HDNL (Home Delivery Network)

Since I wrote about how the Home Delivery Network (HDL) botched a delivery of an Amazon order I placed by throwing it over a gate into a puddle, in the pouring rain, I’ve been getting loads of comments on the post. Indeed, this website has received a considerable amount of traffic from people looking for the Home Delivery Network, or at the very least, looking for complaints about them.

It’s hardly surprising though as this website ranks on the first page of Google for a search on ‘Home Delivery Network’.

Hopefully Amazon and other retailers will take note and stop using the morons at HDL for any of their deliveries.

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43 thoughts on “HDNL (Home Delivery Network)”

  1. i have a problem with hdnl. i placed an order for a camera which was supposed to be delivered today(mon 30th march). i checked my littlewoods account and it said it had been delivered. i phoned littlewoods and they said it was delivered and signed for at 10.13am.
    i told them i do not have it. they have forwarded it for investigation. but the item will remain on my account until soved. does anyone know where i stand with my rights? and how i prove it wasnt me who signed?
    i asked for a direct contact number for hdnl but they told me i cannot contact them direct. does anyone have a contact number for them please? a

    any advice will be gladly welcomed. thankyou. a very pissed off hdnl customer.
    (i ordered the camera for a wedding which is on sat 4th april, so pissed off cos i now wont have a camera for the wedding)

  2. I have had so many problems with the Home Delivery Network. I’ve ordered clothes off websites that have used this so-called “delivery service” and I’ve paid nearly £6 extra to have next day delivery and HDN turn up about 3 days later to deliver. Like I have time to sit around waiting for a package for 3 days! I have a job! I have a life!

    Recently I ordered something off M&S and they quoted that it would be delivere by Wednesday (as in 2 days ago)… Was it? NO!!! So i phoned up HDN and asked where it was and they said it had only just been receieved into the depot today and that I should expect it on Monday! 5 days after the quoted delivery day!

    EXCUSE ME??? That means yet *another* day waiting around for a package that can turn up at any point in the day. I don’t understand why they can’t deliver on the same day it arrives at the depot! It means that if I have plans on Monday they’ll turn up when I’m gone (typically) and if I make no plans whatsoever they’ll probably turn up at about 8am!

    Anyway, my advice to you Emma is to write a letter of complaint to them detailing every area that they’ve gone wrong in and then write another letter to Littlewoods (like I will to ASOS and M&S) to recommend to them not to use that lazy company ever again because it creates a lot of unwanted angst!

  3. hi, im currently in the same position as Emma. Apparently i recieved and signed for my parcel at 12.06pm, its now 17.05 and the call centre (0871 number) says it’s been delivered and signed for with my name and they will interview the driver when he returns at 7pm tonight. so it appears i am going to have a my word against his scenario. a month ago my last delivery dragged out to 7 days of them saying they’d re deliver my littlewoods parcel and im starting to wonder wether this is some kind of revenge from the driver if it was him last time who kept on failing to deliver as was arranged at he call centre. i dint know that the current trader im buying from used these cowboys or i would have avoided them, my heart sunk a little when they gave me the hdn tracking number and quite a lot more when hdn had updated my status to: customer recieved delivery. these guys eat away at my life

  4. Personally I have never had a problem with them. However I do get them to deliver to my work address in the centre of Manchester which is maybe why.

    The fact that this page seems to be the only complaint about them seems to suggest that they arent that bad.

    Your always going to get a couple of idiots working for a large organisation. Unfortunately they delivered your parcels.

  5. i’m a delivery driver for HDNL and i don’t see why everyone is going on like this, i’ve just read the comments left and the fact of the matter is on an average day were deliverin around 90 parcels a day, this can range from a letter to a large parcel. the fact of the matter is, if we can deliver we will if you can’t be bothered when we say we’ll be their then thats your problem we can’t start back tracking otherwise we’d be out to 5 in the mornin trying to get everythin done. people have got to realise that we’ve deliver loads of parcels everyday and were not here for just one customer and run around after them. get a fookin grip!!!

