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All of Mr Daz’ rant casts can be heard here as he calls various insurance companies, customer service reps and even the police.

The moron phoned back

Just like he promised, the idiot who wanted me to tell him how he could make money online phoned back. Trouble was this was just as my flatmate was coming in pissed up. You’ll notice his voice, he’s the one I had to bleep out twice.

This moron started by saying how he has websites and he’s making some money, but then reveals he was lying. He doesn’t have any sites at all.

Still, this makes for a great podcast, so thanks mate!

Tell me how to make money online NOW!

I’ve just had a phone call from some guy who I’ve never met asking me if I can tell him how to make money online. It’s Saturday night, he’s withheld his number and he’s getting angry that I won’t spare my time to tell him how to get rich from the Internet.

For a second I thought this was the Fonejacker, some part of me thinks it maybe, but who knows.

I’ve had emails before from people asking advice on affiliate marketing and if they’re good questions from people who are trying but need help I’ll reply. If they’re just from people asking me how they can make money I don’t. When I get a phone call from some moron demanding to know how to make money…

Anyhow, listen to this idiot and the crap he comes out with. I missed the beginning of the call, but I recap for you. Then I’ll post the second call where he phoned me back and my drunken Stoke house mate got involved. He wasn’t as tolerant as I was.

Mr Daz phones Parcel Force

You might remember the efforts I made in the last week to get a parcel delivered by Parcel Force. They were supposed to phone me back on Monday but couldn’t be arsed.

You might also remember I mentioned how awful their auto voice recognition software was and that I thought I was in a Fonejacker sketch? Well today I phoned them, and just to prove a point I went through their voice recognition system to show how bad it is.

Eventually I got through to what they pass off as a human and to my surprise they had no record once again of me having phoned. This one’s a hoot.

Child Support Agency admit their blunder

On Wednesday 21st November I was informed that the CSA had instructed my employer to deduct £550 from my pay each month for child support and arrears.

That’s quite a lot. More than I should be paying for sure as I’m supposed to pay £320 per month. Since last July I have have been paying my ex-wife’s half of the mortgage on our jointly owned property, costing me £650 per month. Half of that £325, which is £5 more than they wanted me to pay.

As you can see, I am not in arrears.

However, the CSA refuse to speak to me on the phone because they know I record my phone calls, and they are frightened that I will post them on this website; which so far I have not done. Until now.

I have been trying to contact the CSA since January this year when I telephoned them the very day I first had contact from them to explain that I can’t afford to pay even more money than I’m paying as we’ll lose our house. Steve Gibson from the CSA was supposed to call be back. He didn’t. I tried again, and again, and again – Steve Gibson eventually telephoned me in March, 3 months after I had tried to speak to him. I explained that I was paying money already in various ways and he said he’d send me a variations report.

That was the first and last time the CSA telephoned me.

I filled in the report and sent it back. Then in August Steve sent me a letter asking for the report because he hadn’t received it, even though he had received it AND he had replied!

This kind of incompetence continued with various people refusing to speak to me, promising to call and sending me stock letters. You know the sort of thing, their level of professionalism is legendary in the UK. They’re a laughing stock.

Anyway, I received another letter from them in October saying they would be contacting my employer and deducting money direct from my pay. Hold on there big fella, you still haven’t sorted out what I’m supposed to be paying. I’m already paying the mortgage for our house. That’s more than I owe already. I can’t pay any more than that, I don’t have it.

So I phoned them and explained this, even though they said they can’t speak to me. Even so, they did and said they’d get a letter and another variations report sent out to me. Guess what? It never arrived.

Then I hear yesterday that I am to have this money deducted from my pay, starting now.

So we’re up to date! I telephoned them yesterday and once again was met with a ‘we can’t talk to you’ response, yet the guy, Ryan, did.

What he told me was quite remarkable. He said they had posted a letter and a variations report to me on October 31st so I had plenty of notice of all of this. Hmm I thought, no, you didn’t. “Where was it sent?” I asked…

Guess what???

That’s right, they sent it somewhere else, despite having my address on the system; on the screen in front of him. This is an exceptional piece of incompetence mind because their letters are printed. Any idiot can copy down an address incorrectly when it’s written on the screen in front of them. It takes a CSA kind of idiot to press the PRINT button and STILL get the address wrong.

Naturally him telling me they’d screwed up like this, yet were still demanding money from me that I don’t actually owe them seriously pissed me off. So much so that I am now posting this podcast online. Listen to the phone call and marvel at the sheer incompetence of the CSA.

