Direct Line are lying bastards


I’m sure everyone’s been waiting for an update on the stolen car saga, yeah? Well this is your lucky day.

I contacted Chloe O’Driscol of Direct Line the other week to ask why no one has bothered to get back to me since January 28th. She remembered my call, and thought someone else was doing it. That tells you a lot eh?

I reminded her of the situation, my car was stolen then recovered, my ex-wife saw pound signs and claimed the insurance money from Direct Line, then spent it quick so they couldn’t get it back, Direct Line wanted my car. All up to speed? Good.

Chloe said she’d speak with the legal team and investigate the possibility of getting the marker removed from my car so I could use or sell it. She asked if I had the V5 document proving it was mine, and that if I could post that to her she could speed things up.

Now at this point alarm bells started ringing. But I did it anyway. She then got back to me a few days later and said the legal team have looked at the situation and decided they were NOT going to remove the marker from my car, and that I was liable to return my car to them.

They said what now?

That’s right – I have to give my car to them. I asked Chloe to return my V5 to me. She refused, saying it had to go to the claims department for them to decide. I suggested to her that she had deliberately conned me into sending it, she denied this.

She went on to say that she wasn’t refusing to send my form back, so I asked her again to send it back, she said no.

Surely a refusal?

You see, the cold hard facts of this are that my car was stolen, I am STILL paying a loan for it, and I cannot use the car. I have continued to be out of pocket for this since it was stolen in JULY LAST YEAR!!!

Direct Line paid out someone who was not the owner of the car, without a crime number, without speaking to the responsible insurance company (RSA) and AFTER the car had been recovered… yet they still say they acted properly.

They obviously believe by chasing my ex-wife they won’t get their money, and I’m more likely to be able to pay. Meanwhile my car sits rotting somewhere, and I keep paying the loan.

These fucking thieving bastards are pissing me off. I paid for the fucking car, they stupidly paid someone else for it and now I’m the one suffering.

Don’t use Direct Line, they’re a bunch of thieving incompetent wankers. If they’d like to sue for liable, please try… I can prove everything I have said. Fuckwits.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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5 thoughts on “Direct Line are lying bastards”

  1. I came across your blog perchance, and as a former DLI employee (Motor too, as it happens), I whole heartedly agree with you. The company can be summed up by the phrase “Ass backwards”, and as for the number of times they have shifted us round, lied and basically made life far too difficult before I left… Well, I know how you feel.

    This company is full of idiocy on a massive scale.

    If it makes a shred of difference to you, I took to saying “Direct Lie Insurance” when introducing myself on the phone.


  3. I have to laugh at this, I worked for them too and when I started I was on a temp contract and when I switched over to an RBS contract I needed an RBS account – why I asked – thats the way it is, they said

    and also because of the fact I didn’t have an rbs account I wasn’t paid my full wage the first month and was given an ADVANCEMENT – not my wage – and advancement of 2/3’s which was to be recooped from my account when I got paid the following month, which is technically illegal. So I questioned this and because I had went to acas and not unite – two separate unions – they said they wouldn’t recognize my comment, so they also think they can ignore the law as well

    they have no feeling or respect for their employees and will treat you like shit, dont work for them, and their systems are absolutley awful, just stay away from the whole company PERIOD

    worst job I ever had

  4. Direct Line are absolute shite, they lost my no claims form
    which I sent in when I joined them, so without telling me they
    increased my direct debit monthly payments without even contacting
    me to ask for another copy of the form, when I stopped my direct
    debit they tried to charge me a cancellation fee…i spoke to an
    operator and said that they could ‘shove the cancellation fee up
    their arses’ and they would not get a single penny out of me as
    they had been overcharging me for 3 months…i was marked as a bad
    customer…they are the shittest insurance company going…they are
    also a part of churchill so i wont use them either!!!

  5. Had over 8 years of No Claims as a named driver, when I wanted a policy under my name I wasn’t eligible because the main policy hasn’t been renewed for over 90 days!!! So 8 years worth of history of accident free driving gone down the drain for 90 days. When I see this ad on TV I can’t help but show it my middle finger. F U direct line, Elephant beat the quote with 0 years NCB anyway. Should have said 12 months for the price of 36 you lying Tw@s…

    So angry want to let everyone know, whats the best damaging website to expose these assholes? I left my feedback on youtube, where else???

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