Carphone Warehouse Complaints

In the latest in a series of complaints that pre-date this blog, today I’d like to reminisce about Carphone Warehouse, and my efforts to return a phone to them.

Back in 2004 I bought two Sony Erikkson T610 phones from Carphone Warehouse, one for me and for the wife. We both had contracts already so I just bought the handsets, over £100 each.

A couple of days later I noticed that actually my wife was able to get a free upgrade with her contract, D’oh! So she returned the phone to Carphone Warehouse in Newport, South Wales.

This is where things started to go wrong. Carphone Warehouse told her that she couldn’t have a refund. This was somewhat confusing, as they had posters everywhere advertising their 14 day money back guarantee.

When she phoned me in work I was understandably outraged. I phoned the store immediately and was told by the rather rude and confrontational person on the other end that Carphone Warehouse did offer a money back guarantee, but it did not apply to phones…

Excuse me?

They have a money back guarantee at CARPHONE warehouse, and it does NOT apply to PHONES!!!

What the fuck does it apply to then????

Naturally I escalated the issue and contacted their head office, where I was told that actually YES, the money back guarantee does apply to phones. The manager of the store was instructed to call me and offer a full refund.

It meant my wife had to drag my two kids back down to the shop again to get the refund though.

Anyone else dealt with Carphone Warehouse?

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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120 thoughts on “Carphone Warehouse Complaints”

  1. Sorry to hear that Aaron, I have a Touch HD and it’s pretty damn sweet, shame they refused to let you have that.

    50 complaints on here now about Carphone Warehouse, says it all really. They are a shoddy company who keep ripping people off. I’d never go near them again and would advise everyone else to do the same.

  2. Ridiculous company to deal with. I needed a new phone and settled for a 5800 Nokia. I paid £219.95 for it and after a week it kept crashing… my wife took it back and the guy told her she was a liar, these phones never have issues, but would swap it anyway as it was near closing time and he wanted to get home. (Seems us and the 100,000 or so hits on google are all liars.)

    She brings it home to me and it’s a return! The cellophane was off the phone, smudged with finger prints and grease! To top it off I tried to power up the phone and it wouldn’t work! So not only was it return but it was fauly return!

    Taking it back he told us it must be us breaking them and that the phone didn’t leave the store in that condition. I said, she picked it up last night at 8.30pm and I’m bringing it back at 9am, what’s that 12 1/2 hours later!

    He was now in a bad mood, went out back brought out a third one and man handled it before giving us it. He ripped the back panel off to insert the battery & SIM and jammed it back on. He bent the clips on the back panel but as this phone actually worked I managed to source another panel off the web.

    We just hope to god we don’t have to deal with their repair policy. If I had to describe them it would be:

    Abusive, greedy liars who don’t give a shit about the customers who pay their wages.


    Just an update from me – after several weeks of correspondence with CPW continually denying any wrongdoing and a complete disinterest from them, I am today starting court proceedings.

    It is the principal now – although I am £50 out of pocket, I will happily go further out of pocket if it means showing the cowboys I mean business.

    I will not be bullied by the ‘big boys’. I will let you know what happens.

  4. I really hate CPW!!

    My phone is only 9 months old, and was working perfectly intill it stopped charging.

    I called CPW and they told me to bring it in and they will send it of for repairs, I also asked what happens if they cannot fix it, they told me I they will replace it.

    I got my phone back today, to be told they cannot fix it, I then asked well what happens now?, the guy said your’ll have to buy a new phone as my warrnty does not cover when a phone is beyond repair. He then went on about water damage, my phone has never been near water!! Nor was it neglected, if it was I would not of made a twat of myself going in there tryin to get them to fix it.

    Home I go with my beloved broken mobile phone! I am livid. I also contacted CPW customer services to express my feelings to be told they cannot speak to me as the phone is in my husband’s name and not mine, I told them it was a birthday present, they snotty nosed woman just wouldn’t talk to me!! Just told me to take my phone to LG and try and it get it fixed! – I thought CPW sent phones off to the makers if they cannot repair them?????? That what the guy told me when I handed them my phone.

    I’m £100 down now, had no phone for over two weeks, and really cannot afford another one. Theses people make me sick, the bloody phone is only worth about £70 now, I don’t understand why they cannot just replace it.

    A very pissed of customer, Lisa!

  5. Here’s a update, after writing a complaint to their email address, they replyed to me with this:

    Dear Mr XXXXXX,

    Thank you for your email.

    I have looked in to your account and I can see that our engineers have confirmed that your phone is beyond economical repair. This is due to the instruments within the phone being damaged.

    The fault is classed as unrepairable as the fault has not be caused by a manufacturing issue, but the way in which the phone has be used. This could either have been done if the phone has ever been dropped or knocked against something.

    This type of fault is not covered by the warranty as it is not a fault that the manufacturer has caused when making the phone.

    Please accept my apologies if you feel you where not given a full and proper explanation of the repairs report at the time of picking up your handset.

    With regards to you wife calling our Customer Service helpline.

    Due to Data Protection we are unable to speak to a non account holder regarding the account unless there is a password set up on the account which they have to confirm on each phone call.

