Cheshire Council are shit

Right, this morning I was ten minutes late for work. Why? Because the council are too fucking inept to do their job.

For the last few weeks there has been a sign up by Styal Golf Course saying that the road will be shut, for one day only, on May 12th. Today’s date? May 13th.

One could quite justifiably assume that the road, already declared shut for one day only yesterday, would be open today. However, one would be wrong. The sodding incompetent morons didn’t turn up yesterday, instead choosing to do it today, obviously without any frickin’ notice.

The diversion tried to go through Wilmslow, which naturally was not happening. I had to turn around and go a different route altogether, which would still have gotten me to work on time, had it not been for the roadworks on the bridge near Poynton. For fuck’s sake.

On the way home this evening, obviously the road was open as they’d finished the work???

Fuck no, still closed.

Whenever a council states that a road will be closed on <insert date> you can safely assume it will be later, and when they say it will be shut for <insert number of days> you can quite assuredly double that figure.

Why can’t they just do their job? Why are they this incompetent? How fucking hard is it to organise a day and do it?


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