  6. My own experience of HDNL was to witness their operative deliberately drop a package marked FRAGILE onto a trolley. Fortunately my laptop was well packed and it survived. Conclusion: don’t trust HDNL if you have anything fragile.

  7. 90 parcels a day????? can i get a job where you are? try doubling that and your at Edinburgh depot level. 90 parcels. Stop being such a fairy and get the parcels delivered.

  8. I have had real problems but im fully informed all the way by their state of the art tracking system. I know for example that altho the parcel got picked up on the Monday it was sent to Droitwich by accident later that day then it was dispatched to llandudno. Once theyd realised their mistake (i live in Pontefract) they put it on another truck. Its now Friday. Only God knows where it is. I didnt bother with their 0870 numbers. It was originally sent by Parcels2Go (shame on you for using these cowboys both hdl and hdnl) So i emailed their live chat and im waiting for a reply. The poor chap who sent it in good faith has had a to field an ebay case against him for non delivery and ultimately probably a refund thru paypal yet home delivery network just make excuses

  9. Yes…I feel your pain. I had a £300 sony camera from Play.com and wondered why the packaging was damaged. Answer, because the HDN van driver threw it over the six foot door to the side passage of the house. Yes…quite literally a tosser.

  10. I had a £300 sony camera from Play.com and wondered why the packaging was damaged. Answer, because the HDN van driver threw it over the six foot door to the side passage of the house. Yes…quite literally a tosser.

  11. Your stories have reassured me that I am not alone. I came home to find a parcel beautifully positioned on my back door step-sounds fine- but how did the delivery person get it over my 6 foot padlocked iron gate in order to so beautifully position it on my back door step?!! Like you i am pissed off that someone would be so unprofessional as to trespass in this way by obviously scaling the gate (unless they had a long pole with a claw or similar)- especially when a request was made for parcel to be left with neighbour if I wasn’t in! I would prefer to have collected it from a depot or rescheduled delivery than to feel intruded upon in this way.Since there is no way i can complain to the Home Delivery as they give no email address-only an automated telephone line-I am grateful to you Mr D for giving me a forum to vent my annoyance. The product was from Argos this time. I think I’ll email them now!

  12. It’s not as if all delivery companies are the same, others provide a decent service. How can a parcel be on a HDNL vehicle all day out for delivery according to their own web tracking system, yet it’s not delivered, there’s no card in the door to say they tried even. Well I spent the day staying in to be here for the parcel and at 9PM I see that according to the tracking system it’s back at the depot now!!! What a waste of a day’s holiday! You’d imagine that I could rearrange the delivery or go collect it, but no since I’ve got no card, only a tracking number that’s not possible so I’ve now got to wait in tomorrow as well and see if anyone can be bothered to delivery my parcel. I don’t have these issues with the post office or other carriers, in my experience it’s only HDNL that is this bad.

    I could continue with how appaling the system is if you arrange to go collect a parcel from the depot (tried that last time), but that’s another (awful) story.

  13. I do not like to take consolation in other people’s misfortune – I am grateful this posting has giving me a forum for expressing my utter desire to go to that effin’ call centre and wring someobeody’s neck!
    Twice put on hold for 5 & 6 minutes respectively, no recognition of reference number – no opprotunity on their website to contact for cack service!!

    Slightly irate!!

  14. I too have had the headache of a parcel being delivered by the Home Delivery network, I had ordered an item off e-bay, i recieved an e-mail to say tracking number is – Blah Blah Blah, and would be delivered on tuesday between 14;30 and 17;30, so i waited in all day, nothing, so i phoned the office in Knowsley and the woman said the driver could not gain access to my property??? I live on a main road with plenty of parking outside, she then told me that it would be with me tomorrow, so i waited again, nothing, i phoned again and was told the van had broken down and that the parcel would be with me at midday thursday, again no one turned up, after the fourth phone call i spoke to a manger who sent my parcel by courier and it arrived at 20:00 last night, The service they provide is rubbish, the drivers a liars, and i dont believe for one second that they only have one van for the North West, and the parcel was`nt a huge item, it was a new iron, i am urging anyone who shops online not to use these muppets, if you need to complain to the company they put you through to Elaine Boyle the complaints manager, but i have found out that Walter Blackwood is the managing director