    As there is no password on your account we are unable to access the account, and are only able to give general information regarding the account.

    When your wife was advised on the second opinion of the repair, she may not have understood fully what was being advised to her, or our advisor may not have explained what they where trying to say in an understandable way and for this I apologise.

    What the advisor will have been attempting to say is that if your phone was repaired within our repairs centre and not sent to the manufacturer (which in your case is correct) you are able to send your phone directly to the manufacturer if you wish to receive a second opinion regarding whether the phone is Beyond Economical Repair.

    To speak to LG regarding this please call them on: 0870 873 5454.

    As you have not taken out any Carphone Warehouse insurance on your LG handset, we are unable to offer a replacement handset. This is why your wife was advised to purchase a new handset.

    If there was insurance present the store advisors would have requested that you visit the store to enable them to process an insurance claim. At this time you would have been required to pay the excess fee and a replacement LG would have been provided.

    As you have no insurance with the Carphone Warehouse we will offer a 10% discount on purchase of a handset only. This purchase will need to be made in a Carphone Warehouse store.

    Please accept my apologies that your wife and yourself feel you have not received a good service with your repair. I would like to clarify that Carphone warehouse has not intentionally set out to make you feel

    I am unable to offer a more favourable response in this matter.

    Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to reply to this email. or contact our Customer Support team on 0870 087 0168.


    Maria Womack

    Correspondence Department

    My phone has never been dropped or neglected!! It was perfect worked fine, just intill it would not charge.

  6. I’m afraid this type of “couldn’t care less attitude” is typical of Carphone Warehouse. The idea that you would accept a 10% discount and buy with them again is farcical.

    Go to trading standards, or BBC Watchdog. The more these jokers are exposed the more they’ll want to ‘help’ customers who have been ripped off.

  7. Your right there MrDaz.

    I sent this back to them.

    Thank you for your response.

    As I stated before the phone has never been dropped or knocked in anyway, the phone was working perfectly but developed a fault trying to charge it. If the phone had been neglected in anyway surely there would be marks and the screen would of cracked and stopped working. The power point on the phone has a protected cover, so I don’t understand how a knock or a fall can damage it. If my wife damaged the phone in anyway, she would not of wasted her time and dragging our children out to carphone warehouse trying to get it repaired, she would of accepted it was her fault and got a new phone. We are talking about a phone that is only worth £77. What is the point in contacting LG themselves? For all I know your company could of done something else to the phone so it looks like it was neglected on my wife’s part?

    I am still very unhappy. Electrical goods fail, most stores offer a replacement or a refund if under a year old, I have never experienced anything like this! I shall be taking this matter further as it is unfair on your customers who are losing money, being forced to buy insurance, and being accusing of breaking their own phones.

    I am not the only person with the same complaint, after some research it seems 100’s of your customers are experiencing the same problem with your company, because they do not have the insurance, and it’s the same story where you bacially accuse the customers of damaging the phone themselves and they are forced to buy new handsets. On one forum they are gathering people to contact watchdog!!! I for one will be contacting them aswell.


    I will not rest intill they give me a replacement

  8. Lisa I know exactly how you feel – it is like banging your head against a brick wall isnt it???

    I have started court proceedings (am yet to hear from CPW) – I would suggest that if you have no joy from the above letter then you write to them telling them that you will take them to court if they dont pay up or replace your phone – and then do it!

  9. I was reading the Metro this morning and came across this advert from the C”F”W.

    0% Commission.

    100% Impartial advice.

    We”ll help find the right deal for you, not us.
    Our Customer Consultants in store are rewarded for the service you receive, not how much they sell.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ,ha!

    More like,
    100% Commission.
    100% Partial advice.

  10. Another update from me.

    After starting court proceedings and the papers being served, I received a cheque for £49.95 this morning.

    No mention of the £25 court costs I have already paid, or any explanation as to why it had to go this far before I was refunded anything.

    I have given them 7 days to pay me in full, otherwise I will carry on to court.

  11. Just another happy Crapfone shithouse customer
    Having bought a LG cookie from them dec 2009 it developed the usall lock out faults .
    Return to CPW and sent for repair back within the week faulty from switch on !!.
    contacted the trained chimps in the store and told to return Tried to ague the sales of goods act told our contracts dont fall within the SOGA !! .
    rang the equally pleasent customer services dept only to be told the same and as I would not be told he was putting the phone down and did .

    Another call this time told the same but admited 3 times they have had serious problems with ths phone but Lg wont do anything about it ,pointed out that CPW have a bought ot warranty with Lg reply was dont know we can only return for reair .

    Asked the idiot what happens when the warrany runs out and it is still faulty Well you will have to buy a new one !!

    Consumer direct as much use as a eunuch in a brothel as normal

    So lesson learnt never buy from the CPW AND DONT BUY LG

  12. I have sent my iPhone 3G 8GB In for repair luckily they are doing it for free but they are taking a hell of a long time to fix it and send it back to my local CPW branch I have phoned my local branch about 3 or 4 times now but still no luck/news on where the hell my iPhone is. The CPW Are useless.

