Carphone Warehouse employee lies


I’m pretty sure I’ve explained reputation management on this website before. It’s quite simple, it’s about making sure that your business or personal name features positive results in the search engines when someone searches for you.

That’s the basic idea at least. Yet most people don’t understand how this works, and they think that by visiting websites and forums that feature negative comments, and ‘pretending’ to be someone impartial who is posting a positive comment, they’ll redress the balance.

This is of course idiotic. The public aren’t that stupid and anyone who tries this will be found out for the moron that they are.

Take this comment by a ‘Carphone Warehouse customer’ for instance. The post itself ranks on the first page of Google for ‘Carphone Warehouse Complaints’, and has obviously been spotted by Carphone Warehouse themselves, who hoped to convince the 70+ people who had commented on the blog that Carphone Warehouse were in fact a good company, by pretending to be a customer.

Here is the comment in full:

Just thought I’d add, I’ve been a carphone warehouse customer for over 10 years now and have never had a bad experience with them. I have had to put 2 phones in for repair due to faults, I paid my deposit for “loan phone” and within a couple of weeks recieved my phone back working fine and had my deposit refunded within a reasonable time.

Happy customers don’t seem to get so passionate about their experience as unhappy buyers…

Surely we should be getting upset with the manufacturers issuing substandard goods onto the market, then washing their hands of said products, leaving the retailer to pick up the tab.

Sounds a little fishy doesn’t it?

The first line for example, “I’ve been a carphone warehouse customer for over 10 years now and have never had a bad experience with them” – that set the alarm bells ringing straight away. Anyone who claims to have been with Carphone Warehouse for 10 years and has never had a problem with them is clearly delusional, or not to be trusted.

The use of wording too seems a little odd, almost as though it came from a handbook “had my deposit refunded within a reasonable time”. What’s a reasonable time? Couldn’t they commit to a time?

The final paragraph that sided with the retailers clearly shows that this person works for a retailer. Nobody speaks like that otherwise.

Of course all of this is conjecture. I may be reading too much into this and this person may indeed be a genuine customer of Carphone Warehouse with 10 years of nothing but good experiences with them.

Then again, as this idiot used their REAL email address to post the comment,, perhaps their comment should be taken with a HUGE pinch of salt.

C Robins of Carphone Warehouse; when you attempt to play reputation management online, pretending to be a customer of your own company, at least have the intelligence to NOT use your own business email address!


Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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30 thoughts on “Carphone Warehouse employee lies”

  1. I upgraded my phone (to iphone 3gs) recently on a condition that they provide me free dock station. However I recieved a dock connector which is part of the iphone box & the CPW employee is raising his voice against me for making a complaint saying that he meant to give dock connector free. They are bunch of liers & cheaters. If we are not careful, they may even say that they are giving charger also for free.

  2. Can someone tell me if Carphonewarehouse does have Customer Loyalty program for customers who stay with CPW over 5.5 years? This is told by CPW employee over phone. I couldn’t find any relavant info on this on internet. Thanks.

  3. Customer for 10 years, employee for only 2.

    Liked the company so much I got a job here…

    I don’t tell lies and for you to say that I lied in print is liblelous, not that I have the inclination to do anything about it, far too busy living life to the full thanks very much.

    Proud to work for Carphone, and you can all say what you like about me if it takes the focus off someone else for a while.

    I walk out of work with my head held high every day, I hope you can all say the same?

    Congratulations on your groundbreaking discovery. I really must learn to cover my tracks when saying nice things about any given subject.

    All emails to my work email address greatfully received. I do like a bit of light reading for my coffee break.

    Merry Christmas from all at the Carphone Warehouse…

    And a Happy New Year.


  4. It’s hardly a groundbreaking discovery Claire – Carphone Warehouse employee pretends to be customer and posts positive review of own company on blog, too stupid to use different email address.

    Pretty standard stuff really.

    You did lie. You pretended you were an impartial customer, when you were not. You kept your affiliation secret in an attempt to deceive. Very clever, it worked a treat for you and for Carphone Warehouse. Hope your head is high when you leave work today, you’ve done a good job covering your tracks on here.

  5. You make me sound like a double agent, I’m quite impressed, I could get used to leading this amazing double life.

    One question, if I had posted a negative review of CPW on here and then you later found out I was an employee , would you be as scathing in your opinion of me? Or would I be welcomed into the “I hate Carphone Club” with open arms irrespective of my occupation.

    I think you might be biased because of your negative experience, we do have many happy customers, I’m just sorry you’re not one of them. I would like to think that if you had a positive experience you would be shouting it from the rooftops… though somehow I doubt it. Vitriol seems to be your raison d’etre…

    I’ve said all I have to say on this now. Shan’t be visiting your site anymore, it’s far too earnest and self important to be anything other than a scratching post for the disenchanted, disect me at your leisure…

    Off to play with the cool cats…

  6. Oooh, I’ve been insulted by a Carphone Warehouse employee. But then, it’s not the first time for me, nor many people on here. Insulting customers seems to be your raison d’être.