What happens now? Well… as I’m still waiting for the CSA to send the variations report to me they were supposed to have sent last month I may well end up with the house repossessed. I did try to contact my ex-wife to ask her if she would be ever so kind as to explain to the CSA that yes, I have been paying her half of the mortgage on our jointly owned house for her, but she refused.

She’s like that.

Record phone calls with the hp iPAQ hw6915 Smartphone

I wanted to write a review of this phone for some time, not because I’ve been paid to, because I have one and it’s quite simply amazing. I bought the hp iPAQ hw6915 Smartphone in December 2006 because I needed a phone that was great for the Internet. My phone at the time, and one I still have lying around somewhere, was a Sony Ericsson W810i. That’s a nice little phone, great for music and has a wonderful camera – but it’s useless for the Internet.

hp iPAQ hw6915 Smartphone

The hw6915 by contrast has a rather poor 1.3 mega pixel camera, so isn’t a great camera at all. Everything else it does however is first class.

The phone has wi-fi, allowing me to connect to my BT home hub that I’m paying over the odds for (still not had BT sort that one out) and retrieve my emails and browse my websites from the comfort of my own bed or toilet. I’ve even installed the PDA plugin to this blog just for me!

The phone also has a media player and came with some free download credits so I could grab this nifty bit of software that allows me to convert video files for playback on the phone. Now I can watch Cop on the Edge or the latest *ahem* downloads wherever I am.

For people who get lost regularly the phone comes with the latest version of TomTom and one free city of our choice. I didn’t bother getting the full UK or European maps though as I preferred to get a new standalone TomTom unit, which when paired with the Smartphone becomes a hands free kit. Ah, technology.

The only drawbacks with the phone are that the camera isn’t great and the battery power drops significantly when the wi-fi is enabled.

Now, as regular readers will no doubt be aware I’ve had long standing problems with various customer service and insurance companies, such as Direct Line Insurance and Royal & Sun Alliance. In my battles I’d made many despairing phone calls to these guys and then had to write down what had been said and relay it to my disbelieving work colleagues. What I really could do with was a way of recording my phone calls. Surely my new pocket pc could do that?

Well, no, actually it couldn’t… at least not without some software. After scouring the Internet for all of 5 minutes I came across Vito Technology and their Audio Notes software. This looks good I thought to myself. It claims to be able to auto record your phone calls and even names them by date, and the person who called – saving them as MP3 files.

Surely it’s not that easy? It can’t do that?

Audio NotesIt bloody well does. This software cost me $19.99, at today’s exchange rate that’s around £10. Nothing really is it? It downloaded in seconds and installed in minutes. I couldn’t wait to test it out, and did so with my friends from Royal & Sun Alliance. I think you’ll agree it worked a treat.

If you’d like to be able to record your phone calls automatically with your hp iPAQ hw6915 Smartphone, then Vito Technology’s Audio Notes is a seriously slick, and cheap way of doing it.

Vito Logo

You can also purchase the hp iPAQ hw6915 Smartphone here from Dixons at a decidedly cheaper price than I paid in December.

Mr Daz phones the Police again

If you remember a few weeks ago I tried to break into my house in Wales as the locks had been changed by my ex-wife’s father and he’d refused to give me the key. The police were called and it was all highly amusing. I haven’t finished editing the video yet (yes, I filmed the whole event!) but just to wet your appetite for this I’m adding the podcast now of when I phoned the Police from outside the ex-wife’s father’s house.

This one’s a right laugh, and the video that accompanies it is even better.

Notice how the police tell me the opposite of what they said the week before.

BT promise to reduce my direct debit

I wasn’t going to add this podcast because the lady from BT was quite helpful, however everything she told me she’d do she hasn’t – so here it is. When you listen to this take note that she promises that BT will reduce my direct debit from £39.50 to £33, I will get a call back within 24 hours about my complaint and I will get a letter detailing my Direct Debit reduction.

Did any of this happen? Well I did get a letter, but instead if saying how my Direct Debit was being reduced, it instead told me they were increasing it to £68!

Fuck me!

Did I get a call back from BT about my complaint? Did I bollocks. I’ve also been unable to raise them again via email, as a previous blog showed when they asked for feedback about how well they’ve dealt with my complaint – when they haven’t even dealt with it at all. It’s good to talk.

Mr Daz phones the Police

Not Sting and co, the cops, the fuzz, the pigs. After hearing that my ex’s father had entered my house in Wales and changed my locks, and being told by him that he wasn’t giving me a key, I phoned the police.

Surprisingly the police were as fucking useless as ever. Listen to this shitfest online now.

Tomorrow night I’ll be heading down to ‘collect’ my key and filming the event for you lucky people. I expect to have to break into my house with a sledgehammer later that night.

Should make for a great video. Stay tuned folks.