  13. YEY!!!!

    Another update from me…

    Got a letter yeaterday from a Solicitor ‘acting on behalf of CPW’ offering me ‘full and final settlement of £74.95’ – er, so that will be the £49.95 that I asked you for 3 months ago, plus the £25 I had to pay to make you sit up and take notice of me?

    Of course I will accept it! thats what I asked for in the first place you incompetent fools!!!

    So, CPW are happy to :
    ignore me,
    call me a liar,
    lose my custom,
    make me so mad that I tell everyone I meet not to go to CPW,
    not replace my phone so that I go and spend money elsewhere,
    pay out for solicitors fees and court costs,
    before finally paying me back.

    Are they completely thick?

    Anyone working there, I pity you, I really do – I don’t think you will have jobs for much longer if the Customer Services Policies dont change soon!

  14. I bought an expensive sony ericsson mobile from CPW in December 2008 and it was for my daughter (xmas present). She only ever kept it in her bedroom and was allowed to text and phone her mates so that she could do so in privacy without taking up the landline. 3 weeks ago it stopped working so we took it to CPW and they sent it for repair. We were then told that it was water damaged, I promise you that my daughter does not have water in her bedroom! They then said that it was probably condensation from being in her pocket. It is on a desk not a pocket was my reply. I asked them for a full refund as they must have damaged it themselves. They then said that I would need to get an independent engineers report to say that it was not water damaged. Then I get a voicemail message to say that it might not be water damaged but could have been dropped. My daughter assures me that it was never dropped so back I went to the store and the manager was so rude. I asked for her name and to speak to the area manager and I was told that area managers do not speak to customers now get out of my store. She started shouting at me when I said that I am not leaving until I speak to someone in authority. She then left to the back of the store and an assistant called the head office for me. They told me to contact Sony Ericsson direct and I tried to explain that my contract is with CPW, not Sony Ericsson so why wouldn’t they help me. They just refused. Then, get this, as I left the store, I was arrested by Police and given a ticket for a public order offence for raising my voice!!! It was the manager shouting at me!! Now I will go to Court to clear my name and then take them to the small claims court to boot. Never ever been treated like this.

  15. arrr i feel sorry for some of u guys, iv been shopping with carphone for the past 4/5 yrs and literally have neva had a problem. go to the one stop store!!!

  16. Hi Susan,
    I take it you work for the C’F’ W, as you have sum how managed, to fuck up the well known Kit Kat slogan, “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”

  17. I renewed by contract with CPW in June. New phone developed a fault at the end of August, I could only hear someone on the other line using the loudspeaker, the handset speaker was broken.

    The same fault has now happened 3 times in 2.5 months. Yet I keep being told that it can be repaired, they do not seem to understand that whatever they are fixing on the phone is not working as the fault keeps happening. It must be costing them more to repair the thing than it would be to just give me another handset! Apparently they have now changed their policies and phones have to break 4 times before a new one is given.

  18. Here’s a corker. 2 weeks ago I got the new Sony Ericson Satio from CFW on a 2yr contract with Orange. What a mistake! Back to store 6 times with problems, phone changed once and still problems. Now told the Satio has been recalled due to problems. After hours of frustration trying to get CFW to replace my Satio with second choice of Iphone or third choice of Blackberry Storm I have had no satisfaction at all.
    Even though I could have an Iphone on an Orange contract because it is different I am told it can’t be done.
    Why for goodness sake? it would be a more expensive contract and I would have to pay so much towards the phone – but apparently it can’t be done. After being told by a customer services guy that “I don’t understand” I eventually left the shop.
    I am persuing the Supply of Goods and Services Act and hope I may get some satisfaction via that route. This says an item must be replaced by a comparable item – as the Satio is the only phone with a 12 mp camera this is not possible and as the refuse to replace it with one of my other choices the other option is to cancel the contract.
    I have kept my cool, been frustrated almost to tears but I am determined that this crap company is not going to get away with this. I just want my contract cancelled now – why should I be tied i for 24months to a phone I didn’t choose and don’t want.
    I intend contacting CFW senior management, Watchdog, The Ferret and anybody else I can think of to highlight the outragious policies this company is getting away with.
    Will keep you informed

  19. Just thought I’d add, I’ve been a carphone warehouse customer for over 10 years now and have never had a bad experience with them. I have had to put 2 phones in for repair due to faults, I paid my deposit for “loan phone” and within a couple of weeks recieved my phone back working fine and had my deposit refunded within a reasonable time.

    Happy customers don’t seem to get so passionate about their experience as unhappy buyers…

    Surely we should be getting upset with the manufacturers issuing substandard goods onto the market, then washing their hands of said products, leaving the retailer to pick up the tab.

  20. The owner of this site has reported that the “carphone lover” comment above was posted by someone with an internal Carphone Warehouse email address. See

    A company attempting to engage in such deception rather than sorting their act out rings alarm bells.

    Of course, it could just be a dopey misguided employee who thought he might be thrown a biscuit, so we shouldn’t come down too hard on CFW.

    If they are looking in on this perhaps they’ll have a word with the poster and explain how stupid he has been to drag their reputation out of the mud and into the manure in this way.