  15. I found this blog post after a search of “Home Delivery Network”. I am currently experiencing a problem with is service. Like many of the above people, I ordered something online from a UK store that ships internationally. A customer service rep (from the shop) even emailed me to confirm my shipping, billing, and paypal information. After receiving an automated “your package has been dispatched” email from the shop, I wrote them an email requesting tracking information (my email included my order#, address, and product SKUs).

    Basically, I’m trying to say is that I am VERY careful with emails, and cover my own butt as much as I can.

    So, they directed me to this shipping courier which I have never heard of before. I’ve used Fedex, UPS, DHL.. all with ZERO problems. I reside in Hong Kong, and I’ve ordered from sites all over US, UK and Canada. Even my ASOS orders were delivered in an extremely timing fashion.

    I enter my tracking information on to HDN’s website, and I get 3 lines of tracking information, all of which, basically tells me NOTHING as to where my package really is:

    1. The parcel is in the Depot (Day 1)
    2. The parcel has been loaded on to the drivers van (Day 2)
    3. The parcel has been delivered (Day 2)

    What, really? Once again, I live in HONG KONG and this parcel was dispatched in UK. How can it possibly be “delivered to customer” within a day of dispatch?? Of course it isn’t possible, because I haven’t received a single thing. I have been home for the last 2 weeks, and haven’t heard anything from them. I have been checking the tracking page, and no updates after the “CUSTOMER The parcel has been delivered” line. How is this even possible?

    I have never been so stressed out over a courier service, hell, even USPS and Royal Mail is better then is completely incompetent excuse of a private delivery company.

    Yeah, HDL driver I’m sure you got tons of packages to deliver… so does any other express shipping company like FedEx and UPS. Difference is FedEx and UPS have superior tracking service, excellent customer service, and a GUARANTEED delivery time. You don’t think international brands like the above would have OVER 90 packages to deliver on any given day? And really, they do actually gd deliver on time.

  16. I too ordered from Amazon, the parcel arrived at the Inverness depot on Monday 19 July 2010. It sat there until Thursday 22nd and since then has been on the van/in the depot ever since and today is Saturday. What is the point of carrying a parcel around all day, taking it back then bringing it out again.
    Am ringing Amazon on Monday and I am now going to write to HDNL head office. Not that I suppose it will do me any good.

  17. Yesterday I ordered goods at 7.30a.m. from Robinsons Country Leisure which I needed for a competition tomorrow, so I paid for “guaranteed” next day delivery. I filled in all there was avaiable to fill in for delivery address- no box for extra information! This morning I telephoned Robinsons at 9.00 to see if they could tell me who was delivering my package as ‘some’ couriers find my house hard to find- despite the village, 4 houses, being sign posted and my house being on the map. I was told that HDN were delivering and, no the driver couldn’t be contacted as they were not allowed to carry phones! But they would definitely deliver. At 3.00 when I phoned again, the driver had tried to deliver ( I do not think so) at 12.20, no he still could not be contacted, and even their own rep who I contacted Not Robinsons country leisure had to email her own company for the van driver to call me when he returned to the depot. This is so I can go and collect my urgent parcel from the depot myself!!
    I am looking forward to some hefty compensation as clearly- guaranteed next day delivery cannot be guaranteed with the current arrangements in place- a non-contactable depot and driver! I feel that the trade description is false here.
    I waited working in my garden all day – no van of any description came up my lane of the one adjacent. So I wonder where he tried to find my clearly sign posted house?? KT

  18. I waited in all day for a package to be delivered from Argos using the Home Delivery Network. It never came. I have emailed Argos to complain so watch this space to see what happens next. Did they try to ring me to warn me they couldn’t deliver that day—-of course not. Did they email me to warn me they couldn’t deliver today—- Of course not. Can you contact the H D N? Yes but it happens to be an 0871 number where they keep you hanging on. The likes of Argos should not be using a courier company that effects its reputation as a successful business. Be warned.

