Mr Daz goes to WordPress

It had to happen. I’ve been running my own ASP developed Blog now for nearly a year and I’ve finally given in to the WordPress junkies who’ve hounded me every single day while at work, banging on about how simple it is, how it has so many pluggins and how it even has a poo pluggin?

Never mind.

Well, I’ve taken the bait and gone all Wordy on my Blog’s ass. All of my old blogs will be migrated across this weekend – including the podcasts, so don’t worry you chaps from Direct Line, RSA and BT… I’ve not forgotten you x.

Getting a generic term to #1 in Google

Now I’m not usually one to toot my own horn… yeah right. I’m more the sort to plug my horn into an amplifier, crank it up to full power and conduct a live webcast while I blast the crap out of it. So with that in mind, I just wanted to show some SEO muscle flexing. If you’ve got ’em, flex ’em; and why the hell not.

How hard is it to get a website to #1 in Google for a generic term? Well, try the term ‘Lingerie‘. You’ll see, or should do at the time of writing, that the website Lingerie Confidential is #1.

Here’s a screenshot of the SERPs

I’m not about to reveal how this was done obviously. What am I, a charity?

All or Nothing

I’ve just managed to get my graduation film on Google Video. I initially applied for a Director Account with YouTube before Google bought them out, only to find they’d removed the ability to upload videos over 10 minutes in length… damn. Then I uploaded it to Google Video only to have Google reject it.

Why? I asked the question, and received a very nice reply from the chaps at Google saying it was in error, and they have rectified it. Good eggs. My graduation film from 1998, All or Nothing, is now on Google Video. Enjoy.

You need to have flashplayer enabled to watch this Google video

Update 21st April 2011

Google Video is shutting down, so the video has been added to YouTube instead:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Dmoz take action against Transformers

It seems my ongoing dispute with the guys at Dmoz has taken a nasty turn for the worst. My calling them corrupt and insisting they abuse their power and take bribes for inclusions has caused them to lash out at me. How? The corrupt bastards have removed one of my sites from the directory. has been in Dmoz for years, and is a 7 year old domain crammed with content, yet they, in their infinite corruption have decided to remove it.

I don’t mind really, it just shows how childish and corrupt they are. It won’t effect the site’s rankings one iota, so good luck Dmoz, we won’t miss you when you crumble.

Nearly arrested

Well, I nearly got arrested on Thursday night. The police were called and they found me, crowbar in hand, battering the crap out of my door.

The whole thing was videod, and I’ll be editing the footage tonight. It’s priceless, and shows just how moronic our police force are.

This one’s worth the wait. Updates to follow.

Mr Daz phones the Police

Not Sting and co, the cops, the fuzz, the pigs. After hearing that my ex’s father had entered my house in Wales and changed my locks, and being told by him that he wasn’t giving me a key, I phoned the police.

Surprisingly the police were as fucking useless as ever. Listen to this shitfest online now.

Tomorrow night I’ll be heading down to ‘collect’ my key and filming the event for you lucky people. I expect to have to break into my house with a sledgehammer later that night.

Should make for a great video. Stay tuned folks.