  21. I WOULD LIKE TO RECCOMEND TO EVERYONE IN THE UK NEVER NEVER Everrr! PURCHASE A PHONE FROM CPW..The bastards have took my money but not gave me the phone stil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! worst company i have ever dealt with!

  22. I’m commenting on the exchange of the satio handset I had from the carphone warehouse in october. I was told by customer services at the CPWH that I am entitled to an exchange because my satio suffered from the symbian software bug. I called my local store & they said yes call in & we’ll exchange the satio for you, no problem. when I got there they proceeded with the exchange as promised. Whilst this was going on I got talking to the shop manager & he told me that Sony Ericsson were charging the cpwh £30.00 a pop for exchanging the handsets. Then the fun really started! I was refused an exchange because my contract was with orange service provider. I told them that orange are not responsible for the phone, only the contract. To cut a very long story short I was refused an exchange & orange spoke to the manager of the cpwh & ordered him to exchange the phone. Oh no way! Any cpwh customers out there on orange & have a faulty satio beware! you wont get the exchange you were hoping for. all other customers not on orange get in there before they blot you all out! I am now in proceedings with the office of fair trading.

  23. News flash for you idiots.

    Carphone dont make phones, they are a broker, the 28 day returns policy is as standard across the entire mobile industry.

    Carphone do not bill you, they are a broker. Carphone are not the company that take your money every month. Is your payment made to Carphone……no!!!!

    Carphone are not paid on commission, try going to p4u with an issue, and seeing how far you get there.

    To the guy that claims a laptop deal was set up to his parents address, thats interesting, since carphone use chip and pin id proofs for all contracts now. Meaning that same someone must of had your chip and pin card, and your pin number, and your address. If you’re stupid enough to give that info out to just anyone, you deserve to be robbed, sure and simple.

    Interesting someone wouldent return a satio, since mine was able to be returned no problem :S

    Wake up people, this company are the biggest retailer in europe for a reason, you might have a bad experiance with them one or twice, and i do admit some members of staff are totally useless, but just look into independant customer satisfaction scores for other mobile retailers and you’ll see carphone arent so bad.

  24. Carphone warehouse do not care about their customers, I have been waiting for an order for two days and all they will do is say, “it’s out for delivery”.
    50 minutes on a call and no joy…. it would be easier to find a needle in a haystack than get a straight answer.
    They have an special department to deal with complaints and all that is set up for is firefighting…. they will never get my business again….

  25. I have had a terrible experience with Carphone Warehouse when I decided to buy the Sony Ericsson W910i. My dad bought this phone as a birthday gift for me, as I was due an update of phones. The phone was good for the first few weeks, but then it started to crash constantly and it got worse and worse. Once the phone had deteriated into a state where I could no longer use the phone we decided to take the phone back to the carphone warehouse for them to fix. I waited a couple of weeks, as I was using a courtesy phone. When the W910i came back to me, and I had to go and collect it, this was my fourth trip to the store. I got the phone and the same day, it crashed again.
    This went on for months, as my phone was just not working (which I know was a common problem with the W910i). After over 30 trips back and forth from the shop, we decided to complain about the carphone warehouse promising to fix a phone which they couldn’t.
    I understood that maybe the phone was something which could not be fixed, but they did not seem to care that we were paying £35 a month for a phone I could not use. After complaining many times, they said there was nothing they could do, even though in the contract between us they promised to supply me with a working phone that met my needs.
    Eventually, we got to the CEO of the Carphone Warehouse. Still, we got no where as nobody working at the Carphone Warehouse seemed to care about the needs of one of there customers. Eventually, I had to drop the contract with the Carphone Warehouse and go elsewhere, I still boycot the shop as it has caused me and my family alot of hassle.

  26. I had two mobile phone contracts fraudulently taken out in my name with Carphone Warehouse 18 months ago.

    According to Carphone Warehouse someone walked into Carphone Warehouse in Windsor with 2 forms of ID (one of them photo) and walked out with 2 expensive phones and contracts using an address I used to live at (so was still on my credit reference file).

    I reminded the CW investigator who contacted me that I was a customer of Carphone Warehouse about 8 years ago and they let slip that they still had my bank account details for years after I left them!

    I persuaded the Police to go to the CW shop in Windsor (I’d have gone myself, but I don’t live near there anymore), and the contracts miraculously turned into “Pay as you Go contracts so we don’t need photo ID”. Well the direct debits being applied to my account told a different story.

    Since my account was refunded I was technically not a victim of crime (yeah right). Carphone Warehouse asked the Police to drop the case.

  27. Just noticed the aggressive post from “I dont work for carphone…”

    Looks like the guy done for the laptop was probably done in exactly the same way as me – free laptop with a contract maybe? If CW do check chip and pin now, well they didn’t when I got done which wasn’t that long ago, so it’s a bit rich to have a go at someone for losing their card and pin without the full evidence. Be interesting to know if matthew glendon had a contract a looong time ago.

