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My DVD Reviews website, WhatDVD.Net was hacked today, again. This is becoming a habit, and mostly down to the fact that it’s a bloody Windows hosted website. Anyway, that’ll change soon enough, but the fact remains it was hacked and once again I had to restore the database from a back-up.

Problem is, due to the fact that WhatDVD.Net is so successful in Google (Page 1 for ‘DVD Reviews‘) it gets indexed several times a day, and was indexed with the hack in place. Google has read the code on the site and flagged it up as potentially unsafe.

DVD Reviews

The message it flags up is ‘This site may harm your computer’… nice eh? My readers will love that. Considering the traffic WhatDVD.Net gets from Google this is causing quite an effect.

When you try to click through to the site you get this message.

May Harm small

Luckily you can request Google re-evaluates the website through Webmaster tools, but what a load of messing around because of some cock hacking the site. What did it achieve?


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