Man complains of stolen identity by sending his details to random website

The Internet is full of spammers and scammers. You have to be very careful what emails you open, what website links you click on and who you give your details to. You need to be careful with passwords, and take online security seriously – as the scammers and spammers are quick to take advantage of people who are caught unawares.

Some people, however, bring it upon themselves. I received the below email from someone thinking he was complaining to Royal Sun Alliance, when in actual fact he was emailing through a completely unrelated website, which bore no resemblance to RSA whatsoever. The guy gave his full details, including address and Continue reading

Shine! Smart Repair

A few weeks ago I had my car keyed in the car park. These things happen, especially when the car park at work is used as a short cut for kids walking home from the local comprehensive school. The scratch was over 15cm long, which meant I couldn’t get it repaired on my inclusive insurance and had to pay for it myself.

Luckily I knew of Shine! Smart Repair, as I had used them twice before (perhaps no lucky to have to use them three times, but you get what I mean).

Here is a picture of the scratch on Continue reading