Home Delivery Network Driver issues me with death threat

Regular readers of this site will know that the UK delivery firm known as Home Delivery Network have been the subject of a great many posts, with their atrocious attitude towards customers, their appalling delivery record, their racist drivers and hundreds of dissatisfied customers all coming forward on this site.

It’s come to a head now as a delivery driver with Home Delivery Network has issued me with a death threat. I’m honoured, I truly am. Have a read of this imbecile’s comments:

From: [home delivery network driver] lewis2279@hotmail.com
im not gonna write a lot on here because personally i cant be bothered just wanted to say i think u win this years award for the biggest wanker on the internet. hope ur next hdnl driver gives u a fuckin twatin and u end in in hospital and then fingers crossed maybe die?? now theres hoping xxx

The construction of the email tells you we’re dealing with a man of great intellect, probably why he’s a delivery driver. Putting his own email address in wasn’t smart either, but again, probably why he’s a delivery driver.

Should I be scared? Somehow I doubt it. Firstly, HDNL never show up when they say they will, and secondly, the odds of this idiot finding my house, even with my address written in front of him and a sat nav to guide him, are slim to none.

Nice to know the sort of people that Home Delivery Network employ though isn’t it? Do you want them representing your company and delivering your products?

Thought not.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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21 thoughts on “Home Delivery Network Driver issues me with death threat”

  1. haha hey mr daz your site is somethin else haha gives me somethin to do in work keep the ranting comin , HDNL must be gettin a kickin from these posts , PS accept me on facebook damn 😀

  2. Glad to see/hear so many other people are having trouble with Home Delivery Network.

    ‘Putting the customer first’ is their slogan on their website, which i would be inclined to believe if by ‘first’ they meant ‘right at the bottom of the shit barrel with a crap service’

    Reading the other thread on this site with others stating the driver fabricated a story about arriving at a certain time and not filling in the ‘missed delivery slips’ is also good to hear, makes me feel like atleast im not being singled out!

    I cannot believe how inept they are

  3. I have currently ordered a projector form Play.com, and of course, I cannot track it using their ‘on-line tracker’, but that is hardly surprising as when I phoned my ‘local’ depot, I was told they didn’t know where it was, and that it would be delivered tomorrow (Saturday), which on the whole is odd, as Play.com stated it would not be.

    Surprise surprise on a Saturday, no one answerers the phone.

    Play.com aren’t much cop either, as they believe the parcel was picked up on Friday, and HDNL believe it was picked up on Thursday????

    I have always found it difficult to trust companies who hide their telephone number (Thanks Google for helping with that “Home Delivery Network Tel”)

    When no-one can tell me where my expensive item is, it only fills me with fear.

    I am a computer programmer, and have worked at my local Business Post depot for a part time job, until I found a more suitable one (for a month) and know how this sort of thing works, to know that you CAN track parcels (even though BP failed to do so correctly, we could still track it down in seconds)

    A complaint has been made to Play.com, about the inability to track parcels, but not yet about the company not delivering (well I have to give them a chance).

    However, if they fail, I will be placing a complaint adding that I will never use Play.com again, and will warn others, and contacting BBC’s Watchdog series about this, as I feel that a 2 minuet Google shows up their true colours (and no, not just the 100 here but more like the “50 million customers” that Roger Dodger was stating about (I think I found 3 good reports!)

    There was other searches which yielded the request for WD to investigate this. I was also thinking of Rogue Traders.

    I refuse to take another day off, so come a ‘failed delivery’ on Tuesday, I will be using Google Maps to track a route to their location and paying them a visit, as I doubt they will compensate me for the time lost.

    This is IF they do not deliver on Tuesday (which is the next business day), they very well may actually deliver, in which case my only grudge is their archaic ‘tracking system’.

