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Million Pound Drop gives wrong answer to Doctor Who question

Now I’m not an argumentative person, but had I been on the Million Pound Drop last night with Davina McCall, I would have raised bloody hell live on TV following the disgrace that was their Sci-Fi question.

OK, so I am an argumentative person, but in this instance I would have been spot on.

The game gives you four possible answers to a question and you have to place the money, one million pounds in handy sized £25k bundles, on one of four trapdoors representing each answer. The incorrect three answers open up and any money you have placed on those trapdoors is lost.

Now, on last night’s show the names of four Doctor Who actors came up, David Tennant, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston. I thought this was great, they’re going to ask something like who was the tenth Doctor (which would have been Tennant by the way).

No, the question was ‘Which actor played the role of Doctor Who for the longest period?”… interesting, but a simple one. Eccleston was the Doctor for one series, regenerating at the end of the series. McGann was the Doctor for one TV movie, so he was just two hours. Tennant was the Doctor for a few years, before regenerating into Matt Smith – however Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor in 1987, and he was still the Doctor following the show’s cancellation before he himself returned in 1996 to regenerate into McGann at the start of the TV movie.

sylvester mccoyTherefore McCoy was the correct answer, by a number of years. The contestants weren’t sure so they split their money between McCoy, McGann and Eccleston (with most of it going on McCoy).

Then all three of their answers dropped, leaving David Tennant as the correct answer and they’d lost all of their money. I was shocked, disgusted and outraged. I even checked my Doctor Who 11 Doctors figure set to see the official line on the years each actor has played the Doctor. Sure enough, McCoy was down as 9 years, ’87-’96. Just what had gone wrong with the Million Pound Drop?

Well, one would imagine that their researchers used Wikipedia to find out the answers, where it lists McCoy as having played the Doctor for just 2 years, ’87-’89 and then again in 1996. Surely even if they had used Wikipedia, that’s still a ‘period of 9 years’???

The question was ambiguous, but the researcher was slack and the contestants should be allowed to continue.

A similar thing happened on Who Wants to be a Millionaire a number of years ago when they asked what was the fewest number of strokes a player can make to win a set of tennis. The contestant chose 12, the correct answer was given as 24 and the contestant went home. However, they brought them back after realising you could in fact win a set of tennis by playing just 12 strokes – if you served 12 aces and your opponent served 12 double faults.

The Million Pound Drop needs to admit its mistake and get the couple back. They were right and should still be in the game.

I’d still be there now had it been me, refusing to let them get away with it. There’s also a number of online discussions and blogs referencing the mistake as the show has angered a lot of nerds… myself included.

Seven things I would ban if I became Prime Minister

If I became Prime Minister (or if I at least had some hold over the current PM) here are seven things I’d ban in the UK.

  1. Bus lanes
    We don’t need bus lanes; they cause congestion and result in buses pulling out on you without warning. Why do the poor need to get to where they’re going before me? Come to think of it, we don’t need buses.
  2. Disabled drivers
    By their very description, they are disabled. Not able to do something; as in, drive! Disabled drivers are a menace to other road users. They have slower reflexes and can’t park. They should all be banned.
  3. Cyclists
    I don’t care how many Olympic gold medals we won, it’s not worth having to put up with cyclists on the roads of Britain. They get in the way, slow down the traffic and for what? So some git can win BBC Sports Personality of the Year? Bloody useless.
  4. CSA
    These money grabbing Nazis have never been needed in the UK. They steal money from parents, and keep most of it for themselves. They even steal money from parents when the parents have an agreement to pay between themselves. The CSA don’t care. They’re answerable to no one and have the power to dip their sticky, thieving, fingers directly into your pay before you get it.
  5. People who drink soft drinks in pubs
    These people are scum. They take up valuable space at the bar; space needed for us real drinkers, just to order their mineral water or their lemonade. It shouldn’t be allowed, it’s not big and it’s not clever. The only reason you should be allowed to drink soft drinks in a pub is if you’re so utterly wasted that you can’t physically get any more alcohol in your body without dying.
  6. France
    Enough said, what’s the point of it?
  7. Estate Agents
    They’re lazy, money grabbing bastards who do sod all for a percentage of your sale. Luckily, I shouldn’t have to ban them as the economy is seeing to it for me. They’re all going out of business and are desperate for a lead. Good.

HDNL (Home Delivery Network)

Since I wrote about how the Home Delivery Network (HDL) botched a delivery of an Amazon order I placed by throwing it over a gate into a puddle, in the pouring rain, I’ve been getting loads of comments on the post. Indeed, this website has received a considerable amount of traffic from people looking for the Home Delivery Network, or at the very least, looking for complaints about them.

It’s hardly surprising though as this website ranks on the first page of Google for a search on ‘Home Delivery Network’.

Hopefully Amazon and other retailers will take note and stop using the morons at HDL for any of their deliveries.

I am the Doctor

I just found this picture on my PC from the days when my ex-wife didn’t want to kill me. She took this photo and sent it in to one of her women’s mags for a look-a-like contest. I didn’t win sadly, the Posh Spice won the round just because she put some glasses on.

Bloody rubbish eh?

What do you think? Should I have won?

Doctor Who

Is that you Gwen?

I was out in Cardiff last night, in the City Bar, when I spotted a girl that looked just like Gwen from Torchwood.


Obviously, it was her. Her real name is Eve Myles, and she was out in one of my locals. Wicked.

I didn’t want to approach her though, that’s so uncool. I did get a smile from her though, my night was made.