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1and1 Internet still buggered

Internet nerd site The Register reported today that 1and1 Internet have been pissing off their customers for the second time this week.

Hosting and email provider 1and1 has annoyed its customers for the second time this week with patchy service.

The Register has been contacted by a dozen irate 1and1 customers, all complaining that their inability to access email, which the firm told us it had sorted on Tuesday, had resurfaced.

Many have had trouble contacting the firm. Our own call was sent to hold music for several minutes and then went dead. A recorded message informs callers the firm is working on a technical fault and is hoping to have normal service resumed “as soon as possible”.

Readers report both POP3 and SMTP are a no-go.

Reader Craig said:

The last email I received properly was 11:11 this morning, and I just get a send & receive error in Outlook when I try. Their webmail interface just gives a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error too!
And Mark asks asks what we’re itching to know too: “Any idea what’s behind their bullsh*t excuses?”

Of course, this isn’t the second time 1and1 have pissed off their customers this week. It’s the first, because they never fixed the sodding problem in the first place. I phoned them this morning, and got an engaged tone on their support line, so phoned their sales line – and naturally got through.

Someone promissed that everything would be sorted by this afternoon, and mumbled something about them jumping the gun with their earlier optimism about the problem being fixed. We’ll see about that eh?

Don’t panic, everything’s ok says 1and1

For the last few days I, like many thousands of people have been experiencing problems with my email through my hosting company 1and1 Internet.

Luckily, 1and1 says the problems are all sorted, the following is taken from Internet nerd news site The Register:

Yesterday, a number of UK customers experienced some delay in receiving inbound email. The delay was due to a surge in email volumes over our email servers. Our email system continued to receive all email during this time, with only its delivery to inboxes being delayed.

The email delay was handled according to set procedure, emails were queued and stored and no email was lost during this time.

The technical issue was resolved and all emails involved are being delivered safely. Only 1&1 email users were affected.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers due to the queuing of emails.

Today, 1&1’s UK Customer Control Panel was temporarily unavailable for a very short time whilst systems were maintained.

Well that’s nice to know isn’t it? Now, when I fail miserably to get my email I can take comfort in the fact 1and1 says everything’s hunky fucking dory.

Of course, it’s not. It still doesn’t sodding work, so their sticking their heads in the sand doesn’t make the problem go away. 1and1, get it sorted you muppets.

Google PR Update

Today is the day that many nerds all over the net wet their online pants about – Google has updated its visible toolbar Page Rank. Yay!

While this isn’t the most important aspect to a website’s success, it does show that things are heading in the right direction if you get an increase, as I did with the website However, went down from 5 to 4, gutted.

Thankfully the main site, held firm at a PR6. however is too new to rank at all, maybe next time. All the sites linking in here, it should score heavily in the next update.

So, whether the update has been kind to you, or not so kind, let me wish you all a Happy PR Update Day!

SEO Links

I’ve had a tits full of people who think that by adding links to other websites onto their own site, they’ll somehow improve their ranking. What utter cod shite! Yeah sure, add a link to Google and MSN and they’ll rank you higher, why wouldn’t they?


If you owned a shop, would telling all of your customers about other shops improve your sales? Like nuts it would. “Hello, I’d like a jacket potato please” – “Why sir, they’re much better in the shop down the road, far cheaper too, why don’t you go there instead?”.

Morons. Linking to other website DOES NOT improve your bloody ranking, in any way, shape or form. Anyone who tells you it does it an utter wanktard. Laugh at them, call them names and tell them to go away and link to other sites themselves. In fact, tell them to link to yours, if they think it improves their ranking.

Actually, scratch all of that, everyone who wants to improve their ranking can link to I don’t mind, knock yourself out. You’ll be #1 in Google for everything then, all of you, every single one of you.

The spector of Joslin

You may remember a previous rant about how utterly useless my predecessor, Darren Joslin was?

Even now, two years on from replacing this retarded baboon, I’m still having to clean up his stinking mess. What now? Well, seems the free hosted sendmail script he used on EVERY SODDING website has been altered, thus all of the website he built don’t work any more.

I’ve already had one client phone up wondering why their contact form doesn’t work, and I’m expecting a LOT more. This is really pissing me off. Why must I continue to clean up after this toss hole???

Even came across another school girl error of his today. You CANNOT use VB Script in a HTML file, dumbass! The useless gimp, everything he’s built should be wiped clean from the Internet.

I’ve got to stop drinking at lunch time

It’s the same pattern every time, pint of lager, crazy idea, get back to the office and buy a domain name. I’ve got so many sodding domains just sat there now there’s enough work stacked up for the next few years.

What was it this time? A dating site now, Quite a good domain really, but how long before I get round to building that one eh? Could be years.

I’ve already got domains like MyExIsABastard.Net, TheWebKit.Com,, and many more too lurid to mention here. So you see; I’ve got more on than I can cope with. Next Hot Date will be fun though, a dating site that’s free to use, coming to the web near you as soon as I can spare the time.

Build the Blog, and they will come

An interesting idea has arisen (courtesy of Duh_Prez from TheTF.Net forum). As this Blog site has been built already, I could very easily offer it to the community within my network. There are many people in there who would relish the carte blanch that a blog such as this would give them.

So… with that in mind, I aim to construct a blog syndication for TheTransformers.Net shortly so that the users of that site can have their very own blog, just like this one. They’ll be able to run their own blog site as they see fit, under their own sub-domain, and even skin the site however they choose.

Is there a point in me doing this I hear you ask? Of course there is, but as ever with me, the point is hard for the uninitiated to see.

It’s there though, trust me!

Page Rank 6 for Transformers!

Page Rank may not be the most important thing in the world, but it’s nice when you get one above a 5 – and TheTransformers.Net has just received a PR6 in the latest Google update. I imagine much of this is due to the recent SEO contest run by where TheTransformers.Net finished 7th out of several million results. You can see the top ten results here. This was achieved in part due to the online TF community all supporting the website with backlinks, hence the PR increase.

All makes sense now don’t it?