Admiral Insurance and the paperless letters

I recently received my insurance renewal quote from Admiral for my multicar policy and, for some reason, the quote had more than doubled to over £2,000. This seemed odd as I hadn’t had an accident in the last year and I have an additional year’s no-claims on two cars.

Naturally I telephoned Admiral to find out what the issue was and the Canadian call centre woman I spoke had no idea and wasn’t really willing to help. She did however insist that I had a claim on my record, which related to an incident last year when a woman crashed into my PARKED car and drove off – but luckily a witness identified her and the CCTV backed it up, so she paid for the damage. I notified Admiral of the incident at the time, but didn’t make a claim. They confirmed this after I rang again to tell them the damage was repaired and the woman had paid for it (she settled herself because, according to Admiral when I phoned them, there was no active insurance policy on the woman’s car – seems she was uninsured).

Anyhow – damage was repaired, no claim made and no problems. Not so for Admiral as they insist I have a claim, even though there wasn’t one. I was put through to their Cardiff office to speak to a claims handler where it was confirmed that indeed there was no claim and it shouldn’t be showing. He tried to put me through to another renewal operative, this time in Cardiff, but unfortunately it went through to Canada again where another uninterested woman insisted once again I had a claim.

Left hand meet right hand.

I told them to stick their policy and I’d go somewhere else – especially as, as I explained to the disinterested woman, when I fill out the details on a comparison engine it will ask ‘have you made any claims in the past x number of years’ and my answer of course is no – so Admiral is most likely to come up again – cheaper than the renewal quote. That is in fact exactly what happened, and they were the cheapest, but I’m avoiding them on principle now.

This morning I received two, count them – one, two, letters through the post insisting I return my insurance certificate for my policy number. Both letters were identical with the same policy number, and both were sent in separate envelopes. The dumbest part is yet to come. Because my car insurance is all online I don’t have an insurance certificate, it’s a PDF download in order to be ‘green’ and save the environment – despite Admiral posting TWO identical letters.

Thanks Admiral, but I don’t have an insurance certificate, I didn’t make a claim and I won’t be renewing my policy with you since you have doubled by quote without reason.


The rich keep getting richer

Over the last 24 hours or so this is a phrase I’ve heard a few times from people on the radio and on TV with regards to Maggie Thatcher’s time in power. They choose to complain that, under Thatcher’s premiership, the ‘rich kept getting richer’ as though this was solely down to Mrs T and her policies.

What utter crap.

The rich, as they were dubbed, kept and indeed keep getting richer because they don’t have a ‘spend, spend, spend’ attitude towards money. They don’t view money as something which has to be traded in for material goods in order to appear successful. They don’t waste their money on things they can’t afford. The rich get richer because they view money as an asset to be used to invest, and thus make more money – that’s why they’re rich in the first place.

Now yes, before you say it, there are some rich people who do ‘piss money up the wall’ like there’s no tomorrow, but they won’t stay rich for long and, as such, don’t fit into the bracket of the ‘rich who keep getting richer’.

My niece today awoke to find her shed had been broken into and her bike stolen – by the sort of people who, firstly, would have been rejoicing yesterday at the news Thatcher was dead despite not even being alive when she was in power and, secondly, the sort of people who complain about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. If they want some sort of utopian society where the rich get poorer and the poor get richer so everyone shares the wealth, that’s called Communism, and they won’t like that much either because they’d have to work.

No, stop whinging about the unfair world which allows the rich to get richer because they’ve got the wherewithal and intellect to earn money and grow their wealth and get off your benefit scrounging arses and do it yourselves – and stop breaking into sheds and stealing bikes while you’re at it.


The rich get richer because they work at it. Try it, you may find it works for you to.