I’ve pissed off another car website

If you remember last year I managed to piss off the wankers at saxperience.com when some Nottingham based chav twat named Jezpick telephoned me and threatened to ‘fuck me up’.

Here’s Jezpick in case you’re wondering just how scared I was at this monkey.


Naturally the little cock sucker wouldn’t reply to me when I contacted him back, and I’m still waiting now.

This time however it seems I’ve managed to piss off a Nissan Skyline website. How? Same old same old. When Jezpick was outraged it was because my website Your Car Is Shit was taking the royal piss out of Citroen Saxos, and quite rightly too – they’re shit. This time someone has uploaded a Nissan Skyline, which has pissed off the wankers at skylineowners.com.

Now, I’m not saying they’re all wankers. I’m sure some of them are quite nice people. But why can’t they realise that just because someone has uploaded a photo of a Skyline to a shit car website, it doesn’t mean the owner of the website thinks their car is shit. In fact, Skylines are decent cars. Wouldn’t drive one myself mind, bit boy racer like, but they are decent.

Yet, these stupid tosspots once again seem hell bent on posting my name, address and phone number and then phoning me up and refusing to speak when I answer. Here’s the thread. I’ve also saved it for posterity, giggles, evidence – call it what you will.

I notice too that the admin has deleted some aspects of the thread, not before I grabbed it of course. He needs to be careful there, could get in some serious trouble. Some of the shit that was posted on his website was highly illegal. Probably wants to remove the address too, don’t want another saxperience on our hands now do we?

Incidentally, two can play this game: Martin Leonard, 210 Lower Farnham Rd, Aldershot, GU12 4EN, United Kingdom 07949 636520 – the owner of the site. I might just contact Pipex about offensive materials and inciting hatred on a site they host. Might be worth it, haven’t shut a website down for months.

GAME redesigns again

UK retailer, and my former employer, GAME has redesigned its website again. This always upsets me because every redesign they do takes it further and further away from the GAME I worked on. What’s worse, everytime they redesign I actually like it. This time is no exception. Their new site is stunning, and it’s SEO friendly.

Yup, their inhouse developers, while not playing World of Warcraft or Star Wars games have done a stellar job yet again. Nice one Tony and the lads.

Check out the good work here: http://www.game.co.uk

My house is up for sale for £118,950

I just heard from a friend of mine that my house is up for sale with estate agents Darlows. You can view the listing online here.

Now, I knew it was going up for sale but I didn’t know they’d be listing it as 3 bedrooms. You see, it’s a 4 bedroom house. They’ve classed the smaller of the 4 bedrooms as a study, thus reducing the value of the property. This has been done because the money grabbing ex-wife wants a quick sale as she’s up to her eyes in debt. Defrauding Direct Line insurance didn’t help her there, I’m sure by now they’ve asked her for the money back.

Anyhow, it’s all relative as the house won’t actually be sold. I’ve been paying the mortgage solely for the past year, costing me around £8,000, and she wants 65% of the equity. Hmm, not much point me paying it anymore then eh? So I’ve not been. At the end of October the mortgage company will instigate proceedings to repossess the house, and they can have it too… with my blessing.

65% of nothing is, er… nothing. Greedy slag.

My final demand to Royal & Sun Alliance

I’ve recently sent this letter off to Royal & Sun Alliance as my patience with them is at an end. Hopefully now they’ll actually do something and fix the car they were supposed to fix last year. I live more in hope than in expectation, but as my previous blog showed; they do read this website, so maybe it’ll spur them into dynamic action.

Zoe Banks
Royal & Sun Alliance
PO Box 21561

Reference: **************

Zoe, thank you for your letter dated 31st July with regards to my car, the BMW Z3, registration P192 PLR.

However I feel you may over looked a few points.

I understand that there would be no need to replace the lock set for my car if the key had been recovered because a new key cannot be made without adequate documentation for the vehicle. However, the key was never recovered. I had to give my spare key to the Hillcroft in order for them to recover my car.

I only ever had one key back, my spare key.

