Child Support Agency hang up on me

This phonecall follows on from the one I made a video for last year, it was just a few hours later. The Child Support Agency had set up a DEO with my employer for £550 per month, far more than I should be paying, and more than enough to mean I couldn’t pay the mortgage on what was mine and my-ex wife’s home.

They had already admitted their mistake in what they described as an ‘administrative error’ moments earlier in the previous phone call, but couldn’t see how their taking £550 per month from me in any way jeopardised my home as I couldn’t afford my mortgage. I guess everyone at the CSA can afford to have amounts that large taken from them and still make their mortgage payments.

My attempt to communicate this to them fell on deaf ears, especially when they realised I was recording the call.

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18 thoughts on “Child Support Agency hang up on me”

  1. I know how you feel with the CSA, i have been fighting them for 12 years now and whenever i call it always falls on deaf ears. Just lately I got a message on my answerphone asking for me to call the department for work and pensions. When I called it was the CSA and I spen 30 mins and 4 phone calls to get through to the extension I was asked to call only to be put on hold for another 20mins. I give up with them, incompetant fools.

  2. thank you for publising the incompetence, of the csa ,my husband is suffering at the csa hands with massive arrears due to their administrive errors ,like yourself letters went to the wrong address,this is a apparently untouchable organisation ,we must all unite to try and get them scrapped.
    i would also like to say -why shoundnt you record your phonecalls,they record theres,if they didnt have anything to hide they woundnt mind ,they just want to lie about whats said

  3. Fantastic, keep recording, keep publishing. These incompetents are just going to get worse under C-MEC.

    “Calls may be recorded for training purposes”

  4. Another great video Mr Daz, I have post the link on the F4J forum for all to enjoy.

  5. [..YouTube..] Total scum bags the CSA – told me I owed them over £2000 when I barely saw my daughter for the first 18 months of her life – and I was paying to take my ex to court to get access! They fail to see the obvios link between denial of access and non-payment of child maintenance

  6. [..YouTube..] I was paying £223 a month including arrears, now they want the arrears within 2 years. The asked me for an additional £140 a month. As a result i stand to lose my car and house.

    As i disputed this i was put on a DEO immediately without prior warning notification.

    They sent a collection schedule asking me for £645 next month and then £400 a month for the next 2 years. I earn £900 a month pay a mortgage, debt management and car finance. It doesnt take a genius to work out im fucked!

  7. [..YouTube..] 1
    these type of systems can not be stopped, but only slowed down. i’d suggest all dads, give-up their lively-hood, stop working, build-up in arrears, and demand to goto prison longterm, refuse to leave prison until demands are met. let women work and take over everything. let them pay for the entire state bill, especially, building and maintaining larger and larger prisons. let the kids sue the state, CSA. watch the national debt rise, and courts and CSA start to change.

  8. [..YouTube..] The problem is that whole societies are being controlled by corporations.If you pay it you’ll keep paying and paying and paying.
    Look forward to my up coming video called “Unlocking America”,it has alot to do with many countries as well.

  9. [..YouTube..] Also wanted to mention that here in the States whenever one gets a phone call from CSA,and they leave a message when trying to record the message it detects the magnetic signal from the recording device and it bleeps out the time and date stamp of the call.

  10. [..YouTube..] Why cant he record it?
    They are recording him!
    When they want info just tell them that YOU will only deal with THEM in writing,
    Arrogant BITCH!

  11. [..YouTube..] i`m a woman never asked for help csa or owt think csa is wrong kid 19 never asked 4 a penny off any1 never got owt and never would

  12. [..YouTube..] i feel for you
    i’am currently going bankrupt becuase the csa take 40% of my monthly wage.
    not that going bankrupt stops them as they have to much power.
    but it means i will be able to pay for the fuel to travel 220 mile to collect them every 8 weeks

  13. CSA-Hmmm Check out my song Countries Systematic Assess its in the videos. Also on the life tab it tells about how they have ‘trounced’ me…

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