  28. i work for cpw, and have done for two and half years. im going to be leaving in six months to go to university as i have had enough of the company, the attitude and the long difficult days.

    i am passionate about customer service and want to study business and public relations at uni. i have always put 100% into my work – i think some comments about cpw staff being useless (etc) is a little rude.

    to clear up a few problems that come up regularly and that seem to be coming up time and time again –

    – BER handsets – if your phone has come back and is beyond economic repair you will not be covered by the warrenty. water damage can be caused from using your phone in the rain, leaving it in a steamy room – while having a bath or shower etc. CPW technicians are there to repair handsets and only a handful of times will handsets be BER. its nothing personal, but its BER for a reason and they arent going to lie to you for no reason

    – the 28 day faulty exchange period is set by the manufacturers and agreed with CPW – yes its poo if u come in on day 30 but its not OUR fault. its agreed by the top dogs, the guys who rake it in, not the people in the store. we are here to help you and while some employees may not have two brain cells to rub together, some of us do and dont like having to tell someone to send off their practically new handset anymore than you like hearing it.

    – we do not make the handsets – they are made in bulk by the manufacturer. yes, theres going to be certain handsets that are just plain crap such as the lg cookie (it seems)

    a few other bits of info before you storm into your local store – some rather amusing…

    – i have been asked why my store does not provide car parking – baring in mind we are on a corner, on a main road and theres a car park opposite that we dont own but is free to use. the woman said it was disgusting and we should build one…dunno where she thought we could do that…middle of the main road, in the shop?

    – i have been called an incompetant stupid b*tch because of cpw policies – i dont write them you a*rsehole. im here to pay by way, pay my taxes, have a sodding job!

    – i have been told that my ‘mother must be very disappointed in you for working in a shop’ – ?!

    – i have been told its my fault that there was no charger in the box sold by a store at the other side of the country and that i should pay for one myself to give the customer.

    – i have been told that its my fault that you get declined on a credit check and that i ‘must be doing something wrong’

    – my name has been taken about 17659321 times because of other peoples incompetancy – i understand OTHER PEOPLE make mistakes – but its not MY mistake. true to form, the individuals who are dodgy and f*ck up are sacked, and people like me, are still here…

    – a customer who screams, shouts and swears at you, whatever the seriousness of whats happened shouldnt be put up with and will be banned from being anywhere near the premises or staff

    – cpw staff do not work on commission. i do 46 hours a week, cannot take holidays between mid nov and end of jan. im guarenteed only one day off a year – xmas day. all other days are subject to what the company needs. i earn approx 1300 a month. i train people, im left on my own to run a store alot, im responsible for stock, cash handling, procedures, customer service and problem solving

    after two and a half years, i hate this job. honestly. i do think cpw has some really sh*t points. but its also the customers who make my job a hell of alot harder. there isnt one day that goes past where i dont get shouted at, and when i do sort the mess caused, i dont get an apology.

    i hope everyones issues are sorted out.

    reply to this post if you need any help

  29. To all serving members of the armed forces…………….

    Do not buy or get a phone from the carphone warehouse ………………..

    They state if we use our phones when our face has sweat on it it causes liquid ingress……… (sweat gets into the phone through the ear piece)
    this is total sh1t am now making a test case for court to sue the brain dead morons. Carphone warehouse does not support our troops so why should we support them.

    Regards a sweaty squaddie who works his butt off for these morons

  30. Further to above comment:

    We the public know carphone warehouse dont make the phones………

    But they are the 3rd party who sells them and repairs them…………

    Thus making them by consumer law the ones who have to answer to complaints in a court of law

  31. HI,

    IT WILL BE YOUR CHANCE TO GET EVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  32. I recently have got a blackberry contract from Car Phone Warehouse in – London. (28 January, 2010)
    Although, it was an upgrade for Orange network and the deal which they offer me was standard for any customer. Sales Assistant offered me a promotional deal package details: Unlimited Landline, 1200 mins and 500 texts and including blackberry features and unlimited internet and £10 cash refund every month.
    So, £40 monthly plan which will be £30 after cash back every month from CP W.
    Later, I called Orange for inquiring MMS and they informed me that it’s extra feature and will be charged, and for any changes I have to contact CPW and things would have be different if I would have upgraded directly with Orange, however I brought this to their knowledge that I have never been contacted for any upgrade from Orange and that’s why I went to CPW, the reply was surprising that we have many customers so we can’t call everyone for upgrade.
    Shortly, the received bill from orange didn’t cover landline neither cash back. On inquiry, Orange informed me, somehow it’s not covering me for the rest of the plan and it’s not applied properly by CPW.
    I was understandably outraged and immediately went to the store and faced a few rude and confrontational people at CPW, who never want to own any liability or perform after sales service. They told me we are too busy in new sales and after a long wait they informed me that we can’t do anything about your contract this led to arguments and when later they confirmed with Orange they found out I was right and there are no landlines or£10 cash back applied. So then they rectified their £10 cash credit as a Big favour to me but did nothing about the unlimited landline, and as I was in desperate need of landline I have to pay extra £5 for upgrade. I literally felt lonely and helpless in this situation.
    In this whole scenario I was not approached by any Manager or senior member of staff. When it comes to sales everyone is ready to serve but when it comes to care it’s a waste of time and miss on new sales. I believe it can be a human error but they can be sorted out with good customer service and sorting out the solutions. The way the handled it was really unprofessional.
    All I wanted was to give me the package we agreed or cancel my contract as I fall within the time frame of 14 days as they had posters everywhere advertising their 14 day money back guarantee. And they didn’t do it.
    I am very stress as I am not happy with the contract and don’t want to feel unhappy for 24 months, I want my package for £30 a month or cancel my contract. I would like the relevant staff members to look into the matter and resolve it as I have wasted my time (Sunday), effort and money for such a waste.

