SEO Providers? I don’t think so


Today I received a spam email from Nick Slevin from Nick asked if I needed SEO help to improve my rankings, and he sent the email to my address associated with the website TheTransformers.Net.

Get more traffic to your website using proven seo tactics. To learn more, please reply with the sites you would like to promote and the best way to contact you with the details.


Nick Slevin

I’d normally delete an email like this without reading it, but after looking at the website for, and realising the email address he’d sent the email to, I wanted to point out a few things.

Firstly, the website TheTransformers.Net ranks #1 in Google for ‘Transformers’. How exactly can improve its ranking? Do they have some clever software that makes my website appear in people’s browsers BEFORE they search? Some sort of predictive search technology? I doubt it.

Transformers in Google

Secondly, look at the website for…

SEO Providers

Seriously, go home Nick. This is the big leagues now.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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16 thoughts on “SEO Providers? I don’t think so”

  1. I just received a similar email from him (found your blogpost through a Google search on him) — my site is the 35th of more than 160k Google results, so I’m feeling pretty well optimized on my own!

  2. A Google search brought this site up already? That’s about 40 minutes. Not bad eh?

    Yeah Steve, you should always ignore unsolicited emails offering SEO services. If you want an SEO to work on your site use forums like or just search for SEO in Google.

    I work for Just Search!

  3. I got the same email from him today, and I found you in a Google search too. I will skip this “help”. I don’t need my site being put on a spammer list because he referrer-spammed the heck out of the internet on my behalf.

  4. I’ve gotten the same email at several SEO related sites. It’s pretty annoying especially when you site ranks well for your obvious terms.

    “A Google search brought this site up already? That’s about 40 minutes. Not bad eh?”

    Blogs do tend to get indexed pretty fast. I see that you have a no-follow but it would be an interesting test to buy several previously unpublished domains similar to this one and see how long they take to be indexed.

    I suspect that even with no-follow, a post like yours ends up republished via an RSS freed or on some one’s else’s site via a scraper bot. I’ve seen my own articles republished but with out no-follows, with out some key URLs, with/without my name, etc.


  5. Got a similar screed–“Let me know if you’re looking to get a higher listing with search engines.
    I can send you the details first, just let me know how you would like to communicate.”

    But now he’s calling himself “Nick Levin”. Maybe he didn’t like the Google hits he was finding as “Slevin”. 😉

  6. Just got the same… found you in a Google search…

    “Let me know if you’re looking to get a higher listing with search engines.
    I can send you the details first, just let me know how you would like to communicate.


    Nick Levin”

    Damn spammer

  7. He also sent me an email last night. Funny thing is I DO NOT have a website, and never had one, ever!

  8. I just got the same e-mail today, so I guess he is still hopeful for some gullible clients.

    Funny thing is my girlfriend works for an SEO firm, so the Subject of the e-mail caught my eye (usually I just ignore most of the spam).



  9. I wouldn’t worry – he’s even targeting professional SEO’s now. And he can’t get to the top for his own name in Google!

  10. I just received the same email and Googled his url and found this blog entry! I felt just like you did a week ago, MrDaz, when I received the email, so thanks for sorting this out! Copyblokking is indexing quite fast on Google, I guess it must be sort of unique in its url… 🙂

  11. Yes, I got this same spam, on an email address that doesn’t have a website associated with it.
    Funny how his own website is “under construction”, was only registered three weeks ago and he hides his registration information in Whois.
    Not the behaviour of anybody I’d want to do business with.

  12. I got the same email as Bryn and Lama. Competitive enough tactics, just a lousy follow-through. I had my email sent to my personal address.

    Interestingly enough I’ve done a few wee Transformers comics in the past, available on flickr and as a pdf at the link on my LJ profile page.

    Then again, EVERYBODY loves transforming robots.

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