    Perhaps you should try improving customer service, rather than playing at being a customer and attempting to con real customers?

    As for not visiting this site anymore and dismissing it as a scratching post, I think the results speak for themselves. Carphone warehouse employees, and its many, many unhappy customers, come here to find the truth… the truth that you have just so perfectly illustrated:

    Carphone Warehouse employees are self important imbeciles who talk down to their customers, insult them and then dismiss them out of hand.

    Good job, now go raise that head.

  7. Email field on your discussion area states

    Mail(will not be published)

    Yet you felt the need to go back on this statement and publish the “idiots” email address anyway…

    Makes a liar of you too Mr Daz….

  8. Just shows you that you shouldn’t believe everything that you read online, this post has taught us that if nothing else 😉

  9. I’ve just been told by someone at Carphone that they have a team of people called “Knowledge Management” whose job it is to pose as satisfied customers online and handle reputation management. I would imagine that all and any positive reviews about the business you may find are from these guys.

    That is so fucking arse-about-face – why companies can’t create goodwill the old fashioned way rather than screwing everyone over and then having to employ a team of people whose job it is to try and clean up the stink they make is something I can’t really grasp.

  10. ‘Knowledge Management’?

    I’m actually impressed that Carphone Warehouse is ‘trying’ to handle the online reputation that is has. Of course, their attempts are completely misguided. You don’t handle reputation management by going round forums and blogs and pretending to be a satisfied customer, giving your own company a glowing review that flies in the face of every other review on the website.

    That’s a completely idiotic and naïve way of attempting to handle reputation management.

    Perhaps they should ask me for advice, I could show them exactly how to do it – I am, after all, already doing it for them in reverse. I just need to switch my aim.

  11. Carphone Warehouse employees are self important imbeciles who talk down to their customers, insult them and then dismiss them out of hand.


    we arent all like that at all…if you read my last post you would see that

  12. Avoid carphone warehouse at all costs.

    Have told serving soldiers that they cant repair their phones as sweat from their ear has caused damage to the phone……………
    how about some carphone warehouse staff be shipped out to afghanistan to learn what a proper job is

    Cpw bring this country down with their lies, their brain washed staff who by the way is probably the only job they can get as its a well known fact that staff turnover at cpw is massive……………………….

    How many qualifications do you need to be a member of staff at cpw.
    Errrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmm none

    But you do need to be a good liar,
    good at passing the buck
    sometimes a sandwich short of a picnic !
    Easily influenced by management

    Mind you i suppose working for them is one step up from being on the dole.

    To all soldiers, sailors and airman who serve this country do not give your custom to carphone warehouse.
    If you spend your hard earned money that you got from fighting on the front line …..

    These people will have it off you and you will have no customer rights.

    Pass this on………………………………..

    Google complaints about the carphone warehouse then pass it on

  13. Update to previous post

    Cpw manager (will not mention store at this moment in time as have filed a court case against cpw)
    do not want them to have any excuse in court……………………………

    But manager is now trying to deny what he had stated in store and during a telephone conversation…………………………..

    Well well well, thank god for voice recorders.

    Said manager has also threatned me with legal action if i name him on any court papers or mention his name to the press !!

    By law i can repeat what he stated to me, we mere mortals who dont work for cpw also have solicitors………….

    Question to cpw staff,
    Cpw pay minmum wage…….. All jobs that dont require any educational qualifications do !

    So how can you afford a solicitor……..?
    Ermmmmmmmmmmmmm let me think……

    Is it by selling customers personal details eg, ( the danielle lloyd case where she sued cpw) for gross neglect of her personal data.
    Or when they were taken to court and made to sort out how they were accidently using old customers details to issue new contracts without that customer knowing…………..

    All the above can be googled, so cant sue me as already splashed all over the world wide web by everybody else.

    So do your best carphone warehouse……..

  14. Fascinating rants. You should talk to Vodafone Customer Service, they told me to FXXX Off when I asked for a PAC code and didn’t want to stay with them!
    I was one of the fortunate ones who Carphone Warehouse did help…yes we do exist.

  15. CPW are the worst ever! I’ve stayed with them for four years, and then I said enough is enough!

  16. “Surely we should be getting upset with the manufacturers issuing substandard goods onto the market, then washing their hands of said products, leaving the retailer to pick up the tab”

    Check out the “Sale of goods act” Claire, then pass it on to your colleagues?

    The liabilty for repairs, faulty goods, replacements and/or refunds are that of the business who instigated the sale.
    Under the act, a customer’s receipt is a binding contract between the seller and the purchaser.

