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Sean Done – what a nasty little scrote

Social media really does bring out the odious little scrotes. I remember a time when arguing on the internet meant you needed to know a little about how the internet worked, and you needed a forum account. These days any dribbling idiot can sign up to Facebook, join a group and start infesting the world with their moronic repartee.

One such idiot is Sean Done, from Ellesmere Port. Today Sean took it upon himself to begin insulting a lady on Facebook because she posted about a printer not checking their work before finishing a job. What this had to do with Sean Done is beyond me; perhaps he was offended at the thought of Continue reading Sean Done – what a nasty little scrote

Stop falling for Facebook ‘win a car’ scams!

As you may know I do tend to get very angry at things I really shouldn’t. One such thing is when people share an obvious scam on Facebook, oblivious to the fact it’s a scam. I always point it out when that happens, and usually report the Facebook Page responsible for the scam. That’s not enough though – I felt the need to have an outburst.

This is that outburst.

Stop falling for Facebook scams

We've seen a lot of scam Facebook Pages lately offering the chance to win a car for simply commenting and sharing. This has made Darren very angry. He likes to get angry.

Posted by Engage Web on Friday, 8 April 2016

Teenagers and their misuse of Twitter


Twitter’s great isn’t it? It’s that place where you can say what you want, no matter how offensive or racist, and nobody cares. It’s all anonymous and nobody ever gets into trouble for anything. Even if you did go too far, if that were even possible, you can always delete your tweet and then the problem goes away.

No, wait. Hang on. That’s not right at all is it?

No, when you post something online, like Vegas, it stays online… forever. As for the not getting into trouble, that’s Continue reading Teenagers and their misuse of Twitter

Craig Schwartz threatens me with legal action if I don’t remove links to his website

I have just received an email from the legal department of some sex aid related website threatening me with legal action if I don’t remove links from one of my sites. I can’t believe the bare faced cheek of some people.

Naturally I’m not doing it, and I’m publishing the legal threat too. Enjoy.

From: []
Sent: 11 April 2014 13:07
To: ***@*******.net
Subject: Removal of disclaimer links from the


My name is Craig Schwartz and I am duly authorized to Continue reading Craig Schwartz threatens me with legal action if I don’t remove links to his website

Link building from

As I run a number of websites I often get emails from SEO companies looking to build links for their clients – a practice which has died out among reputable companies, but some of the older, ineffective agencies still do this. I have just received one such link request for TheTransformers.Net which was so irrelevant I felt honour bound to share it.

Someone from the company sent me the following request to Continue reading Link building from

1and1 Internet and their shambolic service

I have been a customer of 1and1 Internet for over ten years now – though I can’t for the life of me understand why. When it comes to customer service they are, by far, the worst company I have ever used – and I’ve used BT!

Other website hosting companies, such as United Hosting, have a response time to emails of around two minutes – 1and1’s response time can be measured in weeks. I am not kidding. If you send an email to their email address you may as well be writing your message on a piece of parchment, rolling it up, sticking it in a bottle and lobbing it in the Mersey. They’re a joke, and they don’t care.

They recently emailed their long standing customers to notify us (with just a couple of weeks’ notice) that they were Continue reading 1and1 Internet and their shambolic service

Our retro meeting room with 1980s arcade machine

Purely because I wanted to make our meeting room seem more funky and interesting (and not in the slightest bit because it was suggested I get the arcade machine out of the house) I recently moved my Michael Jackson Moonwalker arcade machine into the meeting room at Engage Web. It adds a touch of retro chic to the meeting room, and offers everyone at work the chance to test their skills on some old classic arcade games.

Currently we’re playing Track and Field, one of the ultimate button mashing games of the period, and it has resulted in Tom breaking Usain Bolt’s world record for the hundred metres, in under 9.5 seconds. Fastest finger first or what!

Man complains of stolen identity by sending his details to random website

The Internet is full of spammers and scammers. You have to be very careful what emails you open, what website links you click on and who you give your details to. You need to be careful with passwords, and take online security seriously – as the scammers and spammers are quick to take advantage of people who are caught unawares.

Some people, however, bring it upon themselves. I received the below email from someone thinking he was complaining to Royal Sun Alliance, when in actual fact he was emailing through a completely unrelated website, which bore no resemblance to RSA whatsoever. The guy gave his full details, including address and Continue reading Man complains of stolen identity by sending his details to random website