  19. I ordered a new 50″ plasma TV from Amazon on Sep 4th. As it’s a high price item, Amazon recommended using their “white glove” delivery service which should take more care with the item and was free on the TV. They also let you choose when the item will be delivered. The other choice I was given was Royal Mail.

    So I chose the white glove option but the earliest delivery slot was morning of Sep 10th – 6 days later. It was that or Royal Mail 3-4 days so given that white glove was supposed to be a quality service, I chose it.

    I tracked the TV straight away on Amazon and on HDNL. Amazon shipped it on 5th Sep and HDNL’s tracking showed that they’d received the order.

    On 8th Sep I got a call from HDNL to say that they couldn’t deliver the item that day because it hadn’t yet arrived from Amazon. Eh? They were supposed to deliver on 10th Sep. They said they’d call me back once the item had arrived to schedule a new delivery.

    No call came, so the following evening I checked Amazon & HDNL’s trackers and nothing had changed. It was at this point that alarm bells started to ring so I called Amazon. They told me that the TV had been scanned out of their warehouse on 5th Sep and on to an HDNL van. When I called HDNL, they told me they hadn’t received anything.

    The HDNL staff were very courteous but couldn’t tell me any more. They suggested I call the “tow-man hub” at Blackpool where the item should have gone from Amazon as it was a large item requiring two people to carry it.

    I tried calling today. For several hours I got three beeps and a BT recording saying that lines were busy and I should try again later. Finally, on the afternoon of 10th Sep (the day of the original scheduled delivery) I got through to the two-man hub and spoke to a woman who wasn’t helpful at all. She still claimed that they were waiting for the TV to be delivered to them. This despite the fact that according to Amazon, THEY had already collected it 5 days ago on one of their vans and that Amazon had proof that it had been picked up.

    All this time HDNL have been hiding behind the excuse that “the goods haven’t arrived from the supplier” when, in fact, HDNL COLLECT THE GOODS FROM THE SUPPLIER and they’d done that on 5 Sep!

    So no-one knows where my TV is. Apparently it went missing after being picked up by HDNL from Amazon’s warehouse on route to HDNL. HDNL says it wasn’t scanned in to their depot. It’s probably adorning someone’s living room by now. I’d cancel and reorder from Amazon, but it’s now temporarily out of stock! Arghhhh!!!!!!

    I wish I’d picked Royal Mail at the outset!!!


  20. Expensive to use,
    My parcel was booked to be picked up on the 28th,
    on the 29th after I contacted them they told me the driver had been and left a card, the parcel was the size of a car and I left it on sat on my door step.
    they also told me they had rebooked it for the 30th (as a matter of urgency I would of thought they would of picked it up on the 29th) anyway, on the day of collection I heard a faint tap on a door, I looked out the window and saw the Van …I went to the door, the guy was knocking on next door, I asked him if he was picking up a parcel, he replied yes …I said what number do you have and he replied 39, however, he was knocking on 36 and I am 34 …..(work that out ).
    I was told lies on the live chat and given different excuses by email
    I booked a 3 day delivery which has turned out to be a almost a week delivery,
    They just don’t care about anything.

  21. Same experience as everyone else here. The depot is around a 20 minute drive from my house (I don’t drive) It was due to arrive today the 22nd Oct, I’d looked forward to it and my wife was at home the entire day in our flat to receive it. I

    They marked it as out for delivery at 10 a.m. I got home and rang them after work N.B. DON’T PHONE THE 0870 number, go to SAYNOTO0870.co.uk and find your local depot free/local number!
    I rang Wembley Branch, and was told in the coldest non-conversation way that it was out for delivery, he said bye and I asked what’s the latest time it would arrive…7.p.m. I was told. It never arrived, I rang up again at 7.15. I made the lady who answered phone the driver and ring me back. Apparently he’d tried really hard knocking at our tiny flat door at which my wife was at all home all day. And left a note…….there was no note, and this was a blatant lie! I suppose as it was a Friday he knocked off early for a drink or something. I wish to hell I had recorded the conversation, as it was just so ridiculous. Barefaced lies. The woman told me the man’s electronic tracking system ran out of batteries, as they deliver so much the batteries run out before the end of the shifts!!!!!! Surely that can’t be true, what retarded f*cking company with a set time of delivery would have equipment that doesn’t hold charge for the shift, nor any means to charge it. I was raging.

