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Google and MTV Video

Google recently completed a trial of new video content in their Adsense program, and one of my sites: was selected by Google to trial the ads. Flattered, and slightly intrigued I ran the ads as they requested, expecting some content relevant to my site to be filtered through.

Unfortunately I only received one video link, that never updated, for Sponge Bob???

Suffice to say it wasn’t a flying success, and the video seemed to slow the site down radically as it loaded.

However, last week I received a parcel from Google! Some branded tat perhaps, like the stuff they send to their top publishers? No, it was strangely a lava lamp. Not quite sure of the relevance of that one, but then the video ads themselves were a little wide of the mark for my content, so I’m not really surprised. Nice thought though, thanks Google!

News of the MTV / Google deal can be read on the BBC site here:

Google Bomb for a larff

We can all be a bit naughty sometimes, and I’m no exception. There’s this guy, a web designer (so he claims) who I’ve had to follow on from on a number of projects in recent years. Let’s make no bones about it, he’s pretty crap. It’s become a bore having to explain to clients why their sites don’t work, don’t rank in SE’s and basically don’t make them any money.

He even used a dodgy black hat SEO company called Business First, who everyone should avoid like the plague by the way. They filled the websites with hidden text and hidden links to other sites they were paid to perform their own brand of SEO on.

So I was fed up, do you blame me? I decided to show him what SEO was about, and did this little gem:

This has annoyed, and perplexed him so much, you’ll notice he’s actually had his new company PAY for Google Adwords on the phrase. What a complete tosser.

Morality of Websites

For the first time ever, I’m actually starting to question a website I’ve built. I create these sites so that they can slot into my affiliate network, and all contribute towards the earnings – so they need to be successful both in terms of traffic and CTR.

Now, I recently created a site that I thought would become quite big, quite fast, and sure enough it’s well on its way as it performs very well in Google for its targeted phrases. However, it’s a site that is going to court controversy, and indeed start one or two problems. You see, the site is called ‘My Ex Is A Bitch’, and allows guys to post photographs and tales of their ex’s exploits for others to vote on how much of a bitch they think they are.

Could get messy huh?

I won’t post a link to it, as it’s already started to get somewhat racy. I’m just a little concerned that it’s already gone too far, and can only get worse. Have I made a mistake with this one?

Joke Museum is a domain I’ve had for some years, and have never bothered to actually do anything with… until now.

It’s not finished yet, and should be going live later this week – but hopefully will become something of a success. It’s based on the old viral model, whereby users submit their own content and vote on what they think the best jokes are. It’ll have all the usual features such as ‘send to a friend’ and although it’ll be competing in a very competitive market it should do well.