    Any relationship between companies and manufacturers of goods has absolutely no relevance to a customer, as it is the sole responsibilty of the company selling the product to make representations to the manufacturer, regarding quality, repairs, substandard products, etc.

    Be well…

  17. Mr Daz, you sound like a typical Daily Mail reader, always looking for the most inflammatory thing to say in order elicit outrage. Then again I guess that’s what keeps your hit count up!

    Yeah I work for the Carphone Warehouse and yes it does fall down at times in terms of customer service…which massive multi-national consumer facing company does not? The reality is that very few big UK companies actually do customer service very well. Our disposition is not sunny enough for American style, idiot-faced grins and bile inducing words like “Hi welcome to (store of choice) how can I help you today !” But to lay in on CPW the way you do is neither balanced or even accurate.

    Firstly, are you serious? You really think it would be cost efficient to have a member of staff to trawl through forum and complaints sites leaving positive comments and goodwill like some corporate Mary Poppins? That is one conspiracy theory too far my friend.

    Secondly, fact-check before you endorse. The gentleman that alleges that the Knowlege Management (KM) team mastermind this reputation management policy has mashed together truth and lie and is selling it as the answer and it sounds like you bought it! The KM team manage our intranet and Help and Support sites and they also maintain three twitter accounts that are clearly identified as CPW owned.


    That’s it.

    But of course I cannot be believed because I work for the company right….

    Yeah we have a long way to go before customer service is 100% 100% of the time. While we get there maybe people can show a little gratitude for the fact that without CPW everyone in the UK would still be obligated to pay for handsets, Broadband and Laptops. The Chairman of the company is one of the few people who has the balls to stand up to the government against the penalising of people found sharing files on the internet. Something that 90% of people reading this site would be gulity of.

    It’s much more fun to hate than it is support though, right…

  18. @BARKLY maybe you should spend your hard earned taxpayers money on other pursuits, like getting a life!

  19. As we’re all on the subject of pulling each others hair and tripping each other up in the playground I thought I’d just elaborate on the so called ‘blog/forum to winge’ that is this half hearted attempt to deface carphone / I have a major problem with mrpms-daz

    Firstly i’d like to congratulate you MrDaz on a, capturing my attention & b,twisting the minds of every ‘impartial’ customer who may have ever had something small or large go wrong and had the misfortune of falling over this Agony Aunt style blog.

    Secondly I’d like to point out that at no point have you illustrated your so called issue, nor bothered to resolve with any kind of constructive criticism. So at that point i’m afraid you lost my ‘favor’

    To every one else feel free to wonder down the Daz lane and get no where when you need a hand. Clearly this fine man is incapable of communicating within an appropriate manner toward anyone in a retail environment and so takes his ‘pms’ style irritations out of the faceless soul; that is the internet.

    Indeed you can bitch and moan and celebrate your irritations with incapable like minded individuals. Alternatively take my advise.

    Keep your cool, go to whatever outlet you bought whatever product or service you accepted, and genuinely ask for help. If you storm in to a store embarrass anyone in earshot (yes, including other customers…) You’ll get no help and no support.

    Take Marks and Spencer, Take Phones4u, Take MacDonalds, Take whoever you’d like apply the same rule and suddenly they’re no so indifferent.
    Carphone Warehouse Have done nothing but try to deliver a good service through the best people they can.

    May I recommend you check your subtle facts before issuing bold statements toward the internationally recognised business and maybe contemplate how silly you actually sound? …Although, having said that your ego seems to fly so substantially high you wouldn’t dare. You couldn’t actually take in to consideration a thought of common sense as it’s likely your not only a customer of this business but I wouldn’t mind suggesting you may have worked for them yourself once before. Leave on bad terms did you?

    1. Carphone pay is no where near the minimum wage – unless of course you worked in the business 5 years ago or more, not that that has much relevance to your winning.
    2. You clearly know the caliber of staff Carphone and other respectable retailers employ (having been there once before?) good luck seeking help and being spit-roasted by other commission based business’s..
    3. FACT. Phones don’t like getting wet.
    Much like most electrical items. However I recommend seeing how far you get trying to return a new car after you drive it through a river perhaps or maybe just take your laptop in the shower and see what the distributor has to say about that… doesn’t take a genius really does it.
    4. Finally because I’m sure the reader of this article will probably be falling asleep with boredom by now, I’ll suggest it anyway… Maybe you, MrPmsDaz; should single handedly go and moan your way to a happier consumer life in the manor you’ve demonstrated so well, face to face with all those manufacturers you love to hate, you never know you might actually do the Uk a favor. Whilst your at it remind mr millionaire Dyson that his hoovers need to stop falling apart and that Mr Gates is a fool for making such a shit Windows phone platform….