  33. Hi my complaint is slightly different, I took out a new contract through carphone warehouse last week and was thrilled with my brand new handset (a blackberry storm) last night whilst looking at my pictures on the handset I have found pictures of employees in carphone warehouse in “amusing” poses and video taken on the phone whilst it was being looked at by another customer both dated last september (2009) obviously this is a second hand handset and not the new one I thought I had recieved. i will be taking the phone back this afternoon and will not expecting a very very good explanation for this.

  34. O.M G ALEEYSSA !



  35. Had a Jawbone Bluetooth which has gone faulty within 12 months. Took it back with receipts and was told as it was older than 28days the guarantee was not CPW responsibilty it was Jawbones! Left it on there counter, to which they replied that was where it would stay. Thank you CPW.

  36. Hi All,

    I’m doing a arts project on deception. CPW and other phone companies markering campaigns are where I’m focusing my project.

    I’m interested in what people thing of the offers they have in store to get you to buy/sign up to a contact i.e. FREE PS3 Slim FREE PHONE with a 24 month contract at £25 a month.
    In total costing £600 over 24 months
    A PS3 normally costs you £209.99
    This leave would £391.01 for your phone bill about £16 a month which seams to be the value of the tarrifs that comes with the phone.
    So it just me or does it seam like your actually paying for the PS3 just a little every month?

    I’m only starting this project but I think CPW and other should clearly state how much your contract costs you in total.

    Its like saying free PS3 with this phone just £1.24 a day!!

    Thoughts? Do you think they are being deceptive? especially to teenagers and 20 year olds, the people they are clearly targeting with iPods and PS3s

    Thank you. all thoughts will be helpful

    My Little CPW Story

    I haven’t had a good experience with CPW either. I bought an accessory in the store and while at the cash desk I noticed there was a memory card behind the desk that I wanted. The first accessory, a charger was part of a “buy one get one half price” as was the memory card. When I asked the sales rep if I could also get the memory card he said the payment had gone through for the charger and there was nothing he could do as the do not give refunds or exchanges?(because the computer wouldn’t allow him) Neither of which I actually wanted to do… After trying to reason with him and the manager I said I wasn’t going to leave the store until my complaint was dealt with properly. Eventually the manager came over again after I waited for 10mins, holding up the queue, typed in some code and processed the transaction so that I received the charger and the memory card(1/2 price). Little victory but a victory none the less

    The point is I knew they could do it if they wanted but the sales rep was just following “the script”. I say give the Sales Reps more power to help costumers. They are the face of your company and if they seam incompetent its because CPW don’t give them enough power. Trust your staff!


  37. i took my mobile into cpw for repair and paid £48.84 deposit on a stand by cash.
    when i went back to pick my phone up they said they had no money in the tills to pay me my deposit back.(yet on of the staff was counting what looked like thousands of pounds)i called back later that day and still no cash.i don’t have time to go back so i sent an e-mail asking if i could return the standby phone by post and they said no i must take it back to the store.they don’t give a shit about there customers.

  38. I called CPW in dec 2009 to terminate a contract I had. I told over the phone I need to cancell It, Asked me to send a letter, I sent the letter. They are saying they haven’t received the letter and they have put me on another contract. Now sending me bills.

  39. Im trying to post this everywhere i can –

    I recently arrived in the UK, and to start work needed a bank account. Done, a couple of days later i decided to try opening a mobile phone account, and went to the CPW website.
    Within 2 days of the first use of my bankcard…. money was stolen from my account. Lloyds got the police involved and traced it back to – Carphone Warehouse internet staff. On complaining to CPW about this i was met with a “You are entitled to compensation, We will investigate this and call you back in the next 3-5 days.” Which they did not.
    I rang them however, and was then told the only compensation i would get for having my bank card details and money stolen by their own employees would be a 10 pound courtesy voucher.
    I have reported this to several authorities and tried to get legal advice and guess what? Its apparently quite legal for your employees to steal money from potential customers, and employers have absolutely no obligation to keep applicants details secure. UK drives me fucking bonkers. Great people, except they seem to be more interested in reading/commenting about things that have nothing to do with them (Entertainment news) and no one is interested in something that could potentially affect anyone.