    I told the woman (not a lady now) and I mean told her, that they would deliver my item the following day. She told me the delivery man probably got the wrong address!!! THANK F*CK THEY WEREN’T IN! I suspect this too was a lie, but a ridiculous lie in any case.

    I’ve found them to be absolutely appalling and this is the first time I’ve ever used them, if I can I will avoid them at all costs and would advise others too aswell.

    No offence meant to the other drivers posting here, although you do sound like dumb f*cks, as long as you’ve got the integrity to actually deliver the items that’s great.

    Just appalled.


    Oh please do drop me an email or something similar if you have a similar experience, or at least if someone could list the companies using HDNL then I can avoid them or ask them to use an alternative method.

    my email satanicverses [at ] …hot mail [dot] ccccom

  22. Last week my daughter’s new bike was delivered after receiving a text message with an estimated time of delivery. Wow, what a service, I will use them again!!

    So on to the website to purchase an item which I have to get delivered …. I have since told Argos to refund the delivery charge after wasting my Saturday as my time slot was 7am to 6pm!! They couldn’t tell if the driver had been unable to find my address or if I had not been in. You can probably imagine my surprise at this comment due to the fact I was calling to see where my delivery was after waiting 11 hours….. I proceeded to ask when I should expect redelivery and they told me (not asked) Monday, to which I replied “a working day?” not much of a response to that … “so I need to take a day off work then?” apparently I do so lets hope I get a driver that actually makes it here.

    As the argos number is not a tracking number I can’t use the HDN website to track. It is now Monday morning and I have just spoken to a very pleasant lady at the Leeds depot after using the saynoto0870.com link (thanks all) but the system is down for apparently all depots so I will try again later. No doubt, I will be venting my frustration at not receiving it but I sincerely hope not.

  23. I made an online purchase on the 11.11.10. Paid £4.95 for delivery within 3 days. Was not aware that HDNL were going to deliver. Apparently they did on 2 occassions. I was not expecting them on those days either. On both attempts they left a calling card. Apparently, the drivers only have a 2 minute delivery slot! No attempt was made to leave it with my next door neighbour.

    The automated service is charged at premium rates. I have read above that the Managing Director is Walter Blackwood – any contact number for him?

    Anyway, i rescheduled my delivery took the day off work, waited the 12 hrs and NO DELIVERY. I get paid £30 pr hr, times that by 12 – a very expensive online purchase.

    12 days on i still do not know when my parcel will arrive or where it is…..!!!

    My nearest depot is an approximately 50 mile round trip. But i paid for 3 day delivery.

    HDNL states “Our speciality is delivering”. Rubbish and incorrect, it should state “Our speciality is non-delivery and major inconvenience”.

    I contacted the online company based in Devon where i made my purchase, I did get an apology but the person on the other end was not prepared to compensate for my inconvenience and furthermore only has an account with HDNL. This company has lost a customer. Any other cmpanies that are prepared to use HDNL should take note of this warning – I WILL NOT BUY FROM YOU EITHER.

    I have written a letter into the local press to express my frustration at this imcompent company and i wonder how many other victims are out there?


  24. Sans, what was the website you made the order from? Perhaps if the ‘customers’ of HDNL, the websites selling to us, were exposed as using Home Delivery Network and the stories of failed deliveries were made public, these businesses would soon stop using HDNL.

    Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised to see you compensated by the company in question if they found this story online when a Google search for their name was made. It’s amazing how accommodating companies can be when they see the extent of the exposure they get from this website.