  4. My £250 play.com order dispatched with HDNL a week ago is still yet to arrive. I can’t track the package either as the tracking number is invalid. In the past play.com dispatched items by Parcelforce 24 or 48 and I had no problems at all with several deliveries of expensive items. Why is my order taking so long to be delivered? Are HDNL perhaps walking it across from the Channel Islands? And why can i not track my parcel? Is it too much to ask to know where my £250 order is and on what day i can expect it to be delivered (so i can actually be in to receive it)? What a bunch of morons.

  5. I recently used these neanderthals to deliver an electric guitar down to york from newcastle (48hr delivery)and it ended up in plymouth for some odd reason,then on arriving at the customers home address 5 days later it was smashed to pieces.
    I spent a whole 2 hours boxing it up and making it clear on the box what the contents were and how fragile it was only for some dickhead to lob it into the back of a van….so now im £250 down and they refuse to pay out….For me Parcelforce are 100% more reliable and thats saying something.

  6. Mr. Daz, your website states E-mail address will not be posted, you lied and posted it. This is not an idiotic driver, this is you not doing what you have written down on this website. Wow, and when you suggest everything you do is right, and you seem to suggest you have not abused drivers by caling them ‘Fucking Morons’. What do you expect? If you have the right to personally abuse them, then they have the right to come back and abuse you! Reading this website you must be of low intellect. You say the driver issued a death threat? I do not see this in the post, he merely wishes you will die IF placed in hospital by ANOTHER driver. LOL! I think you need to go back to college!

  7. As Rob said he didn’t threaten you so stop being such a melodramatic little pansy Darren, it was the same as me saying i hope a boxer gets knocked out in his next fight, im not actually threatening knock him out am i?

    Secondly it was wrong to post that guys email address but hey feel free to publish mine.

    Now the crust of it is that i think that you must have far to much time on your hands if you’ve got the time to do this site. I would consider myself lucky if i were you that the biggest worry in your life is delivery drivers. Some peoples lives are much less fortunate and they have far more important and difficult things to deal with and dont get to bleat like a lamb about it on the internet.

    Do yourself a favour and start representing the male sex a bit more like an actual man, take your complaints to the company and stop moaning like an old woman on the internet with all the other old women getting your knickers in a twists as soon as someone wishes ill on you following your repeated insults to their type.

    Now then feel free to insult me, and my intelligence because thankfully I have thicker skin than you and i wont be consumed by the need to publish your insults on any gay self righteous website of my own making.

    Additionally just in case you were wondering i have a degree in engineering, and did once work as a delivery driver whilst studying, although I didn’t throw parcels over gates I did have to deal with a lot of pompous pathetic excuses for men like you.

  8. “i wont be consumed by the need to publish your insults on any gay self righteous website of my own making.”

    You were doing so well until the homophobia reared its ugly head.

    My website, my rules. I’ll publish someone’s email address if I see fit. No need to publish yours as you’re too much of a coward to give your real one.

    Former delivery driver, homophobic and a coward, getting quite an accurate profile of you aren’t we?

  9. you are a dick. im homophobic you spineless shit shafting fuck. and im a delivery driver who is hard working honest and polite. what a simple minded little man you really are. change your mums underwear for mens! twisted fuck

  10. you say delivery drivers arnt smart. can you tell me how if im so dumb i clear over £1000 a week into my bank? what do you earn? GAY

  11. HDNL are the worst company i’ve ever had to deal with, I purchase alot of items from play.com and various other sites – the other sites actually care about the service a customer gets and choose to use a delivery company that understand customers day to day lives and the fact people cannot wait around just for the courier to show up when they feel like it. I’ve been waiting on a parcel for days now, HDNL customer services are also terrible. Last night i checked the tracker after sitting in all day getting myself into a rage and it showed no access to building, now i live in flats like alot of people i know for a fact they never came as was in and my buzzer never went off. I feel like the driver could not be bothered to come to my address and updated the tracker with that comment.

    I’ve made many complaints about this and feel like no one cares.

  12. Gareth Boon, you’re so right. You are indeed smart. We should all bow to your intellect and you have proven to us that you are, indeed, polite as you say – for only a man of manners would use the phrase:

    “im homophobic you spineless shit shafting fuck”

    Although you are clearly a closet homosexual – you do realise that?