    Yours faithfully a grateful member of the Uk’s ever growing society.

  20. I’d just like to point out that claiming “Carphone Warehouse employees are self important imbeciles who talk down to their customers, insult them and then dismiss them out of hand” Is a sweeping generalization that is a lie in its own right. I work for a rival company and know the way of the industry. At least 95% of the employees are honest, hardworking people who do there best with some, frankly pretty stingy policies from middle management. Don’t tar everyone with the same brush!

  21. i work for cpw and i am fully aware that there are some employees who are complete twats i knew a few of em as well, cpw got rid of a huge amount of them when they got rid of commision.

    calling cpw workers dumb is wrong i myself am studying for my degree and do this as a part time job and know many other students doing the same.

    my store is known for their good customer service and anyone who comes to me i will help to the best of my degree, i have been there with customers through month long customer care issues doing my best to get it sorted but like most groups have to let the powers that be sort it out when its outside of our policies, here are a list of CURRENT policies which are obviously able to change at any time but here we go







    the reason we cant on the others is that the networks ont allow it and in all prepay cases you will not receive the top-up back, and due to our new upgrades for pay as you go, any of those are 14 day exchange on o2 and voda, no returns as free credit can be awarded

    if you dont like CPW just dont shop there, i would never force anyone to buy something or even come into the shop if they didnt want to

    if you find a liar in the cpw just report them to the customer care line or write a letter if you feel strongly about it, much like yourselves im never in any luck with banks and things in general and make complaints all the time, i even do it on behalf of my customers like when a customer sent of a nokia 1661 for repair they exchanged it to a handet which didnt charge so got her a new one which came 2 days later as was a first time repair, slate the store you went to because i know for a fact that all of my friends who work for cpw actually care about helping people, and have empathy for those who have these issues.

    whenever you buy a phone from cpw you get a text to rate customer service thats the only way the rotten people will be let go. remember we are all just people at the end of the day and spreading hate only makes more hate why dont you get in contact with someone at CPW and have them post a blog on here to help people with their problems in confidence like a mistery shopper whistle blower… wouldnt that be more productive than everyone just ranting on about issues, it wont solve them

    if you get someone who wont help you over the phone or in store ask them to put notes on your lead so you have records of what happens

    and im sure i dont need to say this but its not just CPW all companies have their issues you just have to find the right person take their name/card and always go back to em

    cheers guys

  22. Mr Daz, excellent article sir! I am writing as a former employee of CPW after we had some very bad disagreements. However, would I still use them? Certainly.

    They don’t bend over backwards for their staff, that’s why there is such a large turnaround. What they do however, if do as much for the customer as they can. Once again, the individual holds the reputation in their own hands, and I have had the displeasure of working with some choice individuals. Almost as nasty as you yourself! Although not quite.

    Some people have ridiculous expectations of the business. Would you take a burger back into McDonalds that you dropped, because it wasn’t “fit for purpose?” Nope. You’d be told you can get another one as per the SOGA. Although someone might take pity on you and help you out. Same thing as in CPW.

    Furthermore, you claim that they are liars. And yet you lied by publishing details of a CPW employee (and followed up expertly by libelous comments) when your website says it will not be published. Your defense of that: “you can’t believe everything you read on the web ;)” So why should we believe you and your melodramatic ramblings, as you’ve already lied once?

    If you publish anything private from any of the people above me who “dare” to counter your pitiful arguments, don’t be surprised to see yourself taken to court. Consider this a warning.

    A former CPW employee, and current CPW customer

  23. Seriously? Threatening legal action via the comment field of a blog. Why sir, you are a living, breathing cliché.

    If I ‘choose’ to publish the information submitted on MY website, I will do so with a skip in my step and song in my heart. What this post illustrates is that companies such as CPW should spend more time training their customer service staff properly and less time trying to cover their tracks online, where they’ll get found out by experts at reputation management.

  24. MrDaz,

    I appreciate this may be well overdue, and you may not even check this pathetic excuse for a website.
    But you sir, are an absolute tosser.
    Instead of having a “little bitch fit” on your own little pathetic website, why not try and sort the problem.
    Yes CPW has changed over the years, and I pray that you have changed also.
    CPW is filled with consultants and managers who want to help YOU, the customer, but this is not always pretty and straightforward when issues arise that have a strict policy to follow.
    It is also not pretty and straightforward when we follow warranties, policies, regulations etc.
    Unfortunately there are a few customers who don’t understand this and feel that the world owes them something and “just because they dropped their phone their entitled to another for free”. (for one little example)

    I am a Manager at CPW, I can whole-heartedly say, with honesty in my words I do the very best for my customers but will not bend over backwards for arrogant, self righteous people such as yourself and break polices that good hardworking customers abide by.

    So, just to recap, you sir, are an absolute tosser.

    Good day.

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