Jade Goody is dead

It’s finally happened, the woman billed by some as the Princess Diana for the new millennium, Jade Goody, has died. She battled long and hard against Cancer and has been hailed by everyone from the Prime Minister down to the average reader of Heat Magazine as a gem, a star, a heroine of our time.

A spokesperson for Heat even said that Jade talked about numerous important issues in our time, such as when she spoke out about racism.

What the hell? Jade didn’t speak out against racism, she was an outspoken racist.

Yes she died of Cancer, it was horrible and something no one should have to go through, but many people do. Many far more caring, dignified and brilliant people than Jade Goody have suffered the tragedy of Cancer. So why does Jade Goody deserve all of the plaudits, where others more deserving get none?

As for being the Princess Diana for the new millennium; I don’t remember Lady Di ever calling an Asian woman ‘Poppadom’, nor did she sell her wedding photos to Heat.

The world is not a poorer place for the loss of Jade Goody, not by a long stretch.

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2 thoughts on “Jade Goody is dead”

  1. Too right, now finally we can get some proper news stories in the paper. Or at least we will when they’ve stopped running tributes to the bloody woman.

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