  13. I have to agree with Mr Daz. I am now in dispute with HDNL because they have also thrown a heavy item that I ordered through Amazon, over my 6 foot gate. The item is now damaged. I have emailed Amazon and I will also contact my credit card to stop the payment going through. I notice that those emails from HDNL employees demonstrate how small their penises are, they obviously believe that poor service is okay to customers ( well that’s obvious anyway from the poor service we get). I always think that swearing is such a ‘manly’ thing to do. No doubt I will get some swear words aimed at me because I am a female, and we all know that would be ‘extra-manly’. All this needs is for HDNL to sort themselves out. If Play and Amazon were to stop using them, they might think twice.
    I note that Gareth is trying to impress us with his earnings (and of course we are impressed!) – no doubt he will have a Ferrari (his penis extension) and I await his beautifully crafted email with anticipation. I do think he has a way with words don’t you?

  14. I worked for hdnl for 5 months. Never took a day off, and was treat worse than something you might trod in. I was given zero training, poor equipment, dangerous vans and expected to deliver over the target of an experiences driver with zero knowledge of the area i was sent to. I was given work that was impossible to deliver, had to deal with a complete social inadequate for a boss,Mick Hardy who would basically talk to people like they deserved no respect, if he bothered to speak to them at all. A workplace in my experience is somewhere,that if you feel you are being treated with respect, you are more inclined to go the extra mile. the drivers are pushed and squeezed to impossible levels, come into work and load their vans while the mail is still being sorted. All in all I found it a disgusting place to work, the drivers and team leaders are cool, but the higher management just isnt there, they dont want u to do the job properly they just want to get as much work from you for as little cost. Then when you do the work they give you it takes you over the legal time. I got sacked without warning, after a shift. Do not come back tomorrow after delivering more than target. I mean where do you stand on that score as a temp.

  15. been waiting for a parcel since december 3rd 2010 and still hasnt arrived what are they playing at i know its christmas time but the way its going it be after christmas before i get it if i do hdnl are useless i thort royal mail were bad its a toss between both whos as bad as each other but if i dont recieve it soon will be cancelling my order and go else where cant be doing with this … unreliable couriers ….

  16. Well done for posting this. I have had some truly awful experiences with Home Delivery Network in the past month. They are incompetent, vile, aggressive and criminal. They lie about delivering packages they haven’t delivered which is simply theft and they treat all of their customers like dirt. They also speak rudely about the companies they are delivering for – blaming Uniqlo and Amazon for the fact that the items that were given to them to deliver hadn’t arrived!

    I do not understand why supposedly reputable companies use them or indeed how they have not been shut down for their criminal behaviour.


  18. HDNL tried to deliver an order from Amazon today (£110
    worth). I wasn’t home, so they tried to leave it behind a large
    plant pot in the front garden. They knocked this over spilling mud
    everywhere. They left the package in front of the front door,
    entirely visible to anyone walking buy. They did not leave a card.
    They did not clean up the mud. i.e. HDNL drivers are poor quality
    human beings

  19. DHL domestic was integrated into Yodel in March. In January
    2011 DHL ECO freight TUPE,d into Yodel completing the DHL transfer.
    The management structure was revamp’t with ex- DHL management
    taking over key positions within Yodel. We from DHL freight ( I am
    a LGV Driver) worked hard to make DHl Domestic a professionally
    viable and competent parcel delivery company and we intend to do
    the same for Yodel. It may be the case that HDN had a bad
    reputation however please give Yodel a chance to prove itself, we
    the staff who have moved across intend to work hard we understand
    the importance of customer relations and that bad practice costs
    contracts and therefore our jobs so please give us a chance

  20. HDNL are the worst non-delivery service I have come across My parcel was shipped on the 9/12 my sons birthday is tomorrow and I still have not received it .WHAT A BUNCH OF WANKERS

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