I’ve pissed off another car website

If you remember last year I managed to piss off the wankers at saxperience.com when some Nottingham based chav twat named Jezpick telephoned me and threatened to ‘fuck me up’.

Here’s Jezpick in case you’re wondering just how scared I was at this monkey.


Naturally the little cock sucker wouldn’t reply to me when I contacted him back, and I’m still waiting now.

This time however it seems I’ve managed to piss off a Nissan Skyline website. How? Same old same old. When Jezpick was outraged it was because my website Your Car Is Shit was taking the royal piss out of Citroen Saxos, and quite rightly too – they’re shit. This time someone has uploaded a Nissan Skyline, which has pissed off the wankers at skylineowners.com.

Now, I’m not saying they’re all wankers. I’m sure some of them are quite nice people. But why can’t they realise that just because someone has uploaded a photo of a Skyline to a shit car website, it doesn’t mean the owner of the website thinks their car is shit. In fact, Skylines are decent cars. Wouldn’t drive one myself mind, bit boy racer like, but they are decent.

Yet, these stupid tosspots once again seem hell bent on posting my name, address and phone number and then phoning me up and refusing to speak when I answer. Here’s the thread. I’ve also saved it for posterity, giggles, evidence – call it what you will.

I notice too that the admin has deleted some aspects of the thread, not before I grabbed it of course. He needs to be careful there, could get in some serious trouble. Some of the shit that was posted on his website was highly illegal. Probably wants to remove the address too, don’t want another saxperience on our hands now do we?

Incidentally, two can play this game: Martin Leonard, 210 Lower Farnham Rd, Aldershot, GU12 4EN, United Kingdom 07949 636520 – the owner of the site. I might just contact Pipex about offensive materials and inciting hatred on a site they host. Might be worth it, haven’t shut a website down for months.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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10 thoughts on “I’ve pissed off another car website”

  1. Ah yes, bloody hackers. Afraid that’s part and parcel of living in the firing line. They go after high traffic websites and SQL inject code into the database.

    Fixed that now, set the database back a bit though. Will be dropping the Windows platform soon anyhow, so no real loss.

  2. Sadly they’ve deleted the thread now. Probably for the best. Good job I have a copy though eh? Might post some of it up here for a laugh.

  3. Skylineowners.com admin’s deleted the thread. Do us a favour & post your cut & paste will you pls?

  4. Sure thing Steve, here’s an extract:

    Join Date: Dec 2006
    Location: East Midlands
    Posts: 130
    Member ID: 9876
    “seems Skylines are chav now Just got sent this site from a mate. http://www.yourcarisshit.com/latest_shit_cars.asp Seems Skylines are now chav.”

    Join Date: Mar 2007
    Posts: 607
    Member ID: 10991
    “My guess, the site owner is someone who can’t afford one.”

    Skyline Girl
    Join Date: Feb 2006
    Location: Southampton
    Posts: 1,860
    Member ID: 6784
    “Thats Bruce-M’s car”

    Join Date: May 2006
    Location: Aberdeen
    Posts: 843
    Member ID: 7904
    “My guess is that it’s some pettys individuals attempt at having a go at eithier a) this forum or b) Bruce directly. Cos you can submit any car, I don’t think it’s the site owners selection of chosen cars. Of course, it could have been General Banter who submitted it cos Bruce has turned down his many advances! Bruce’s car looks awesome.”

    General Banter
    Join Date: May 2006
    Location: Bedfordshire
    Posts: 5,923
    Member ID: 7718
    “Well Bruce should learn to stop saying no then, shouldn’t he. Then I wouldn’t have to do this kind of thing”

    Rich B
    Registered User
    Drives: R33 Skyline
    Join Date: Mar 2005
    Location: Midlands
    Posts: 887
    Member ID: 3784
    “Luckliy: heres the pricks address if anyone would like ‘discuss’ it with him…

    Darren Jamieson

    +44 **********
    what a c…..”

  5. Your all a bunch of Wankers, and let me get this straight Pug 106’s and Skylines are not chav, but all ur mums are chavs, so how about you all go round mr daz’s for a huge gay orgy (you all probs do anyway)

  6. A Pug 106 is not chav? You dumb donkey raping clit bandit. I hate to break this to you scrotum sack, but you are a chav. Sorry old boy.

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