House huntin’s thirst work

For the last two nights now my flatmate Paul Burgess and myself have tried to look for a flat in Manchester. Tuesday night in the town centre and last night in Didsbury. Both times our search didn’t really go any further than a bar.

In our defence, we need to check out the local watering holes before deciding on our place of domicile – but yeah, we probably should at least look at one flat on our search.

We’ll try again next week, wish us luck.

I’ve found a website I like, shock horror

It’s not often I post something positive here, so pay attention when I do. I’ve come across a website from a design agency based in New York and it’s bloody amazing.


Rather than just being a nice looking site (as you’d hope the website for a design agency would be) it’s also well built and constructed in SEO terms. Something most design agencies have no conept of.

Top marks to these guys.

Sky TV lose out on my money

It’s the last day of the football season and I’m sat here listening to it on the radio. Why? Because I’ve cancelled Sky… why? Because they’re money grabbing bastards who think more about getting new customers than looking after the ones they already have.

I’ve been with Sky for over 4 years, and wanted to upgrade to Sky +. Not an unreasonable request eh? Seems for me to do that they wanted me to pay DOUBLE what my next door neighbour would pay as he doesn’t have Sky.

How is that for loyalty to your customers.

Naturally I said screw that, and cancelled the bloody thing. They then had the cheek to phone up and ask why I’d cancelled, and offered me all maner of shite in order to resubscribe, including Sky + for free.

I couldn’t believe it, naturally I said no. If they want to rip off their existing customers that’s up to them, but I’m not going to rejoin a company that makes it its policy to do just that.

So here I am, listening to the last day of the Premier League season on Five Live.

Come on Robbie Fowler!

GoStats Web Stats


I’m going to preach to you now. Preach the importance of web stats. Many people run their own websites using Adsence, Amazon ads or some other affiliate advertising yet have no idea how much traffic they’re receiving, or where it’s coming from.

How can you expect to get the most from your website if you don’t what your visitors are looking for when they find you? What pages they’re coming in on, and where they’re coming from? It’s like running a business without ever looking at your sales figures. It’s the ultimate in stupidity.

Luckily there are loads of different websites and packages out that offer you comprehensive stats on your website’s traffic. One such site is GoStats web stats offer a free basic counter for you to keep tabs on your traffic levels, but for the more in-depth traffic analysis you’ll need to convert your visitors into cash you’ll want the full version, which has three subscription pricing tiers.

You can subscribe to the counter for a month, 6-month or yearly period depending on your budget.

Of course you may be asking what does GoStats do that the newly revamped Google Analytics doesn’t already do, and for free to boot? Well, GoStats does offer the inclusion of your website in its top sites directory list, which is a high PR list thus worth the effort in itself; however for pure features in statistics analysis it’s worth trying both GoStats web stats demo and Google Analytics first, before you buy.

Direct Line are lying bastards

I’m sure everyone’s been waiting for an update on the stolen car saga, yeah? Well this is your lucky day.

I contacted Chloe O’Driscol of Direct Line the other week to ask why no one has bothered to get back to me since January 28th. She remembered my call, and thought someone else was doing it. That tells you a lot eh?

I reminded her of the situation, my car was stolen then recovered, my ex-wife saw pound signs and claimed the insurance money from Direct Line, then spent it quick so they couldn’t get it back, Direct Line wanted my car. All up to speed? Good.

Chloe said she’d speak with the legal team and investigate the possibility of getting the marker removed from my car so I could use or sell it. She asked if I had the V5 document proving it was mine, and that if I could post that to her she could speed things up.

Now at this point alarm bells started ringing. But I did it anyway. She then got back to me a few days later and said the legal team have looked at the situation and decided they were NOT going to remove the marker from my car, and that I was liable to return my car to them.

They said what now?

That’s right – I have to give my car to them. I asked Chloe to return my V5 to me. She refused, saying it had to go to the claims department for them to decide. I suggested to her that she had deliberately conned me into sending it, she denied this.

She went on to say that she wasn’t refusing to send my form back, so I asked her again to send it back, she said no.

Surely a refusal?

You see, the cold hard facts of this are that my car was stolen, I am STILL paying a loan for it, and I cannot use the car. I have continued to be out of pocket for this since it was stolen in JULY LAST YEAR!!!

Direct Line paid out someone who was not the owner of the car, without a crime number, without speaking to the responsible insurance company (RSA) and AFTER the car had been recovered… yet they still say they acted properly.

They obviously believe by chasing my ex-wife they won’t get their money, and I’m more likely to be able to pay. Meanwhile my car sits rotting somewhere, and I keep paying the loan.

These fucking thieving bastards are pissing me off. I paid for the fucking car, they stupidly paid someone else for it and now I’m the one suffering.

Don’t use Direct Line, they’re a bunch of thieving incompetent wankers. If they’d like to sue for liable, please try… I can prove everything I have said. Fuckwits.