Top Gear Race to Germany

In July I’m going out to Germany to see Catherine, and help her come back – as being a woman she’s gathered more stuff than she went out with and can’t bring it back on the plane on her own.

So what better way to do it than by car? Oh yes. I’m going to drive to Germany in a flat out stretch, and inject a little excitment into the proceedings by having my own Top Gear race.

Sadly I don’t have Hammond on a train to race against, so I’m going to be racing the post. I’m going to post a letter on the Thursday, give it 48 hours head start, and beat it there.

I will be filming the race and will edit a little peice together and upload it to YouTube. Wish me luck.

Cardiff Devils Devils Playoffs

Just a quick note to say good luck to the Devils in the playoffs this weekend as they take on the Blaze in the semi finals on Saturday.

They’ve had a turbulant season playing without a home rink for the first few months, losing their manager and now changing ownership for next season as well. Already British Knockout Cup winners a playoff victory would make this difficult time one of their most successful to boot.

Let’s go Devils, let’s go!

W3C Sites

For many web designer and developers out there the thought of validating a website to W3C standards is a scary, pointless pain the ass.

To others, like me, it’s kinda important. On this note I’ve found a great web directory that only lists Valid HTML websites, and you can see my profile here:

I would add, but the sodding YouTube embeded code invalidates the markup. Foiled by Google, those very people who prize valid markup so highly. The irony eh?