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Transformers comic: The Beast Within

As you probably know I’m something of a Transformers fan. I have countless Transformers toys, run several Transformers websites, have contributed to Transformers DVDs and even attended the 2007 premiere of Michael Bay’s Transformers.

Transformers The Beast WithinYou get the picture, I like Transformers.

Back in 2004 I wrote a two part story for a Transformers comic which was published by Metrodome and given away with their Transformers DVD boxsets. The comic was called ‘The Beast Within Part 1’ and ‘The Beast Within Part 2: Consequences’. I only wrote the script, it was illustrated by the amazingly talented Dylan Gibson, who has gone on to a good career as an illustrator.

The comic was met with mixed reviews (at best) with some Transformers fans and websites being very critical. This one cites the fact that it was published as an error… wankers.

Anyhow, this week I found two YouTube videos from a guy who reviews Transformers toys, reviewing the comics. Incredibly he’s actually quite impressed with the comics, as you can see in the two videos below where he talks you through the storyline and gives his opinion on them.

Just thought I’d share this, it’s nice to get positive reviews.
The Beast Within: The Dinobots

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The Beast Within Part 1 Review

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
The Beast Within Part 2 Review

Why getting into Google News is important

Google News is Google’s own news delivery service offering up-to-date information from trustworthy news sites. You can see the tab for the ‘news’ link at the top of Google when you make a search, and sometimes news is displayed on the front of Google when you search.

Now, getting into Google News is very tough. There are a lot of requirements to meet, both technical and in terms of quality of your content, but the advantages of getting into Google News are vast.

For example, if you’re in Google News you’ll find you’ll receive huge boosts of traffic whenever you write a new post, especially if that post is particularly topical. You’ll also receive hundreds and thousands of free back links from sites that subscribe to Google News, which of course vastly aids your SEO.

Here’s an example of one of my sites which is in Google News, TheTransformers.Net. Yesterday a post was written about the new Transformers movie, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. The post spoke of new photos that had been released, one of which featuring Megan Fox. For those who don’t know, Megan is a particularly searched for lady on the Internet, and my post on TheTrasnformers.Net landed itself a top place listing in Google’s organic search (via Universal Search) when the story broke, as can be seen here.


Naturally, being listed at the top of Google for a search on Megan Fox brought a wave of traffic to the site, as you can see from the stats below for May 19th.

Plus, any sites that feature Google news feeds looking for information on Megan Fox (of which there are many) also featured links to TheTransformers.Net, which helps its organic search rankings.


So you see, getting into Google News is great for your SEO and really boosts your rankings and traffic.

Incidentally, isn’t in Google News, nor will it ever be… it’s not quite the site they’re looking for. Is yours?

Auto Assembly 2009 is on my birthday!

What better way to spend your birthday than standing in a convention centre with a bunch of nerds talking about Transformers? I know, I can’t think of a better way. Luckily, I won’t have to, because next year the Transformers convention known as Auto Assembly that’s held in Birmingham is taking place over two days, and is on the weekend of my birthday, August 16th.

Oh yeah!

This convention will celebrate 25 years of Transformers, the new Transformers movie Revenge of the Fallen, and my birthday. What a weekend.

I went this year and managed to grab this photo from inside the women’s toilets, you’ll see why when you look at it – promise it’s not filthy.

Inside the women’s toilets

If you’re a woman and you’re fed up with long queues at the toilets, this might be the answer to your prayers. This photo was taken inside the women’s toilets at a packed hotel conference centre, and you’ll notice there’s not a soul to be seen.

No queues, no bitching, no waiting.

How you may ask? This was taken on August 2nd at the Transformers convention at Auto Assembly, in the Clarendon Suites in Birmingham. Incredibly, the women’s toilets was completely empty. So, if you’re desperate for the loo and can’t wait, just head down to your nearest Transformers convention. The ladies’ bog is empty!

If you’re wondering how I got this photo; it’s a secret!

While we were there in Birmingham we stayed in the Quality Hotel across the road from the convention centre, was cheap and chearful. It’s the same hotel a mate of mine uses when he offers CeMAP training in Birmingham, for those interested in becoming mortgage advisors.

Don Murphy is STILL a TWAT

It’s over 2 years now since the short Wookie known as Don Murphy announced on his forum to his army of ‘stooges’ that my website, Transformers The Movie, was breaking copyright rules, stealing images and would be shut down by Paramount within weeks.

No matter how much I insisted that no, not only would we not be shut down, but Paramount had actually helped us with the site, he wouldn’t listen, and used name calling and bullyboy tactics to try to drum up support among the morons who hung on every word he uttered.

Still, 2 years on, our site is still there and Don has done nothing. No wonder Tarantino smacked him in the face.

I even bumped the first thread a year ago for the 1 year anniversary of Don’s threats, but sadly he locked the thread so we can’t bump it anymore. It’s still there though, so feel free to go have a look at one of Hollywood’s more childish film producers have a hissy fit that he isn’t getting his way.

Look out for the toys being flung from his pram though 😉

He then followed up that original post with two more threatening threads, designed to strike fear into the hearts of every UK transformers fan. What a gimp. now has Google site links

You may have seen Google’s site links? They’re detailed page links that appear underneath the #1 listing for some websites when you make a search. For example, Just Search have had site links for about a year now, which you can see here. Google picks sites it thinks are worthy enough and generates these links, which you can have some control over using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Now I’m pleased to say that has attained some site links from Google.

Mr Daz Site Links

This means that Google considers this website important enough to have site links, which is nice. Shame they still have a PageRank penalty on me then eh?

It’s not my only site to have site links either, my Transformers website and the Cardiff Devils site have also attained the prestige of site links.

Thanks Google!

If you’re wondering how your site can get site links such as this, you’ll need to keep adding your content and building up those back links naturally. Google only rewards high quality sites that are updated regularly with site links.

SEO Providers? I don’t think so

Today I received a spam email from Nick Slevin from Nick asked if I needed SEO help to improve my rankings, and he sent the email to my address associated with the website TheTransformers.Net.

Get more traffic to your website using proven seo tactics. To learn more, please reply with the sites you would like to promote and the best way to contact you with the details.


Nick Slevin

I’d normally delete an email like this without reading it, but after looking at the website for, and realising the email address he’d sent the email to, I wanted to point out a few things.

Firstly, the website TheTransformers.Net ranks #1 in Google for ‘Transformers’. How exactly can improve its ranking? Do they have some clever software that makes my website appear in people’s browsers BEFORE they search? Some sort of predictive search technology? I doubt it.

Transformers in Google

Secondly, look at the website for…

SEO Providers

Seriously, go home Nick. This is the big leagues now.