  25. Wow those are some bad reviews!! But also just remember that happy customers dont normally take the time to write a review as good service is expected.
    If you are unhappy with something then you want the world to know.HDNL IS BAD >>>

  26. I’m currently waiting for a parcel from HDNL. It was due to arrive last Thursday and yes I’m still waiting. Just spoke a someone else from HDNL who tells me its in the depot now and ready to be delivered. He tells me maybe tomorrow but he can’t promise anything. what the funk are these people doing???!!! IT WAS DUE ON THURSDAY LAST WEEK !!!! What a joke! Virgin Media need to sort out their choice of services because there not doing themselves any favours using HDNL.

  27. i would just like to say, xmas delivery are going to be late this year due to the snow and bad weather, but im sure you muppits will still moan about it. If you dont like HDNL pop over to the royal mail. Our backlog is 2m

  28. To Neil – As a driver for HDNhELL of several years’ standing, I can confirm what the lady on the phone told you is true – they use obsolete Hand Held Terminals (HHTs) made by Intermec (check out the CN3 model!) which were all manufactured around 2007. Most of the HHT units themselves are OK, but the batteries are rarely renewed and when a new consignment of batteries arrives at a depot, the old knackered ones aren’t removed from service which means that you are quite likely to be issued with a battery which shows a green light (meaning fully charged) but which, in practice, may only last you around three hours. A good driver takes out at least 110 parcels per day – three hours of battery life will see him or her through only about 35 deliveries.
    In-Vehicle Chargers for the HHTs – OK these things are like gold dust at ALL depots and are regularly pinched, ‘go missing’ or just simply – and inexplicably, refuse to charge certain HHTs/Batteries.
    Management routinely refuse to order sufficient numbers of these chargers in.
    Make no mistake – the white-collar morons running HDNL are completely NUTS!

  29. I have had problems with HDNL as well. I ordered a package from New Look, 3 day delivery. New look stated it was despatched on 29th Nov – still no package. I spoke to New Look who reported HDNL had received the package at Llandudno. Spoke to HDNL they said they hadn’t and blamed New Look as losing the package. I rang New Look and they directly rang HDNL Llandudno who apologised and said package was there and would be delivered soon. Still no package and HDNL state now they don’t have package. New Look have refunded the item but I have made about 20 phone calls about this package and only live 10 minutes away from HDNL site so could easily pick package up if they only admit they have it in the unit!!!!! Frustrating!

  30. well HDNL mmm too the driver on here sorry you are c**p ok you may not be but your company is
    got a american fridge freezer from best buy only thing was i was unaware hdnl idots where the company they used (i have had 2 parcels lost and never to be seen resent with another company with no problems and the best one 3 parcles on the est all to the wrong address’s we all had each others parcels bar one who had someones 30 miles away ) anyway back to them placed order 27th dec 2010 and delivery on 30th had a pnone call and time the day before all well NO WRONG .
    few hours later sorry it will be on the 31st now best buys fault ( never theres) on the 30th yet another call sorry be next week sometime you washing machiine what bloody washing machine and why oh ya that to dont no almost word for word .well phoned best buy and let them have it seems the great HDNL lost the bloody item the thing is the size of a house for god sake yes everyone they lost it .
    best buy did sort and it came on the 15th and the guys who delivered it well just great real gents and nothing was a problem they had to remove the doors to get it in the fridge doors pity there company is crap .
    all the companys know they are crap and the have just got to big to fast and know for the real BAD NEWS DHL home delivery is owned buy YES HDNL which if you move the letters about spells SHI**
    you can always write to them best way to waste some time money and stamp as they never reply and i mean never reply

  31. My experience with HDNL’s local contractor where I live is terrible with them regularly taking a week or more to get my parcels to me from when HDNL hands over to them some 200 miles away. But I will not say anything against the local drivers. They are all friendly and are well aware how frustrating it is to wait for goods that have been ordered and fail to arrive.

