Reasons to be your own boss

In the current economic climate, with redundancies and closures happening in sectors throughout the country, many people are taking it upon themselves to set up in business for themselves. Whether it’s for the freedom, the promise of untold riches or just the ability to get into work late and not have to face the boss’ wrath, many people are choosing to be their own boss. But what is the reality of working for yourself in the current climate? Is it all puppies and sugar cubes? (That made sense in my head).

Let’s look at the fiction and the reality of anyone would want to become their own boss.

The fiction:

  • Money: You can pay yourself whatever you want
  • Freedom: You don’t have to go into work if you don’t want to
  • Boss: You don’t have a boss
  • Stupidity: You don’t have suffer anyone else’s stupid business decisions
  • Holidays: You can take holidays whenever and wherever you want

The reality:

  • Money: You pay yourself only what you can afford, and that usually isn’t much – sometimes nothing at all
  • Freedom: You don’t have to go into work, no, but then nothing will get done and you’ll have no business to speak of
  • Boss: You have a boss. It’s you, and if you slack off you have to deal with yourself, wondering why you can’t pay the bills this month or your clients are unhappy work hasn’t been done
  • Stupidity: The only stupid decisions you have to suffer are your own, so the buck stops with you
  • Holidays: Holidays? Holidays??? Are you serious? You can’t take holidays – who will cover for you?

Do you still want to be your own boss? The reality of working for yourself isn’t quite as exciting and rewarding as the notion may first seem, but (and there is a but) it does offer you the sense of freedom and achievement you just can’t get by working for someone else. The opportunities and potential of becoming your own boss are also unlimited (as the risks, of course) so you succeed or fail depending on your own ability and dedication.

What are you waiting for?

Video of a car almost crashing into me

Last week, on my way to work, I almost had a crash. This, of course, is nothing new. However this time I managed to capture the close shave on video, thanks to my new dash cam, a digital recorder that is attached to the windscreen of my car.

Over the years one of these would have come in very handy, especially when some idiot reversed into me and then lied about it. Sadly I have only just got the camera, but it’s already starting to pay off. This particular incident happened when some moron decided to swerve across the road in front of me, rather than wait for me to pass. As you can see from the video, and the slow-mo, it was very, very close.

I’ll be recording all of my car journies from now on, so expect a few more of these in due time.

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