American style bar table


As my sale of the bed and dining room table went so well (and they did!) I’m now flogging this American style bar table on eBay. This table again has the starting price of 99p, only this time it’s located in Manchester for anyone who wants to pick it up.

You can bid on it now, and maybe get a real bargain.

Bar Table

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One thought on “American style bar table”

  1. Hello Mr. Daz,
    I read your veiws on Christains and cancer. As a Christian with cancer, I was saddened by your thoughts. I have never had anything against non-believers. I was one for a lot of my life. I think I treat non-believers with higher regard than Christians and from what I read, that is how it should be. Even as a Christian I have been the recipicant of other Christians judgement, and I make no excuses for them, only an apology on behalf of them. I am sorry you have been hurt by them. I wish I could stop the hurt they inflict, but just being a human, makes each of us hurtful. The difference is that we know better and should behave differently.
    I will begin aggressive chemo in January to fight invasive cancer. I am believing I will live, but it will be hard.
    I try to be the best, most caring, person I can. Maybe I try too hard. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by all the people who need help.
    I’m sorry you have so much hate for me, someone you do not even know. You must have been terribly hurt.
    I wish you luck that overflows, love and all good things.

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