Sky TV lose out on my money


It’s the last day of the football season and I’m sat here listening to it on the radio. Why? Because I’ve cancelled Sky… why? Because they’re money grabbing bastards who think more about getting new customers than looking after the ones they already have.

I’ve been with Sky for over 4 years, and wanted to upgrade to Sky +. Not an unreasonable request eh? Seems for me to do that they wanted me to pay DOUBLE what my next door neighbour would pay as he doesn’t have Sky.

How is that for loyalty to your customers.

Naturally I said screw that, and cancelled the bloody thing. They then had the cheek to phone up and ask why I’d cancelled, and offered me all maner of shite in order to resubscribe, including Sky + for free.

I couldn’t believe it, naturally I said no. If they want to rip off their existing customers that’s up to them, but I’m not going to rejoin a company that makes it its policy to do just that.

So here I am, listening to the last day of the Premier League season on Five Live.

Come on Robbie Fowler!

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