My house is up for sale for £118,950

I just heard from a friend of mine that my house is up for sale with estate agents Darlows. You can view the listing online here.

Now, I knew it was going up for sale but I didn’t know they’d be listing it as 3 bedrooms. You see, it’s a 4 bedroom house. They’ve classed the smaller of the 4 bedrooms as a study, thus reducing the value of the property. This has been done because the money grabbing ex-wife wants a quick sale as she’s up to her eyes in debt. Defrauding Direct Line insurance didn’t help her there, I’m sure by now they’ve asked her for the money back.

Anyhow, it’s all relative as the house won’t actually be sold. I’ve been paying the mortgage solely for the past year, costing me around £8,000, and she wants 65% of the equity. Hmm, not much point me paying it anymore then eh? So I’ve not been. At the end of October the mortgage company will instigate proceedings to repossess the house, and they can have it too… with my blessing.

65% of nothing is, er… nothing. Greedy slag.

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