    The problem as far as I can see is that the local agent has an inefficient system and is probably taking on more work than they are equipped to handle. But guess what?. I am intending to avoid ordering anything from firms who use HDNL unless it is unavoidable.

  32. Has anyone managed to get compensation on guaranteed next day delivery which didn’t show up? My Cath Kidston wallpaper hasn’t arrived leaving me with a very irate wife, and handyman with nothing to do except reap my money for working on a bank holiday.

  33. What a bunch of tossers this lots are. They don’t even offer an e.mail address to contat them with. Crap delivery service, crap customer service. I would never trust them to deliver my goods every again, all they are good for is saying sorry in a Scouse accent!

    If Amazon gave a toss about their customer servce they would drop this shower tomorrow!

  34. hdnl are a joke!! ive had 2 packages sent from friends to my address and neither has arrived. both made it to their sortation office in droitwich, then apparently they vanished… i contacted customer services and asked for the number of their sorting office in droitwich and they said they didnt have a number as they didnt know which company dealt with sorting (obviously an outside contractor)… ive found a list of phone numbers for depots accross the country.. trieed 8 so far.. ALL of which are dead numbers.

    i could pull a better courier company out my backside

  35. Ordered a large item from Amazon Warehouse- bargain deal, needed for an event 10 days later.
    All going well, then the Amazon dispatch advice came through – “HDNL” Horrific Delivery Network Liability.
    I feared the worse and no sooenr had the confirmaton of collection gone onto system then the tracking disappeared fro over a day.
    Then it reappeared as scanned into Beehive Hub recption – a marvellous moment I thought. It was followed by a call from HDNL that Thusrday evening to confirm a delivery date/tiem for Monday. Amazing, was I wrong to be so sceptical about HDNL?
    No, of course I wasn’t. Then came the call Friday evening – the dreaded HDNL systemic incompetence …
    “we have not had your package from Amazon”
    – err, actually yes you have.
    “No we haven’t. Well I don’t have any paperwork and I’m responsible for delivery from here so we can’t deliver it on Monday or any other until we have it from Amzaon. We haven’t had it from Amazon or I woudl have the paperwork.”
    Much too and froing but essentially ;
    – err, actually you do have it from Amazon, it was scanned into Beehive already.
    “That’s the problem then – Amazon have sent it to the wrong place cos it should be in Blackpole Hub”.
    – err No. HDNL did colect it and took it to Beehive, not Amazon sending it.
    “Well it still isn’t where it is supposed to be so until Amazon sort it out we won’t be able to make delivery arrangement.”
    – But isn’t Beehive your facility as well as Blackpole?
    “Yes, but we have to have it here from Amazon, so they will have to sort it out, It isn’t our problem to sort. We will deliver it from Blackpole once Amazon get it to the right place.”
    Remaining remarkabely patuence I realised I was flogging a well oiled revolving door making no progress accordingly, I bid the gent goodnight and sought alternate contacts.
    An email through to Amazon explaining the predicament (not least of which being that I have various working plans of this week and the suprise event of the coming weekend have been cast in stone based on the delivery promise I was given on Thursday night).
    Amazon responded and advised they got in touch with HDNL to get the goods moving and that if I don’t have the items by Wednesday then I can get refund or replacement. Well as a one off item, a replacement won’t be possible, and the refund is not really an option either because I would still want the goods even if they are late. It will just mess up a well prepared special event whcih cannot be put back together again because it is a number of people gathering in one place on a special date.
    Well this morning the goods have been shipped out of thw Hub of Hell in Beehive and are on the road. I remain hopeful taht Amazon’s calls have done teh traick, and that HDNL will get here in the next two days with goods delivered intact, which will give enough time to do the necessary and for the event to be able to go ahead on Saturday as palnned.

  36. Ordered from Ideal World and I tracked it to Inverness depot on 23rd December. Found a card in mail box on 24th saying they had missed me when they called…..strange as I had never left house. Obviously never bothered to ring the bell.

