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PayPal Spoof emails

Like many Internet users, I get hundreds of eBay and PayPal fake emails a month and forward the best ones on to – but sometimes the emails are just plain lazy.

I mean, if these guys are hoping to fool people into giving them their credit card details, the least they can do is ensure they spell the sender’s name correctly. The one I received this morning was just a joke.


Just look at the way they’ve spelled ‘department’.

HMV stands for DVD

I was just checking up on some keywords I optimise some websites for, and was quite stunned – nay, in awe of’s ranking in for DVD. They’re #1, out of 1.2 Billion results.

Now that’s impressive.

How did they do this? It’s done through an awful lot of link building, as they have 5,000 indexed Google backlinks compared to just 108 from – who are a similarly sized company and website.

You see what you can achieve if you put in the work?, and of course all rank inside the top 10 as well.

It’s sort of comforting to see the high street retailers getting to grips with ecommerce in a big way.

George’s Google Bomb Defused

Google has just altered its search algorithym to negate the effects of ‘Google Bombing’ on certain phrases, most notable the term ‘Miserable Failure‘ that famously brought up George W Bush’s profile on the White House website as the #1 result.

Google say in their webmaster blog that they’ve only handled a handful of Google Bombs in their ‘automated’ system. Thankfully, my Google Bomb for Darren Joslin remains intact, so I won’t worry about Google’s actions causing me problems anytime soon.

What’s in a name?

Lately I’ve been taking on more websites than I can cope with, and have built up quite an extensive list of domain names that I’ve been meaning to develop. I thought if I listed them here it would some how shame me into kicking them off.

So, in no particular order, here are the domains I’ve been meaning to build websites for…

I also have one adult site, but I’ll leave that off for now. I see I have a lot of work to do, damn.

Google homepage improves RSS

I just logged onto my Google hompage to check my feeds from the variety of crap websites I like to get my daily fix of junk from, and I noticed they’ve updated the way they get the feeds.

Notably, they’ve created a little + sign that allows you to view the description, which has a spanking effect on the feed from I’ve been working on this feed for some time, wanting to get the car images fed through – and now it does! Check it out:

Your car is shit

The feed itself isn’t available from the website yet, as it’s undergoing a radical upgrade to make it 70% more offensive – but should be done by the weekend.

Shit cars direct to your homepage, how cool is that?

1and1’s latest bullshit excuse

For those following the progress of Internet hosting company 1and1’s email screw up this week, the story has taken a comedic yet not entirely unexpected turn.

Internet Geek news The Register has posted its third installment of the news, where some soon to be ex customers of 1and1 have vented their anger.

The real humour comes however from 1and1 themselves, who have passed off this monumental cock up as nothing more than planned server upgrading and maintenance.

Following an important update to our mail server software and the subsequent restart of the mail servers, there have unfortunately been delays in the delivery of inbound email to your mail boxes.

Now don’t bullshit me guys, I’ve used that excuse to clients before myself (any clients reading this, just kidding!).

Oh yes, honestly, your service has been down all week because we’re improving our service to make things better for you, instead of the truth, some pizza faced twat has spilled his coke in the server room and fucked up all of the hardware.


The Joost is loose, around the, er, Internet

Ever wondered what the next HUGE website will be? Ever thought it would be cool to get in on the ground level of a new Internet phenominon before it took off? Well, now’s your chance, and this isn’t some pitch for my own stuff either.

The creators of Skype (sure you’ve heard of that) are in Beta testing of their latest get obscenely rich scheme, this time named Joost. Check it out here, sign up for Beta testing and find out what will be selling to Google or Yahoo in a few years time for several hundred million dollars.