If as you say the car was recovered with the key in the ignition then please produce the key. I will accept that the locks do not need changing if you can provide me with the original key, otherwise replace the locks as instructed.

With regards to the damage and providing an estimate, I’m afraid I cannot do that as the car is no longer insured, taxed or MOT’d and as such cannot take the car to a repair shop. It was 13 months ago when you should have acted. I have tried to get someone to come to see the car where it resides, but alas no one is interested in doing so.

So, as again it was your fault the car was not fixed last year I expect you to arrange for someone to visit the car to provide an estimate, and then repair it. Please let me know when you have made these arrangements. The car is currently located at *********, Newport.

With regards to the £55 you owe me for lost items, I am not willing to wait any longer for this as it been over a year. Kindly send me a cheque to my Manchester address without further delay for that amount.

Finally, with regards to the content on the website www.mrdaz.com; all statements on the website are accurate. If RSA is embarrassed by the content it is perhaps due to RSA’s incompetence over the past year. You will also find on the website detailing of further incompetent acts by various parties, including Direct Line, who are also responsible for the mess surrounding the BMW.

Their case is currently with the financial ombudsman.

I record all of my phone calls, and am entitled to do so. They are posted on the website as I believe it is in the interest of all concerned to discover just how bad customer service can be with various companies, including RSA.

I will consider removing the content once this matter has been resolved to my satisfaction. I have seen little sign of that so far, one year on.

I look forward to your reply.


Darren Jamieson

Let’s see what they come back with. I have a feeling I’ll be buried with that car, still unfixed.

Insurance company keeps tabs on MrDaz.com

While checking my website stats this morning I noticed a very interesting referral from an unknown source. It seems that 7 times between September 8th and September 22nd I have received visitors from a desktop application that checks claims history…

Interesting. This means that my website has a link pasted into it in someone’s application at an Insurance company, and they’ve been regularly clicking on the link to view my site. Obviously unknowing that I can track them. Now the question is, is this Royal & Sun Alliance or is it Direct Line?

Whoever it is, their reference in the database for my site is: 67752 – as you can see from this screen shot of my stats from Google Analytics.

Insurance statistics

Hello people from the Insurance company! Nice to see you frequent my website. If it’s Direct Line looking at my site, don’t worry, the financial ombudsman will be in touch shortly, but if it’s Royal & Sun Alliance as I suspect, deal with my last letter as instructed. Fix my damn car as you should have done over a year ago and send me the money you owe me.

If you spent more time dealing with your claims and doing your job instead of browsing my (admittedly very amusing) website you wouldn’t have any of the trouble you have now.

Direct Line reject MrDaz as an affiliate

As an affiliate marketer I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to make money from different merchants. While browsing through Tradedoubler last week I noticed some adverts for Direct Line Insurance… you may remember that Direct Line are the scam merchants who tried to reposess my car after paying out the wrong person.

Well, as a website for this merchant I added none other that MrDaz.com. Guess what? I received this reply from the theiving bastards.

From: TradeDoubler [mailto:no_reply@ext.tradedoubler.com]
Sent: 23 September 2007 22:01
To: ***@*******.***
Subject: TradeDoubler application declined / denied

Unfortunately your application for http://www.mrdaz.com to Direct Line have been denied.

The most likely reason is that the merchant did not think that the content of your site was suitable for them. To see if the merchant has a specific criteria when evaluatating affiliate sites, please see the merchant program page.

Best regards,


The funny thing us of course, whenever I mention Direct Line on this blog I get Direct Line adverts pop up from Google Adsense, so their ads are on here anyway. Doubt my site is much of an advert though. If you want to be ripped off and lose the whole value of your car, go with Direct Line. I did, and my car is still sat dormant 14 months on!

Just Search offers Affiliate Marketing

Just Search now has an Affiliate Marketing department, the details of which can be seen on their websie. I’m quite pleased about this because I’m involved with it, and will be using my many long years (am I that old?) of experience to help Just Search build this department and their client base.

If you need to know more about it, have a look at the affiliate page on Just Search, or pop along to ad:tech next week where Just Search will be there on the 26th and 27th September.