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Transformers Premiere Friday 22nd

If you didn’t know there was a Transformers movie coming out this summer you’ve obviously been living under a rock for the last six months. This Friday sees the first UK showing to the press in London’s Leicester Square, and I’d completely forgotten about it.

As one of the foremost players in the Transformers community I should have had my seat sewn up months ago, but alas with all that’s been going on in my life lately it completely slipped my mind.

Still, I have a few days to try and get both myself, and my army of Transformers staff from TheTransformers.Net some cherished tickets to the big day.

I’ll keep you posted on how my efforts with Paramount UK go this week.

For the first time though; I’m actually angry with myself about this. I have so much anger to go around; it’s not usually directed my way. This time it is.

Transformers news to your homepage

UK and Europe’s biggest Transformers website (or as Devid Beckham might say, “The biggest European website in the World”) now has the option of subscribing to its news via RSS.

This means you can get all important Transformers news direct to the RSS reader of your choice, so you’ll never need to miss out on news such as the Optimus Prime iPod speakers or the UK gun law outlawing imports of Megatron.

Go there now, and subscribe to more news than meets the eye.

Don Murphy is a TWAT

Way back in June 2006 the movie producer Don Murphy announced on his forum that I was a c*nt and that he’d close down my website Some 7 months later, and quite naturally, he has done nothing.

You see, as I tried to explain to the short, fat walrus at the time – has been approved by Paramount, and indeed supported by them to help promote the Michael Bay movie Transformers, due out on July 4th. He didn’t understand this, and said my site would be shut down. His legion of ‘stooges’, or morons who like to hang on his every word, rallied to his flag as always, baying for my blood with cries of ‘bye bye monkey’ and the like.

But again, is still there.

The funny thing was, no matter how many times I explained it to them, they ignored the facts and proceeded to launch a vitriol against me calling me a theif, a c*nt and such forth – insisting that Don was the messiah and I was the antichrist. My site would be shut down.

Well, to all you ‘stooges’ and to Don himself, come on you wankers – let’s have it!

Page Rank 6 for Transformers!

Page Rank may not be the most important thing in the world, but it’s nice when you get one above a 5 – and TheTransformers.Net has just received a PR6 in the latest Google update. I imagine much of this is due to the recent SEO contest run by where TheTransformers.Net finished 7th out of several million results. You can see the top ten results here. This was achieved in part due to the online TF community all supporting the website with backlinks, hence the PR increase.

All makes sense now don’t it?