Child Support Agency hang up on me

This phonecall follows on from the one I made a video for last year, it was just a few hours later. The Child Support Agency had set up a DEO with my employer for £550 per month, far more than I should be paying, and more than enough to mean I couldn’t pay the mortgage on what was mine and my-ex wife’s home.

They had already admitted their mistake in what they described as an ‘administrative error’ moments earlier in the previous phone call, but couldn’t see how their taking £550 per month from me in any way jeopardised my home as I couldn’t afford my mortgage. I guess everyone at the CSA can afford to have amounts that large taken from them and still make their mortgage payments.

My attempt to communicate this to them fell on deaf ears, especially when they realised I was recording the call.

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Darren Jamieson

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