  37. Ordered a HP laptop from littlewoods on 22nd December & on 23rd tracking said received at Wembly depot than at 09:38 loaded onto wembly van. I was waiting for it whole day but it never came. at 19:38 tracking status updated to ”unable to deliver, not attempted”.

    Than after xmas hoildays on 29th december it said loaded onto wembly van. I was at home whole day keeping an eye on door so that i dont miss the courier. No courier came.

    To my surprise at 21:00 tracking system updated to
    ” Parcel Delivered at 17:59 Wembley Depot”.

    I called littlewoods immediately and told them that i have not received my laptop but ur order status showing its been delievered. i told the lady that i was at home and no delivery was made.

    Littlewoods have passed it to their investigation team & they gave me no time frame that how long will it take them to investigate.

    rang them today 30th but still under investigation.

    Can anyone please help me what to do now??????????

    Littlewoods have not given me any courier details?.

    plz do reply if anyone of you have gone through this and wht was the outcome and how long did it take u to resolve the issue?

  38. I too have had problems with HDNL. I ordered an item from Amazon using their Amazon Prime service (which came with a guarantee for next day Delivery. This was placed on 5 April – delivery on Saturday 7 April? Like many others I waited in all day for the parcel – regularly checking the parcel tracker on Amazon and HDNL tracker. According to the HDNL tracker the parcel was loaded onto the van at 08:00 am – but no further update all day. Amazon’s website however, suggested the parcel was “out for delivery”. By 6pm still nothing so I complained to Amazon customer services. Around 8pm I noticed that Amazon’s tracker had been updated to say that “wrong address” at 17:25 and “returned to depot” at 17:40. this I found implausable as I live 15 miles from the Depot on the other side of town. Amazon came back to me later that night and said that “the driver was unable to find my address so it was returned to the depot” they also said “I should contact HDNL to give clear instructions on how to find my house and rearrange a time”. I have 3 problems with this 1) HDNL have delivered to my house over 50 times in the last 2 years and never seemed to have had a problem finding me – strange that they should over a holiday period. 2) With Satnav, google maps (and others) I find it odd that they could not find me in a major city with a postcode, particularly as every other company can seem to do this. 3) Why is the onus on me to chase the courier – they never even tried to call to get directions. In short, now looks like I will have to wait for another 4 days to get parcel delivered – so much for Amazon’s next day guarantee (which coincidently all they did was give me a free month’s access to their Prime service). Frankly I could have bought the product cheaper elsewhere if I was prepared to wait for Royal mail to deliver – starting to wish I had now. Moral of my story is a) Don’t use Amazon Prime as this is HDNL b) HDNL are generally fine (except around holidays when they apparently just seem to think its okay to deceive customers about their deliveries – probably due to work load pressures) c) Use a Credit Card or a Debit Card with product sale insurance – that way if they keep mucking you around, you can get refund from bank/cc company as a legitimate dispute. No your rights under the distance selling regulations (see link http://www.out-law.com/page-430)

  39. I was expecting my delivery Friday between 7-8 am,it came and went and nothing……no call to why. After ringing was told my 50inch Telly is lost…wtf? How can you lose a telly. Anyway watchdog i think are very intrested to hear all your complaints. HDNL are useless 🙁

  40. dont ever trust hdnl..i purchased something from amazon, and according to amazon and hdnl it has been delivered. it never came. i tried to call hdnl costumer service several times, they keep me on waiting and noone would answer. i have no clue what i should do now, especially i am from egypt, and i asked for my parcel to be delivered to my brother at some hotel before coming back. i emailed amazon explaining my problem, they responded back that i have to wait for 2 business days in order to get any feedback. i am left now with no clue…dont ever use hdnl

  41. my wife ordered a birthday present for me, it was delivered while we were both out at work, the driver left it underneath a old shopping trolley that had been put out for the bin men along with other rubbish..suprise suprise it was not there when we got home. We only knew where it had been left as a card was put throught the door saying where it had been left, and this from a company who state that they will under no circumstances leave a parcel in a garden..ok, they didnt leave it in the garden, they left it in the rubbish pile

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