An appeal for Radio 1

I’d like to start an online appeal to raise some money for the good people at radio 1 so that they can hire out more than five fucking CDs at a time from Blockbusters. This way they won’t have to keep playing the same five fucking singles every fucking day, throughout the day.

I don’t wish to hear ‘I get all the girls’ (from a guy who clearly has never had a girl) more than six times in a working day. Then the following week Radio 1 take some of their CDs back to Blockbusters for new ones, and we never hear the old ones again.

I guess this is what is meant by disposable music, but if Radio 1 had the funds, and I believe just 10 pounds per week would be enough; they could play more than five singles each day.

Yes, it’s fucking irritating.

Direct Line Concede Defeat

I just phoned Neil Foster from Direct Line, who left a message on my phone last night saying a letter had been drafted to me.

He told me just now that my V5 was being returned to me, the marker was being removed from the car and a financial offering was being made to me for compensation.

I win…

I feel slightly sad. This battle has been raging nearly a year now, and I’ll miss the struggle in my life. Naturally I recorded the message, and it will be online this weekend as a podcast.

Chris Benoit Dead

What the hell is going on with WWE? They said they had a big crackdown on drugs in the business, fining and banning wrestlers who were caught using them, yet clearly it’s still a problem. So what the hell happened with Benoit? One of the most gifted wrestlers of all time, a natural and hailed by many as the best technical wrestler ever, now dead.

It looks like he may have killed himself, after murdering his family. Jesus Christ.

This means that the two champions from Wrestlemania XX, Eddie Guererro and Chris Benoit, are both dead.

What’s worse, on the day Benoit is found dead what does Radio 1 lead with as the main news story? Fucking Paris Hilton is released from prison after 3 weeks!

Something is definitely wrong with the world.

OJ Simpson I solute you

Some people really dislike OJ Simpson and believe he’s guilty of murdering his wife, and has proved that if you have enough money you can get away with anything.

I take the other angle to whole thing and say well done OJ, not only have you murdered your wife, you’ve bloody profited from it. I haven’t even killed mine and I’m suffering.

OJ even wrote a book about ‘if’ he’d murdered the bitch, this is how he’d have done it. They saw sense and pulled the book at the last minute, but you can still download it if you know where to look.

I just might have a read, to see how it can be done, in theory of course.

Jo Whiley Must Die

Let me quantify that statement. Jo Whiley must die slowly, and in huge amounts of pain. Why you may ask, why not you should be asking. This thick as fuck chav bitch pollutes the airways every sodding day with her moronic droning voice, spouting endless shit about what TV she watched the night before, what she’s added to MySpace and her new favourite; Face Book.

Why does she exist? Do I care what she thinks about the ending to Lost? Do I care about her take on Doctor Who? No, I sodding well don’t. What’s worse, the gormless cow can’t keep her chav trap shut when she knows the ending of something, she even complained that the BBC had forced her to keep schtum about the end of Doctor Who when she’d seen it in advance.

Sure Whiley, tell everyone, go on… we won’t mind. We want you to tell us the ending before anyone’s seen it.

Dumb bitch.

RSA Fraud investigator phones me

Well well well. Seems my blog has reached RSA, about sodding time to be honest. If they saw the stats for this blog they’d have phoned earlier, cos I’m actually getting traffic by people searching Google for things like ‘Direct Line’ and ‘Royal Sun Alliance’.

Hey, my job is SEO after all!

Seems now that Brian McNamara wants to see the car, and says they’ll fix the thing. You can hear this podcast below. Apologies for the sound interference, I was in the car at the time.

Notice how I asked him several times to confirm he’d fix the car? Not sure if they know I record all my conversations, but when he reads this he’ll know for certain… I do.

Of course Sarah Bryant’s earlier claim that RSA would do nothing can be heard now as well below. We don’t like her, she’s not very helpful.

Naturally I don’t actually believe what Brian says, as I’ve been conned by Insurance companies before. I’ll treat him very cautiously, they’re all out to serve themselves at the end of the day, but we’ll see where this all leads.