  40. I purchased a Nokia 5230 from CPW. I asked for it to be delivered to my wife’s work. I have a print out from the order which clearly states my wife’s work address and that they will deliver it there. Instead they deliver it to my billing address, which is an old address that I have not yet updated. They used DHL to deliver the phone.
    DHL delivered the phone to the old address, no one was there so they got someone nearby to sign for it. Because someone has signed for it the phone has been delivered, therefore we cannot get a refund. Instead they are going to get DHL to go back to the address they think they delivered it to. Retrieve the phone courier it back to the shop in the town near to where we now live. They won’t give us a refund because it has been signed for. We can’t go the shop in Durham and pay for a replacement. Our son now gets his birthday present, which was ordered well in advance, much later than his birthday. This is the third phone I have bought from CPW BUT it is the first I have ordered online…. Never again – you just lost three, not one customers..

  41. (If i rant too long, skip to the bottom for a quick info :P)

    wow, so many people having problems with them, originally i’d say it was a case of “if it works you tell 5 people, if it breaks you scream to a 100” but that was until i started experiancing the same problems, moreso with the CFW themselves.

    I needed a work phone last october so went to the store and was reccomended a nokia n97, as it was able to do everything i needed according to the sales staff it was perfect, i was told “there is a slight crashing issue, just update the firmware when i get in”, easy enough after working 8 years as on-site technical support, Microsoft liason etc a quick phone update would be no trouble.

    I get in try it via the software….nothing, i try it via the phone itself…nothing? no worries, i’m working away i’ll do it when i get back after the weekend….it was a weekend of total agony, crashing once a day would of been a luxery compared to the problems i was having, random signal flux, gps cutting out at the worse times, a half working browser, shaking it for the accelormeter to relise it had been rotated the list went on.

    I check on the internet to see if there is even a newer firmware version out than 1.0 and turns out its ashigh as 1.6 with 2.0 coming a month later with all its snazzy, awesome i think but as i cant update i returned it to the store who pass me to another store with instore engineers…this is where it gets funky.

    The instore engineer usually sits in a back room working away but this time came out, asked where i was and came to me directly stating “sorry, was this actually sold to you from ourselves”, explaining it was another of their stores i was informed that this phone was currently barred from being sold as it turnt out that there was over a HUNDRED AND FIVE known defects and that they’d been waiting since May for a fix. It also turnt out that the standard as we all know is some networks will lock a phone to themselves, it turns out the reason the carphone warehouse only sell unlocked phones is because they lock phones to THEMSELVES! Meaning the whole delay was more because the carphone warehouse now need to apply their own firmwares, extending it even more after nokia release it!

    There was no other phone that could do what i needed at the time (mostly flash based browsing, camera with flash, decent sized qwerty etc) and was told to please wait as the firmware is close to release, i waited until close to the 28days and reported it instore and had it logged onto my account that i wasent happy due to the phone not working but i was keeping it on their advice due to this all sing, all dancing update which would fix everything, i was told a replacement handset of the same model wouldnt do anything until the software was fixed which makes perfect sense i suppose, the hardware was fine afaik, just the software kept crashing and was common throughout the range as exampled by a brand new one instore.

    An update came! and fixed nothing, another came! and fixed nothing, i kept returning and kept getting told to please bare with them, they’ll sort it.

    3 Months later this became a bit of a joke routine so i decided that enough was enough, time for another phone please. I was then told as it was outside the grace period they wont replace it….the grace period they insisted me to go past because they’d fix it, the grace period they logged onto the system to say i wasent happy, a deal they no longer honoured.

    I contacted customer services, got swore at by a staff member because the second i quoted the sales of good act she went into a mental fit and made me feel like i was the customer service advisor. Eventually after calling back it was escalted to a second level, i was told to goto store and they’d honour the replacement.

    The bastard lied! i went to store who told me they only had the facilities to book it in for repair, he bastard on the phone who said to take it and get it replaced actually put into the notes he’d advised me to take it for repair. So looking like a complete idiot i accepted booking it in to confirm there atleast wasent any hardware issues.

    upon return, the repair said they’d flashed it the new all singing all dancing 2.0 and within 5 minutes confirmed that so many faults still existed they rebooked it back in.

    After the third repair for the same fault they finally said, ok we’ll book a replacement (i had to ask if it was a refurb as they were hoping i wouldnt know), suprisingly…and no matter how much i’d persisted this with them before, as the replacement had the same software…..THE SAME PROBLEMS PERSISTED!!.

    So they accepted it needs to be replaced with an alternate model, it got rebooked it turns out the phone went to the workshop, they passed it to nokia who returned just returned it. It got rebooked again, same thing, it then got rebooked by the instore manager….SAME THING!

    For the “Too Long, Didnt Read”

    Its been about 3 months since i had a phone im paying a £40 a month contract for, its been sent back to them a good 7/8 times and to nokia an easy 3/4 times, even involving consumer direct who work on behalf of trading standards the CFW still dont care.

    Seriously regardless of how much you research a phone and hear of its quality i would advise anyone to avoid the CFW regardless as you could end up with the best phone in the world and STILL they nuked it by involving themselves in having it unlocked to all networks but the firmware updates being controlled by them once passed by the manufacturer.

  42. OMG, dude above:@

    same problem, same phone.

    Now I am waiting on my n97 to be returned. They decided to replace the phone, but on going to collect – they had no battery with it.

    now its been a week and a half waiting for a battery.

    luckily, i am fortunate enough to have a bit of money at this time of year, so i have gone out and bought a new phone from another company.

    crazy to think that i have been forced to buy a whole different handset as i am still waiting for my original phone to be returned.

