppard and Mr T.

Me, Dirk and Dwight Me, Dirk and Dwight