  43. Look out…they put a charge to your account. I have nothing to do with the CARPHONE WAREHOUSE and found a .01 cent charge to my account. That means to me that someone is testing my account to see if I catch it, so they can hit it with more charges. I do not feel like trying to call some UK number and probably getting charged for that. This is fraud and I am going to spatter this all over the internet and anywhere else I can find to write in complaints. These guys are crooks like most from the UK because they are not monitored by the USA . DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS> JUST READ ALL THIS STUFF PEOPLE WRITE.

  44. I would like to add my two pence on here, my partner and I purchased a Samsung Ginio from CPW, a week later it would not hold a charge for more than 2 hours, this was taken back and a replacement was given, two weeks later the same problem occured, this was then taken back and a exchange to a Samsung Toco Lite was given at a £10 charge as the phone was £10 more than the ginio, 2 weeks later again the same problem but this time the phone shut down and would not turn on.

    I went to carphone warehouse to exchange this phone and was told that it had not been sent back within the 14 day return, I checked the back of the receipt and it states nowhere on the terms and conditions about a 14 day return policy for pay-as-you-go, also the customer service advisor at the time of purchase had not stated anything about a 14 day return policy.

    I asked to speak to the Customer Care Team, I spoke to a gent who stated that we have no choice but to return the phone to the repair team, I stated that under the Sale of Goods Act that I am entitled to a replacement or full/part refund and was again told that the phone would have to go for repair, during my time in the store, 3 other customers had been told the same thing.

    16 days later we now have the phone back and again the same fault. Now I am not a stupid person. I know that when they get a phone back the repair team formats the phone, reinstalls the software and then sends it back to the customer repaired. What I do not understand is, how does this fix the fault, also how come everyone that gets a phone from the CPW seems to be having faulty phones, could this be some sort of phone fault epidemic (surely not), or could this be a case of re-conditioned phones being sold for new. I will find this out when I take this phone back for a replacement (which is what I have been offered after contacting the complaints and legal team at CPW).

    In the mean time people, stear clear of CPW, it seems to me that this company will go down the pan soon enough. I for one am complaining to Watchdog about the lack of customer service, lack of respect, lack of controls and procedures being upheld. this company is independent of any other company and seems to exploiting the fact.

  45. hi everyone here is what happened to me i got a contract form carphone warehouse and oh my god what a bunch of fucking assholes they are.went to cancel my daughters contract got all the usual crap they give took me 8 weeks to cancle it and now after many phone calls its been cancled .but here comes the best one got final bill 17 may sent of payment thought that it its over now.BUT oh no i got a phone call from debit collectors after only haveing the bill one month.carphone warehouse did not contact me saying why havent you payed the bill they just called the debit collectors on methe bill was only £14.98p now i have had to pay them £39.98p charges for there so kind sevices .my ass i have payed it or they were going to take me to court over this .carephone warehoues please( ROT IN HELL ) i will never have anything to do with you ever again. and if any one is thinking of dealing with carephone warehouse PLEASE DONT THINK ABOUT IT FIRST.and go with some one better than them .

    I bought a samsung Omnia i900 on contract for 24 months. Initially I couldnot get it to work so i took it back to the shop where they told me they ‘didnt know how to work them phone either!’ I went back again and was told to sell it! i rang the complaints people and was told to take it to the store. I took it back a couple of times before they would even put it in for repair.
    I took it in three times and became fed up. So i phoned samsung who said ask carphone warehouse to return it to them. they wouldnt and I was told by the lovely people at the customer services (JOKE!) that Samsung had no right to say that and they wouldnt.
    I asked to get through to the manager where the woman kept talking over me, told me to listen to her and that Iwas being stupid! I keep getting told that i only pay for the sim not the phone! well this sim is rubblish at making calls and receiving emails!!
    7 times my phone has been into the carphone warehouse, over 15 visits to stores and approximately 20 phone calls and 2 complaints letters – of which both have been ignored and still they have done nothing.
    Currently my phone is still being in for repair and not always the same thing where it wont connect, make calls, receive emails or connect to the internet. i also had a battery that lasted no longer than 5 hours and I was told that this was normal! is the alarm for naps only and anyone who doesnot sleep longer than 5 hours!!???
    They think we are as stupid as them. The majority of staff at the CPW are rude, unhelpful, abusive and down right infuriating!

  47. i bought a dell streak sim free 429.99, it freezes now and again and have to remove the battery, after phoning them they said unless i can prove it in there shop they will not excange and wont refund anyway as they would only replace with same item if the store witnesses fault, they treat you as a liar even if you want the item replaced, if i had known this i would never have bought from them, its discusting !!!!! i hope there dodgy operation collapses. how dare these rip off merchants refuse to send faulty goods for repair unless you can prove there and then in store, so next time the overpriced rubbish freezes i have to rush to there busy store in westwood cross, i couldnt work for people like this as they are the worst store have come across, i have emailed charles dunston wit my discust and hope he knows people are not happy with his evil sales discusting service .

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